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If you are tired of the constant attacks of rats and mice, especially in winter, you can’t merely wait for the mice to leave. They won’t do it voluntarily as your house is too good. Take action as it is high time you got rid of these rodents!

Using an electronic ultrasonic pest repeller is one of ways to repel rats and mice, but you’re probably confused as to which model should be used? Are they really effective and how do you use them properly? Our review of top-7 best electronic pest repellers from $19 to $49 will cover these topics.

Best Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers

Rodent Repeller by Pest Venator min: photo

Electronic Repellent Scarer min: photo

Rodent repeller T-3R min: photo

Pest Venator

Battery Operated Repeller

T3-R Triple

Convenient & cost-efficient. 4 Set units powered by an outlet are enough for a large house.

For any spaces without electricity supply (cellars, attics, garages, greenhouses).

Powerful rodent repeller for large premises. The radius of ultrasound is over 180° around.

Coverage area: up to 3200 sq.ft.

Coverage area: up to 2500 sq.ft.

Coverage area: up to 6000 sq.ft




Do pest repellers work?

I am often asked the question: “Do ultrasonic pest repellers work?”. Well, the answer is not that simple. Do you know what are the benefits of using ultrasound? It is absolutely safe, whereas poisons pose risks. It affects a large number of rodents at once, whereas electronic traps kill just one of them at a time. But I think you will agree that it is the effectiveness that is the most important for us when we select a pest control tool.

If you have a look at customers’ feedback, you will find that opinions dramatically vary. In this case, we should better rely on what scientists say about the effectiveness of ultrasound in deterring rodents. According to them, ultrasonic devices work on rodents as long as the following rules are observed. First, remove soft furniture, curtains, and toys as obstacles absorbing ultrasound. Secondly, place and activate ultrasonic repellers in all rooms simultaneously so that rodents have nothing but flee the house. Thirdly, once mice and rats have left the house, turn off the device, otherwise, their new generations will be able to get used to ultrasound. Fourthly, do not expect immediate effect since sustainable results will be achieved not earlier than two weeks after the device was turned on. Just give the repeller some time to create an unbearable environment for rodents. The noise first disturbs them and, in due course, drives rodents crazy. And finally, you should reduce food availability for rats and mice. As you might know, food is the strongest motivation for animals.

Top-7 Indoor Rodent Repellers from $19 up to $49

There are many similar goods, both old and new styles. The leaders always change, new ones appear and disappear just as quickly, that’s why it is better not to be led by the ads of disposable products and to trust a proven item instead, that is already familiar to the users, and has proven to be effective in usual indoors conditions, such as a typical house. This is just the type of repellers we’ve chosen for this review.

Hoont™ Indoor and Outdoor Ultrasonic Pest Repellers 

Hoont™ Powerful Electronic Animal & Pest RepellerIt's the most stylish repeller line of our review, Hoont Indoor Pest Repellers. Other than being fashionable, they are also known to be sold for a long time and repel not only rodents but also birds and larger animals such as deer. At the moment, though, we are interested in indoor repellers. What other similar devices can boast of an entire line of indoor models in 7 different designs from $10 to $40 a piece? Depending on the particular model, Hoont Repellent repels rodents and insects in different manners: by using ultrasound, blinking lights, and sounds, all together, in turn, and in various combinations.  

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Pest Venator – Pack of 4 Plug-In Electronic Repellents for Mice and Rats

The Best Repeller to Get Rid of Mice in the Walls

Rodent Repeller by Pest Venator: photoSometimes we need something special for eliminating the colony of rats in the house. If other sets of repellers can't make your house or office rat-free, it's time to use more powerful devices. The Pest Venator covers up to 3 200 Sq Ft. It is several times more than other budget repellers.  This  device is most cost-saving as well as the simplest and most popular since it only has ultrasound, a night light and sleek design. It is safe for adults, children, and pets and does not interfere with consumer electronics. Place it where the traces of living mice or rats were found, this amount will be enough for all the rooms.

