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The 8 Best Electronic and Ultrasonic Mouse and Rat Repellents [UPDATED 2022] Buyer’s Guide

If you are tired of the constant attacks of rats and mice, you can’t just wait for the mice to leave. They won’t do it voluntarily as your house is too good. Using an electronic ultrasonic rodent repeller is one way to repel rats and mice, but you’re probably confused as to which model should be used? Our review of the 8 best electronic mouse repellents from $19 to $49 will cover the topic .

What You’ll Learn from this Guide:

How Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers Work

I am often asked the question: “Do ultrasonic rodent repellers work?” Well, the answer is not that simple.

Sonic pest devices cover an acoustic spectrum above our human hearing range – ultrasonic sound – above 18,000 Hz. The frequency of such devices is as high as 50 kHz, more specifically, about three times above the human capacity of hearing.

Normally, we cannot hear noises of a frequency over 18 kHz, with some extraordinary people being capable of perceiving sounds as high as 20 kHz. But this is a maximum limit. So, in exploiting the peculiarities of rodents’ biology, we have more chances of defeating them.

It can be assumed that sonic pest devices either disrupt the normal acoustic communication of target pests, or simply drive them away by means of annoyance, fear, and/or confusion. When these devices operate in the ultrasonic range, the sound they emit is inaudible to humans, scientists of the University of Arizona affirm..

Rats and mice exposed to ultrasound become shocked and look benumbed at first. They can’t perceive the source of severe discomfort getting on their nerves. They can’t immediately perceive what’s going on; therefore, you may see a rat running around or standing in stupor in the first days of the repeller’s usage.

After a while, rodents begin to understand that something is wrong and try to leave the zone of ultrasound action. Thus, the time of rodents’ disappearing may take from 3-4 days to 3-4 weeks.

Electronic Mouse Repellent Effectiveness

The use of electronic repellents is quite debatable. The scientists agree that this is not the most effective means of getting rid of mice and rats. The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources scientists claim that “although mice are easily frightened by strange or unfamiliar noises, they quickly become accustomed to regularly repeated sounds. Ultrasonic sounds, those above the range of human hearing, have very limited use in rodent control because they are directional and don’t penetrate behind objects.”

Rat and mouse sensitivity to ultrasound.In rats, age is a critical factor with peak reaction sensitivity occurring at 3-weeks and almost no sensitivity at 20 months. In mice, maximal sensitivity to the reaction occurs at around 30 days, after that decreases through 50 days of age.

In a study testing the effectiveness of an ultrasonic device on rats and mice (Greaves and Rowe 1969), it was found that they had a mild aversion to the sound. However, this dislike diminished over time, especially after a reliable food source was discovered near the sonic device. Even after the food source was removed, the rats and mice continued to explore the room with ultrasonic sound, expressing habituation to the sound.

So, habituation is a main problem of such electronic devices. The initial sound emitted from sonic devices may be interpreted as a threat, but after a short period passes without physical harm, pests grow more comfortable.

Sales stats, reviews, and our own experiences

The scientists’ main argument is that both mice and rats get used to the ultrasound and stop being driven away by it.

But on the other hand, if we look at the sales statistics, we’ll see that millions of electronic repellents are sold. Many people are afraid of dealing with poisons or having to figure out traps, and so they use natural and safe mice repelling methods.

When we draw up our articles, we rely on the scientific opinion. But we have managed to eliminate the rats ourselves very quickly just with the help of an electronic repellent!The rodents left our house within a few days after using it and never came back.

Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle. If you manage to repel the rodents from your house and then carry out some preventive measures, things will be great.

According to experts, ultrasonic repellers work on rodents as long as the following rules are observed:

  1. Remove soft furniture, curtains, and toys as obstacles absorb ultrasound.
  2. Place and activate ultrasonic repellers in all rooms simultaneously so that rodents can do nothing but flee the house.
  3. Once mice and rats have left the house, turn off the device. Otherwise, their new generations will be able to get used to the ultrasound.
  4. Do not expect immediate effects since sustainable results will be achieved not earlier than two weeks after the device was turned on. Just give the repeller some time to create an unbearable environment for rodents. The noise first disturbs them and, in due course, drives rodents crazy.
  5. You should reduce food availability for rats and mice. As you might know, food is the strongest motivation for animals.

