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Yard Sentinel Electronic Repeller Review: How to Get Rid of Pests without Poisons and Traps?

Some call these devices repellents, others – deterrents, or repellers. All these names are right, and there is nothing strange about it. The modern market offers a lot of electronic pest repellers, and we have chosen the best of them for you – the trade names which have made up the list of best sellers. A universal Yard Sentinel Repeller has earned its name of the best electronic device in the category “Pest Repellents.”

How does Yard Sentinel Electronic Repeller work?

The working principle of this original device by Aspektek is easy to understand: The device can repel pests with the help of ultrasound and sound – it has a motion sensor which can detect animals drawing near the device. Since there is no a universal ultrasound frequency irritating all kinds of living creatures, you can customize the sensitivity and audibility of Yard Sentinel for certain animals – be they rats, squirrels, or some else. All instructions are provided under the back cover of the unit.

Important facts:

1. You must not use the unit indoors: Only outdoors or in premises such as basements or attics.

2. The range of frequencies is selected specially for animals, so a person can’t perceive it. The range of human audibility is from 16—20 Hz to 15—20 kHz. A person can’t perceive lower and higher sounds, i.e., infrasound and ultrasound.

3. At the slightest hearing discomfort you may change the ultrasound frequency or turn the device off, in contradistinction to common repellents of “spray” type which have a residual action.

Yard Sentinel has several operating modes: Day, Night, and 24-Hour mode. It can be powered by both batteries (you will need a pack of 4 C batteries) and an extension cord. The complete set includes a thin extension cable for 33 ft. – which is a very comfortable length.

In practice, most users prefer the device to be line powered, as it works poorly in cold and only for 2-3 weeks on batteries (batteries are not included into the complete set). Also, many people complain that the design is not thought over thoroughly: A switcher and a frequency regulator are situated inside the device. It is not easy to take off the back cover. In common opinion, the cover is too difficult, and not everybody can easily return it to its place. The manufacturer should rethink this.

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The manufacturer also assures that the device is water resistant, but we have found that it is not quite true. Yes, you may sometimes read something like this “worked well despite the rain  — no breakage”, but we advise you not to take a risk and not to expose the repeller to the impact of bad weather. The good work of the gadget is influenced by rain, snow, as well as the vicinity of water itself: This has been proved by those who have used the repeller near a swimming-pool or a water reservoir.

The device covers up to 5,000 sq. ft. (by the manufacturer’s words), but users tend to act even simpler, without wasting time on calculations. They buy 2 units: One for the territory in front of the house porch, another for the backyard. Two units are quite enough if the area is very large. For basements and attics, one repeller is enough on condition that they are not overloaded with things.

A question arises: How to adjust the device? It is provided with a pair of screws to be screwed into a wall or any other surface. The device is easy to attach to a wooden beam and inserted into a pot filled with dirt – many users choose this way of mounting. Mind that the actual sensor sensitivity ranges up to 50 ft. Due to this, animals fly/run from the repeller without looking back.

Aspectek promises that Yard Sentinel will repel “rats, mice, birds, bears, deer, dogs, cats, raccoons, ducks, squirrels, skunks, foxes, insects etc”. Judging by the reviews of users, this is true in the majority of cases – but reviews sometimes differ very much, estimating the same animals.

Let’s see how Yard Sentinel acts on different uninvited guests.

Rats and mice

Typically, home holders are aware where rats come from – most often they appear from a basement or a garage (by the way, rats and mice are fond of chewing car wires). You should place Yard Sentinel at the rats’ entry into the premises, near the automobile, or (if you prefer to use the device outdoors) screw the mouse deterrent into a wooden beam and dig it into the ground or a flower pot, as near to the ground as possible. Users share the experience: “After setting it in a area near the back side of my house that was showing signs of small animal building a nest, it appears it is doing its job. My neighbor has a bird feeder and at nights mice and rats seem to hang out there and set up their homes nearby. But so far I do not see or smell any signs of them including dead rat smell. Well worth it’s price.”