Price:  Pest Venator set ~$39.99 for 4 units Check the current price

What to do if rodents have not gone away or if you hear ultrasound?

The negative attitude towards ultrasonic devices comes down to two customer complaints:

The first problem: Why doesn't my ultrasonic repeller work and mice haven’t left my apartment?

Most likely, the problem is related to the wrong use of the device. 1. Soft furniture, carpets, curtains absorb ultrasound, preventing it from being evenly distributed throughout the room. 2. If food which smell attracts rodents is stored in the room, remove it immediately, otherwise, the rodents will go for food through their pain. 3. Arm yourself with patience, it will take some 2-3 weeks of the repeller’s uninterrupted operation before the pests leave your house. You may familiarize yourself with the detailed guidelines in the section entitled “5 Rules of Electronic Pest Control Devices Effectiveness.”

The second problem: The ultrasonic device keeps making this annoying sound that's driving me crazy.

According to scientific data, a very small number of people and small children have extremely sensitive hearing. If you have noticed before that you are too sensitive to sounds, then, perhaps you should better use other methods like poisons and traps.

Also, such things happen as a result of factory settings. Some devices in the batch can be tuned to other frequency which is most probably drive crazy not only rats but people as well. That is why it would be far more advantageous to buy a set of repellers. Based on consumer feedback, if one of the devices is too loud, it may be installed in the garage or shed where it will not disturb you and members of your family while mice will be driven mad.

Home Sentinel Indoor Home Pest Control Repeller 

Home Sentinel Pest Control Repeller: photoThis is one of the veterans of the category, which has been selling long and well. Nearly all manufacturers try to combine various technologies in their brand products. Home Sentinel has combined three options, ultrasound repelling, electromagnetic waves impact, and air ionizing. There is also a night light. One device costs ~$17.29.

The manufacturer promises that electromagnetic waves will force mice and rats to leave the house walls, ultrasound will drive them further away for good, and air ionizing will remove unwanted bacteria attracting pests”. We are not quite sure about the last point, but the device is able to repel small rodents, judging by Amazon customer reviews.

Price: ~$17.29 for 1 unit Check the current price

Battery Operated Ultrasonic Rat and Mouse Repeller - Electronic Repellent Scarer

Battery Operated Rats & Mice Repeller 

Electronic Repellent Scarer: potoAs you can judge by its name, the repeller is battery powered. It's a rare case among indoor repellers, because usually you need to plug repellers in electric outlets. This is an advantage, distinguishing it from other repellers of the given rating - you can place it anywhere - and just for the ~$19.99.

The manufactures don’t position it as a universal thing, but only as rats and mice repeller - and it really works like a charm against these rodents. You may use this device both in living rooms and other places including basements, attics, loft spaces, outbuildings, sheds, greenhouses, garages and automobiles - but only indoors, since the repeller is not water resistant, and 9V batteries may be frozen if exposed to cold.

Price: ~$19.99 Check the current price

T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller

Rodent repeller for a large house, attic, or basement (up to 6000 sq. ft)

Judging by reviews, this device is really a powerful one. It has three separate ultrasonic emitters which cover over 180* around the unit with 135+ db blasts of ultrasonic energy that vary in frequency, but whose main targets are rodents like mice, rats, squirrels and chipmunks. Per manufacturer, in most cases rodents leave with-in a 12 - 16 day period. It is the enlarged action radius, as compared with other repellers, that allows T3-R Triple Repeller to get so many positive reviews.

Customers have noted the noiselessness of the repeller and the effect which becomes evident in some days: A girl has confessed that she is no longer afraid of her cat catching a mouse in the attic at night and bringing it into her bed. Other reviews have mentioned not only mice and rats but also chipmunks and squirrels which have been eliminated by T3-R safely and quickly.