Top-9 Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers from $19 up to $49

There are many similar goods, both old and new styles. The leaders always change, new ones appear and quickly disappear. That’s why it is better not to be led by the ads of disposable products but to trust a proven item, that has proven to be effective in usual indoors conditions, such as a typical house.

Hoont™ Indoor and Outdoor Ultrasonic Mouse Repellers

2023 Upgraded Version Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Indoor Ultrasonic Repellent for Roach, Rodent, Mouse, Bugs, Mosquito, Mice, Spider, Ant,Electronic Plug in Pest Control,3 Mode Switching,6 Packs

It’s the most stylish repeller line of our review, Hoont Indoor Pest Repellers. Other than being fashionable, they have also been sold for a long time and repel not only rodents but also birds and larger animals such as deer. At the moment, though, we are interested in indoor repellers. What other similar devices can boast of an entire line of indoor models in different designs from $10 to $40 a piece? Depending on the particular model, Hoont Repellent repels rodents and insects in different ways: by using ultrasound, blinking lights, and sounds, all together, in turn, and in various combinations.

1. Home Sentinel Ultrasonic Pest Repellent 5-in-1

ASPECTEK Home Sentinel Ultrasonic 5-in-1 Indoor Pest Control Repeller with Electromagnetic, Ionizer & Auto Light for Mosquitos,Rats, Spiders, Rodents (2 Pack)

This is one of the veterans of the category, which has been selling long and well. Nearly all manufacturers try to combine various technologies in their brand products. Home Sentinel has combined three options, ultrasound repelling, electromagnetic waves impact, and air ionizing. There is also a night light.

The manufacturer promises that electromagnetic waves will force mice and rats to leave the house walls, ultrasound will drive them further away for good, and air ionizing  “will remove unwanted bacteria attracting pests.” We are not quite sure about the last point, but the device is able to repel small rodents, judging by customer reviews.

Price: 1 unit   Check the current price

2. T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller

Rodent repeller for a large house, attic, or basement (up to 6000 sq. ft)

Judging by reviews, this device is really a powerful one. It has three separate ultrasonic emitters which cover over 180* around the unit with 135+ db blasts of ultrasonic energy that vary in frequency, but whose main targets are rodents like mice, rats, squirrels, and chipmunks. Per manufacturer, in most cases, rodents leave with-in a 12-16 day period. It is the enlarged action radius, as compared with other repellers, that allows  T3-R Triple Repeller  to get so many positive reviews.

T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller

Customers have noted the noiselessness of the repeller and the effect which becomes evident in some days. Other reviews have mentioned not only mice and rats but also chipmunks and squirrels which have been eliminated by T3-R safely and quickly.

Price:   Check the current price

Before purchasing, you need to know the power of the repeller and the total area protected by it – these parameters are to be designated in the specification. Bear in mind that the area of ​​a vacant room is indicated on the package, the obstacles such as furniture or any other objects are known to hinder the work of an ultrasonic repellent.

3. Pest Offense POBD-I-01 Original Electronic Pest Repeller

Pest Offense POBD-I-01 Original Electronic Pest Repeller: photo
We’ll start our review with the oldest device  Pest Offense , which must have been used even by our grandparents. Customers typically buy this old-fashioned device because “my mother has seen it on TV and advised.” While the tech has come a long way, as tech always keeps moving forward, perhaps our best advice on this product is to also “Keep moving”.

Price:  Check the current price

4. Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Electronic Mice Repellent Indoor, Pest Repellent Ultrasonic Plug in for Mice, Roach, Spiders, Ants, Flies, Bugs, White

Neatmaster is positioned as a versatile repeller and promises to remove all kinds of rodents and insects (flies, cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas). However, it becomes obvious from the negative customer feedback, that even though it is advertised as a repellent for ants, spiders, mice, and other creepy crawlies, it doesn’t seem to quite deliver on these promises.

This product, has mixed reviews, but it may be worth trying as there were both positive and negative remarks on it’s efficacy. It is said to work on an area of ​​800 to 1200 square feet. That being said, it is recommended by the manufacturer to put one in each room.

Price: Check the current price

5. Pestbye Battery Operated Spider Repeller

The Best Repeller to Get Rid of Mice in the Walls

Pestbye Battery Operated Spider Repeller: photo

This small (4.1″ x 1″) repeller is battery powered. It’s a rare case among indoor repellers because usually, you need to plug repellers in electric outlets. This is an advantage, distinguishing it from other repellers of the given rating – you can place it anywhere.