If you need indoor rodent repeller: check our review of the best ultrasonic pest repeller.


As it has turned out, the humane ways of struggling are not always effective in the case of bird attacks. One user has written “I have had a woodpecker problem for the 2 years and this took care of it and all the other birds on my property. Once I put it up, all the birds went crazy the first day then were gone by the second”. Others complain that Sentinel was of no help at all, and birds go on flying as usual. What is the matter?

Everything may be determined by the height that the birds fly. Examining reviews, we have found some valuable advice: It is ideal when the device can be easily seen by the bird, so it is very desirable to allow the flying pest to see it. So the result will be better by locating the device at the height of 2-4 ft. above the ground. The higher “wild hooligans” are, the more difficult is to drive them away – even if you have attached the device to a tree. Also, users have noted the high sensitivity of the motion sensor: It can react even on a wind breath and leaves rustling, that is why it may confuse the birds with any extraneous sounds in the vicinity of trees.


These fluffy small animals are fond of ruining bird nests, flower beds, as well as eating your strawberries. This must be stopped. As the evidence has shown, squirrels tend to appear either in the yard, making complete chaos in your garden, or in the attic.

Yard Sentinel Outdoor Ultrasonic Animal Repeller with Motion Sensor, Adjustable Volume, Waterproof, Extension Cord, Powerful Repel for Squirrel, Raccoon, Skunk, Rabbit, Fox, Deer, Etc

Try installing one in the attic to keeping the squirrels and varmints out. Also in the yard to keep the squirrels away  You may be able to drive them out of your attic space and then seal any cracks or holes so more don’t move in. Thus, if squirrels are your headache, you require 2 devices – for both the attic and the yard. Warning! Be persistent, for squirrels won’t leave in a day, 1 or 2 weeks may pass before they leave at last. Also, we recommend trying one more product for your yard — motion activated sprinkler.


Raccoons must be fought against, and this will require some time. It is known that these striped robbers are fond of stealing fruits, vegetables, pet food, and rummaging in garbage bins, apart from running into the house to turn everything upside down. Here are some ways to get rid of raccoons using Yard Sentinel:

  1. Fix Yard Sentinel onto the veranda wall so that raccoons can see it (i.e. at the level of their eyes) — raccoons will not draw near to the porch (but consider that your pets may also be exposed).
  2. Place the unit as close as 8 ft. to trash cans – it will help you to get rid of stray cats and dogs, along with raccoons.
  3. Find the optimal place in the yard for the repeller to be set, considering where raccoons come from.

Happy users share their impressions: “When raccoons come as near as 30 ft. to the repeller, they begin to shake their heads and run away” – this is a complete victory!

Are you interested in racoon repellents? Read more about the best raccoon repellent.

Other wild animals

Many animals are not interested in your roofs and basements – they trespass through your yard, ruining plants and eating what you have grown. Typically, these are big animals like deer and bears.  As their eyes level is higher than that of raccoons or rats, you should locate Yard Sentinel higher, screwing it up onto a wall or a beam. In this case, one unit will not be enough – we advise buying at least two.


Here is a typical review on the fight against the horned: “My day lilies were constantly being eaten by the deer and I had to cage everything which surely didn’t make them look their best. A friend told me about the yard sentinel and I decided to give it a try. So far the deer have stayed away and the plants are looking wonderful for the first time in years”. The effect is similar with bears, by users’ words.


We have read about the device having driven away spiders from the basement, mosquitoes and flies from the garden, but can hardly believe that it is something more than a mere coincidence – at any rate it is left for you to decide and choose. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes, we recommend you to pay attention on the mosquito traps from our review.

F.A.Q about Yard Sentinel Electronic Repeller

Will the device act on animals outdoors if it is placed in the house near the glass door?