Price: ~ from $54.95 Check the current price

Need more cut-rate models? Read our review of the best electronic pest repellers under $25

Pest Repeller for Cars

Not only houses, attics and basements, but also warm vehicles attract rats. They can easily get under the hood, gnaw through the wiring, damage expensive spare parts and leave their feces. Ultrasonic repeller will save you in this case. Unlike other methods, it does not kill rats meaning there’s no terrible cadaveric odor that will haunt you as a consequence. Among all the rodent repellers for cars, we’ve picked two best ones, Under Hood Animal Repeller Car Rat Repeller by VENSMILE and Under Hood Animal Repeller by P3.

rodent repellent for cars: photoBoth operate in a similar way: the devices emit changing ultrasonic waves that irritate the rats and make them flee. Use the supplied connectors to connect the former ~$16.99 Vensmile repeller to the battery. The latter repeller, ~$24.36 P3 is portable and is powered by two C batteries. It can be screwed, taped with durable tape or simply placed under the hood. According to the manufacturer, it repels other animals as well, including cats. It is also said to be waterproof, so if needed, you can even try it on board a ship.

The two repellers’ ratings vary: the wired one has 4.7 stars out of 5 on while a battery-powered one’s rating is only 3.5 stars. Over 90% of users are satisfied with Vensmile’s performance. Although it requires complicated mounting, it won’t be a problem for an experienced driver. The customers appreciate the P3 Repeller’s portability and long battery life (up to six months). The users share a life hack: it can also be used to protect a BBQ, lawn mower, etc. However, in the end not, more than 60% of users consider it effective.

Price of Car Rat Repeller by Vensmile: ~$16.99 Check the current price

Price of Car Rat Repeller by P3: ~$24.36 Check the current price

Indoor Rodent Repellers Comparison Chart

Model Operating mode Coverage area Price

Pest Venator Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Rodent Repeller by Pest Venator min: photo

Powered by an outlet

 covers up to 3200 sq.ft. 

~$39.99 (4-pack)

Home Sentinel 

Home Sentinel Pest Control Repeller min: photo

Powered by an outlet up to 5000 sq ft 


Battery Operated Ultrasonic Repeller

Electronic Repellent Scarer min: photo

Powered by batteries up to 2500 sq ft


T3-R Triple High Impact Repeller

Rodent repeller T-3R min: photo

Powered by an outlet up to 6000 sq ft

from ~$54.95

Under Hood Repeller by VENSMILE

Car Rat Repeller by Vensmile min: photo

Powered by a 12V battery up to few feet diameter circle 


Under Hood Portable Animal Repeller by P3

Under Hood Rodent Repeller min: photo

Powered by batteries  up to few feet diameter circle


Pest Repeller Effectiveness: All the Truth and 5 Useful Tips

How did the electronic repellers appear? It all started back in 1972 when Bob Brown of Pine Valley, California, a simple boy next door, forgot to plug out his mis-wired electric guitar in his shop. As a result of his absent mind, dozens of dead rats and mice were found around the building. This case has become to him what a fallen apple was to Newton; he was inspired to invent an electronic pest repeller called AMIGO. That repeller emitted electromagnetic waves of required frequency, which disoriented pests and led them into stress, forcing to leave the habitat, be it a house or a backyard. Current devices echo those first electronic pest repellers of the 70s. Do they work the same way? How are they effective against rats and mice?

The use of electronic repellents is quite debatable. The scientists agree that this is not the most effective means of getting rid of mice and rats. The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources scientists claim that “although mice are easily frightened by strange or unfamiliar noises, they quickly become accustomed to regularly repeated sounds. Ultrasonic sounds, those above the range of human hearing, have very limited use in rodent control, because they are directional and don’t penetrate behind objects”. The scientists’ main argument is that both mice and rats get used to the ultrasound and stop being driven away by it.

rodent repellers: photo

But on the other hand, if we take a look at the sales statistics of, the world’s biggest online retailer, we’ll see that millions of electronic repellents are sold! And they are Best Sellers in Pest Control Products. Most of the customers are satisfied and leave detailed reviews. The best sellers’ rating are also very high as they reach 4.6 out of 5 stars. Many people are afraid of dealing with poisons or having to figure out traps, and so they try to do with natural and safe mice repelling methods.