The manufacturer does not position it as a universal thing, but only as rats and mice repeller – and it really works like a charm against these rodents. You may use this device both in living rooms and other places including basements, attics, loft spaces, outbuildings, sheds, greenhouses, garages, and automobiles – but only indoors, since the repeller is not water resistant, and 9V batteries may be frozen if exposed to cold.

Price:  Check the current price

What to do if rodents have not gone away or if you hear ultrasound?

The negative attitude towards ultrasonic devices comes down to two customer complaints:

The first problem: Why doesn’t my ultrasonic repeller work and mice haven’t left my apartment?

Most likely, the problem is related to the wrong use of the device. 1. Soft furniture, carpets, curtains absorb ultrasound, preventing it from being evenly distributed throughout the room. 2. Food smell attracts rodents, so if food is stored in the room, remove it immediately, otherwise, the rodents will go for food through their pain. 3. Arm yourself with patience; it will take some 2-3 weeks of the repeller’s uninterrupted operation before the pests leave your house. You can familiarize yourself with the detailed guidelines in the section entitled “5 Rules of Electronic Pest Control Devices Effectiveness.”

The second problem: The ultrasonic device keeps making this annoying sound that’s driving me crazy.

According to scientific data, a very small number of people and small children have an extremely sensitive hearing. If you have noticed before that you are too sensitive to sound, then perhaps you should use other methods like poisons and traps.

Also, such things happen because of factory settings. Some devices in the batch can be tuned to another frequency which most probably drives not only rats crazy but people as well. That is why it would be far more advantageous to buy a set of repellers. Based on consumer feedback, if one of the devices is too loud, it may be installed in the garage or shed where it will not disturb you and members of your family while mice will be driven mad.

Need more cut-rate models? Read our review of the best electronic pest repellers under $25

6. Pest Venator

Technology is constantly developing, and modern updated devices are launched regularly. We appreciate the honesty of this manufacturer. Unlike others, who promise to eliminate all kinds of pests including bed bugs, mosquitoes, and cockroaches, Pest Venator concentrates exclusively on mice and rats.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller by Pest Venator: photo

Pest Venator covers up to 3200 Sq Ft, which is several times more than other cut-rate repellers can cover. This device is the most cost-saving, usable and popular. Thanks to ultrasound, a built-in night light, and its sleek design. It is safe for adults, children, and pets and does not interfere with consumer electronics. Place it on the spots where signs of living mice or rats have been found, and there should be enough substance for all rooms.

Praxis Prepper found out that the cheaper device, Pest Venator, works just as well as the huge and bulky 50-buck T3R repeller. He tested the Venator in his greenhouse, and it seemed like the device got rid of all the mice he had both inside and on the roof of his greenery. He put one unit per each corner of the greenhouse and left one device dangling way above the floor near rooftop. He noticed that he wasn’t hearing the mice running around on the roof after that. Praxis also said that the Venator helped him get rid of ants as well. Last year was horrible: there were all these queen ants coming in, but after using Venators all pests have disappeared.

In our experience, all mice have fled within a week. Scroll down to find a comprehensive review of our test experience of this repeller and the advantages and disadvantages that we’ve discovered.

Price: Pest Venator set of 4 units  Check the current price

7. Rat Repellers for Cars

Not only houses, attics, and basements, but also warm vehicles attract rats. They can easily get under the hood, gnaw through the wiring, damage expensive spare parts and leave their feces. An ultrasonic repeller will save you in this case. Unlike other methods, it does not kill rats, meaning no terrible cadaveric odor will haunt you as a consequence. Among all the rodent repellers for cars, we’ve picked two best ones, Under Hood Animal Repeller Car Rat Repeller by Loraffe  and Under Hood Animal Repeller by P3 .

Loraffe Under Hood Rodent Repeller Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Mice Deterrent with Ultrasonic Wave and LED Flashlight, Pest Control for 12V 24V Vehicle Auto Truck RV, Keep Animal from Chewing Car Wiring

P3 International P7825 B00EEH920Y Under Hood Animal Repeller, Black

Both operate in a similar way: the devices emit changing ultrasonic waves that irritate the rats and make them flee. Use the supplied connectors. P3 is portable and is powered by two C batteries. It can be screwed, taped with durable tape or simply placed under the hood. It is also said to be waterproof, so if needed, you can even try it on board a ship.