No, it won’t. Since ultrasound can’t penetrate through hard surfaces – including concrete, wood, glass – you’d better place the device outdoors.

May I place the working Yard Sentinel Repeller on the ground?

In this case the unit will be of no use, as the ultrasound will be absorbed by the ground. Instead, attach it to a wooden beam and drive the last into the ground – and have a good result!

I often let my cats out at nights. What can I do for them not to be frightened by the device?

You may use additional means – e.g., a remote control device to turn on/off the unit as required, or purchase the newest version – Yard Sentinel RC with 4 key remote. If you let dogs or cats out for all night, that will be very helpful. Otherwise, the unit will react on your pets and frighten them.

ASPECTEK Yard Sentinel Ultrasonic Animal Repellent, Waterproof Ultrasonic Cat Fox Repeller with Motion Detector, Pet Dog Deterrent, Rabbit Rat Scare for Garden Yard Field Farm, 4 Key Remote (UK Plug)

Will the repeller work in dark?

You may choose any of the following working modes – all day, all night, or both night and day. Mind that night animals such as raccoons, rats, deer, bears, and others must be driven away at night, too (you may use the non-stop mode). The repeller is provided with an indicator — a red light, easily seen in the dark, which signals the normal work of the device.

Can I set it on the roof?

Of course, provided that the cord is sufficiently long and allows it. But remember this device is just water resistant, not waterproof and make sure to be safe.

Near my house a pair of raccoons is wandering round, and I am not willing to take trouble over devices online operated. One more question: how long will Yard Sentinel work with one set of batteries?

The repeller needs 4C batteries. Usually, the working period lasts about 2-3 weeks. Check the red light of the repeller: As long as it reacts on movements, it means that the battery is working. Since raccoons are night animals, let the device work at nights too.

Can the unit work without being turned off?

Yes – it can work constantly, without harming you.

May I just put the device into my pocket and carry it with me? Will it frighten off the dogs?

In theory, you may – because you may use batteries for this device – but it is too big to be placed into a pocket, so it is not the best way out from the situation. Look for other ways of preventing dog’ attacks.

Help! Beasts are stealing my hens at nights! May I place the unit directly in the hen-house?

Better not, as your hens will be most likely to be frightened by ultrasound. Instead, you should place the device near the hen-house entry for the stealing beast to feel the threat at once and run away. It can be of help if you know for certain what animal is a thief. Otherwise, you need to make an experiment, trying different frequencies for different animals OR use the Night Guard – it has proved itself to be a good repeller in such cases, too.

Does it act on wasps?

As we have already told, we can hardly believe that Yard Sentinel can repel insects. Nevertheless, there are reviews like this: “A friend of mine recommended me the Yard Sentinel repeller.  I have absolutely no idea how this thing does it, but it got rid of all the wasps and flies that kept flying around my yard”. But we advise applying wasp traps from our review.

After reading reviews, I understood that the device is not quite water resistant. How can I use it outdoors then, in the mode of online connection?

To protect your repeller from rain – place it under the eaves of your house or under a small awning. It must still be positioned so as not to disturb the work of the device. To keep the device working, use a socket protected from a short circuit.

How much does the device cost?

We recommend buying the authentic model of Yard Sentinel only on that very site for

Yard Sentinel Outdoor Ultrasonic Animal Repeller with Motion Sensor, Adjustable Volume, Waterproof, Extension Cord, Powerful Repel for Squirrel, Raccoon, Skunk, Rabbit, Fox, Deer, Etc

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  1. I often encounter situations where such trespassers sneak in my premises. I being alone is bit weary about that situation. I last time had to call the bird and animal control specialists for evicting a fully grown fox. It was quite a scary situation. I have heard of fox bites and that they are carriers of rabies. I tried all the tricks in my book before trying my luck with these services. I totally don’t want to hurt them as long as they don’t pose a danger for me. I prefer eviction methods other than poisoning.

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