When we draw up our articles, we try to rely on the scientific opinion. But we have managed to eliminate the rats ourselves very quickly just with the help of an electronic repellent! The rodents left our house within a few days after using it, and never came back.

Perhaps, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. So if you manage to repel the rodents from your house and then you’ll carry out some preventive measures, thing will be great. The decision is up to you.

The Problems with Electronic Pest Control. How do ultrasonic pest repellers work?

1. Repel or Lure? Repellers vs. Baits

If you have chosen the ultrasonic repeller against rodents, you have to refuse all other ways of “hunting.”

All other baits and traps are to be removed. It may be electric mouse trap or snap one. You can’t repel and lure at the same time. These two ways of elimination are diametrically opposed. Their combined usage will lead to nothing.  

Baits with poison don’t add to the repeller’s action, on the contrary, they diminish its effect to zero. Rats (or mice) repelled by ultrasound would have left your rooms long ago if it were not for the attractive smell of food in baits or traps. So you have to use an electronic repeller or a rat bait station, not both.

2. How do Repellers Act on Rodents?

Ultrasound repellers are designed to drive away rodents already present in home, they can’t prevent their appearance.  

Rats and mice exposed to ultrasound become shocked and look like benumbed at first. They can’t perceive the source of strong discomfort getting on their nerves. They can’t immediately perceive what’s going on, therefore, you may see a rat running around or standing in stupor in the first days of the repeller’s usage.  

After a while, rodents begin to understand that something is wrong, and try to leave the zone of ultrasound action. Thus, the time of rodents’ disappearing may take from 3-4 days to 3-4 weeks.  

3. Why Doesn't My Ultrasonic Repeller Work?

If there is no soft furniture, curtains, carpets and other soft things in the room, then the ultrasound can fill all space due to multiple reflecting from walls, ceiling and floor. Where there is soft furniture and other things absorbing ultrasound, the reflected ultrasound will be minimal or absent. If this is the case, you’d better use more powerful ultrasonic repeller. The power supply will compensate the absence of reflected ultrasound in some degree.  

4. How Many Repellers are Needed in a Home?

For apartments and country houses, one rodent repeller per floor, as well as one in the basement and one in attic will be minimal. A repeller is necessary for every isolated section in basement.  Also, it is necessary in kitchens and bathrooms of apartments (where rodents can enter by means of a stand-pipe). For storage places you should consider the amount of products to determine the number of repellers.  

It is a fact that placing repellers where there are shelves with linen sacks filled with food products (i.e. something porous) the ultrasound simply “sinks” into the sacks. If a situation like that has only one repeller, it will act on a very small area around itself. Therefore, the placing of that sort requires several ultrasonic rodent repellers.

But if you need to repel pesky rats in your yard, you'd better try to use special outdoor repeller - read about the best one in our Yard Sentinel Electronic Repeller review.

5. Off or On?

In accordance with the manufacturers’ opinion, we recommend turning the repellers off immediately after complete disappearance of rodents.

how to repel rats: photo

You should understand the principle of driving rodents out of the place where the ultrasonic repeller has been located. It is based on sharp and negative alteration of the living conditions which the rodents have already got accustomed to. Before this sad event has happened in their life, they were safe, calm and confident – well-oriented in the surroundings.   

Once the ultrasonic repeller is turned on, everything changes suddenly. An unknown sound irritates and causes a strong discomfort, or even earaches in rats. Now rodents have to avoid rooms exposed to ultrasound and seek new feeding sources in any other place. But the scenario can be quite different if you have placed the repeller for the sake of prevention, before mice appear in your home.  

Let’s think. Sometimes customers say that their repeller has stopped working. It has been working and repelling successfully for some initial period, but in a while, mice and rats have returned and stayed forever. They simply don’t care about the repeller.    

As a rule, one circumstance becomes evident: even though the rodents had left, the repeller went on working. The device was not turned off. The next family of rodents was likely to move into and settle down. Exposed to ultrasound from the very beginning, they got accustomed to it, and since then, they get on very well. If that was the case, the only way out is to change the repeller’s brand. Or use other methods and products: Read How to get rid of mice.