The two repellers’ ratings are not very high as it requires complicated mounting, but it won’t be a problem for an experienced driver.

The customers appreciate the P3 Repeller’s portability and long battery life (up to six months). The users share a life hack: it can also be used to protect a BBQ, lawn mower, etc. However, in the end not more than 60% of users consider it effective.

Car Rat Repeller by Loraffe:  Check the current price

Car Rat Repeller by P3:  Check the current price

Indoor Pest Repeller Comparison Chart

The Problems with Electronic Pest Control. 4 Rules for Using Them Effective

1. Repel or Lure? Repellers vs. Baits

If you have chosen the ultrasonic repeller against rodents, you have to refuse all other ways of “hunting.”

All other baits and traps are to be removed. It may be an electric mouse trap  or snap one. You can’t repel and lure at the same time. These two ways of elimination are diametrically opposed. Their combined usage will lead to nothing.

Baits with poison don’t add to the repeller’s action. On the contrary, they diminish its effect to zero. Rats (or mice) repelled by ultrasound would have left your rooms long ago if it were not for the smell attractive of food in baits or traps. So, you have to use an electronic repeller or a rat bait station, not both.

2. Why Doesn’t My Ultrasonic Repeller Work?

If there is no soft furniture, curtains, carpets and other soft things in the room, then the ultrasound can fill all space due to multiple reflecting from walls, ceiling, and floor. Where there are soft furniture and other things absorbing ultrasound, the reflected ultrasound will be minimal or absent. If this is the case, you’d better use a more powerful ultrasonic repeller. The power supply will compensate for the absence of reflected ultrasound in some degree.

3. How Many Repellers are Needed in a Home?

For apartments and country houses, one rodent repeller per floor, as well as one in the basement and one in the attic will be minimal. A repeller is necessary for every isolated section in the basement. Also, it is necessary for kitchens and bathrooms of apartments (where rodents can enter through a stand-pipe). For storage places, you should consider the amount of products to determine the number of repellers.

It is a fact that placing repellers where there are shelves with linen sacks filled with food products (ie, something porous), the ultrasound simply “sinks” into the sacks. If a situation like that has only one repeller, it will act in a very small area around itself. Therefore, in that situation, you will require several ultrasonic rodent repellers.

But if you need to repel pesky rats in your yard, you’d better try to use special outdoor repeller -read about the best one in our Yard Sentinel Electronic Repeller review .

4. Off or On?

In accordance with the manufacturers’ opinion, we recommend turning the repellers off immediately after the complete disappearance of rodents.

You should understand the principle of driving rodents out of the place where the ultrasonic repeller has been located. It is based on sharp and negative alteration of the living conditions which the rodents have already got accustomed to. Before this sad event has happened in their life, they were safe, calm and confident – ​​well-oriented in the surroundings.

Once the ultrasonic repeller is turned on, everything suddenly changes. An unknown sound irritates and causes a strong discomfort, or even earaches in rats. Now rodents have to avoid rooms exposed to ultrasound and seek new feeding sources in any other place. But the scenario can be quite different if you have placed the repeller before mice appear in your home just as a precaution.

Let’s think. Sometimes customers say that their repeller has stopped working. It has been working and repelling successfully for some initial period, but over time, mice and rats have returned and stayed forever. They simply don’t care about the repeller.

As a rule, one circumstance becomes evident: even though the rodents had left, the repeller went on working. The device was not turned off. The next family of rodents was likely to move in and settle down. Exposed to ultrasound from the very beginning, they got accustomed to it, and since then, they get on very well. If that was the case, the only way out is to change the repeller’s brand. Or use other methods and products: Read How to get rid of mice .

My Experience Of Using Rodent Repeller

Well, the best way of understanding the principle of operation of one or another device is to try it. More importantly, you will know from your own experience whether electronic pest repellers are successful, particularly in frightening off rats and mice. Actually, the issue is divisive, and many researchers uphold the view that ultrasonic devices don’t function as advertised or, at least, affect rodents just for a short period of time.

So, I will tell you about my own research allowing me to draw independent conclusions. For my study, I picked PEST VENATOR , an ultrasonic rodent repeller that has just come onto the market. It should be exploited indoors – right where we are plagued by invasions of rats or mice.

All the more so as I had faced the rodent problem in my own suburban home. This whole thing started in autumn. At first, mice settled in the storehouse where I keep heaps of old stuff and provision supplies. It was that place – warm and abundant in food – that attracted them.

The traps and poisons I had placed there killed some of the intruders but failed to eradicate them en masse. Eventually, the rodents migrated into the house; therefore, there was an urgent need for more vigorous action.

Why have I decided in favor of PEST VENATOR? It neither poses hazards to people nor does it cause discomfort since the ultrasound it emits is inaudible to the average person. But above all, this is a solution to the rodent problem without bloodshed.

Not only is it humane, but it also allows for avoiding unsanitary conditions in hard-to-reach sites where usually poisoned rats and mice go to die. Since I know what kind of risk a decomposing body poses, I preferred not to have this living nightmare in my house.

results . So, I installed several devices in the rooms and… Bingo! I have got impressive results that far exceeded expectations: a week of intensive ultrasound treatment and all mice have been chased out of the house. In fact, I started observing the first positive effects four days after the unit was activated.

What is inside?

It does not take an engineer to understand the way the device operates. Just plug this rat repeller into an outlet and remove all soft objects located close to it. But if you are a stickler for detail – and I am totally that kind of person – you might want to look under the hood of this unit. I took it apart hands down, just removed a screw on the lower part and a catch on the upper part of it.

The first thing that strikes the eye is the quality circuit board inside the unit, nothing like a kind of point-to-point wiring made by low-skilled workers. In general, there are typical components, and I haven’t seen anything unusual. What has pleasantly impressed me was the fuse because now I’m sure that no ignition will occur in case of power spikes.

2023 Upgraded Version Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Indoor Ultrasonic Repellent for Roach, Rodent, Mouse, Bugs, Mosquito, Mice, Spider, Ant,Electronic Plug in Pest Control,3 Mode Switching,6 Packs

The ultrasonic transmitter is rugged and protected by the security box. So, I don’t have any concerns regarding whether this rat repeller functions well. The device’s operating principle is clear to me – the point is a high-frequency blow to the mental psyche of rodents. For such animals as rats and mice, this kind of psychological warfare turns out to be unbearable, given that it is waged consistently during about two weeks.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller and Pets

If your pet is the hamster or any similar species related to rodents, yes, you should. This rat repeller will make them go crazy, something that can only come to a sad end for your tiny friends. The unit generates sound waves which are quite similar to the sounds of music produced by cell phones, TV sets or just when we are talking to each other. The thing is that the frequency of ultrasound is extremely high, exceeding 20 kHz.

But what about pets like dogs and cats? Could electronic pest repellers harm them? Speaking from my experience, I can state that rat repellers are totally safe for these species.

My samples of PEST VENATOR were operating throughout a week while my cat, unwittingly, took part in the experiment. What happened? nothing. Actually, they peacefully coexisted even with direct contact. You may appreciate a passionless reaction of my cat in the picture below. No uncharacteristic emotions, no sign of agitation.

It seems that the cat did not care about the rodent repeller at all. I placed the unit right on the cat, but that didn’t turn things around. At first, the cat ignored it, then figured out that it was something like a new plaything. Put another way, nothing close to fear or confusion. From this picture, you can see the cat lying right below the rodent repeller.

Lickoon 6 Packs Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Electronic Pest Repellent Plug in Indoor Pest Control for Insect, Roach, Mice, Spider, Ant, Bug, Mosquito Repellent for House Garage Warehouse Office Hotel

If you are a farmer, it is worth noting that electronic pest repellers can also be applied near the livestock and poultry without causing damage to them. Mount the devices in the hen coop or cow stall and rest assured that your animals will not be affected by ultrasound.

Pros & Cons of Pest Repeller

  • It takes a week to chase all rodents out of the house. At the same time, other residents of the house are fine and enjoy a mouse-free life.
  • For the cat, this rat repeller is at most nothing short of a plastic plaything. Until the animal gets bored with it.
  • One set including four items is sufficient for a home, given that it is not too large though, or for the entire annex to the building.
  • At nighttime, the rat repeller operates as a night driver. A single diode will not increase the energy consumption in your household or influence your spending on electricity.
  • It affects a large number of rodents at once, whereas electronic traps kill just one of them at a time. But I think you will agree that it is the effectiveness that is the most important for us when we select a pest control tool.
  • For me personally, the light is too bright. But again, these are my peculiar likings since I prefer complete darkness in the room where I sleep. For this reason, at night, I turned on this rodent repeller solely in the hall.
  • When I just started using the unit, my wife was complaining of a headache. Initially, we decided that the rat repeller might have caused the headache. But as a scientist, I always take into consideration all possible factors before drawing conclusions. So, as it has appeared, we were wrong in our judgments, and the pain had nothing to do with the rodent repeller. It was unfavorable weather conditions that made her feel ill.
  • Another crucial aspect is the ambient medium. Urban noises are so powerful that they can neutralize the impact of electronic pest repellers. In other words, if you live near a rail terminal, ultrasound would not be the appropriate weapon against rats and mice. In such areas, animals habituate to noises, whereas rural rodents are much easier to frighten off by any unusual sound.

When to call a professional exterminator?

Now, shifting from my experience to a critical look at this type of electronic pest repellers, I would highlight the necessity to address various external factors. This primarily concerns how bad it is. If an army of mice attacks your house, if they have already established their nests and began to breed in the crawling spaces, then these intruders will not be easy to eradicate. A comprehensive approach and professional help will be needed.

Conclusion: Prevention

On a final note, I would like to call on people to think more about prevention. And this is where electronic pest repellers are the most effective and appropriate. Once you’ve mounted a couple of rat repellers on the walls, a climate of fear will be created there for rodents so that they will just avoid it.

Indoor Rodent Repellers Comparison Chart

Modeloperating mode /

Coverage area

Pest Offense Powered by an outlet.


BRISON Powered by an outlet /

up to 1600 sq ft.

Home Sentinel  Powered by an outlet /

up to 5000 sq ft.

T3-R Triple High Impact Repeller Powered by an outlet /

up to 6000 sq ft.

Pest Venator Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Lickoon 6 Packs Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Electronic Pest Repellent Plug in Indoor Pest Control for Insect, Roach, Mice, Spider, Ant, Bug, Mosquito Repellent for House Garage Warehouse Office Hotel
Powered by an outlet /

covers up to 3200 sq.ft.

Under Hood Repeller by Loraffe Powered by a 12V battery /

up to a few feet diameter circle.

Under Hood Portable Animal Repeller by P3 Powered by batteries /

up to a few feet diameter circle.

How did the electronic repellers appear?

The history of using sound or vibration to deter pests begins with ancient civilizations like the Chinese who used mechanically operated sensory repellent devices to ward off rodents. They have used wind and water-powered devices to generate vibration, movement or sound to ward off pests in agricultural crops and buildings.

Whether you rent in a city like Chicago  with a ton of pests or a rural area in Denver, Colorado, you need to take the proper steps. The use of sonic and ultrasonic stimuli to repel or control rodents stems, in part, from a phenomenon known as the audiogenic seizure response. As first described by Donaldson (Lehrnann and Busnel 1963) in 1914, the response involves physiological stressor signs shown by rats when stimulated by intense sonic and ultrasonic energy such as that generated by jangling keys.

Several hundred reports have been published related to the effect which is characterized by (1) a latent period of an initial startle jump reaction followed by rapid movements of the rat around in a cage; (2) rapid, violent, and non-directed running; and (3) clonic-tonic convulsions, followed by (4) a complete recovery or death. The reaction has been observed in rats, mice, rabbits, chickens, dogs, and goats.

It all started back in 1972 when Bob Brown of Pine Valley, California, a simple boy next door, forgot to plug out his mis-wired electric guitar in his shop. As a result of his absent mind, dozens of dead rats and mice were found around the building. This case has become to him what a fallen apple was to Newton; he was inspired to invent an electronic pest repeller called AMIGO.

That repeller emitted electromagnetic waves of required frequency, which disoriented pests and led them into stress, forcing them to leave the habitat, be it a house or a backyard. Current devices echo those first electronic pest repellers of the 70s.

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  2. I’m looking for nice electronic repeller. I live in flat in city. I haven’t got big problem with rodents, but sometimes, 1-2 times in month I see them in corridor. And I don’t like this meeting. And also I have a pug, as I know dogs hear ultrasonic sound, and they don’t like it. Can anyone recommend me something good? I read this article, and decided to buy Home Sentinel 5 in 1. Is it safety? Is it work? I need help!!!

  3. John Goodman, yes it’s good variant for your situation. This device has “pet friendly” mod. Your dog will be healthy, and your rats would run away. This gadget cannot cover a lot of space, but for using in flat it’s completely enough

  4. A few word about Pest Offense POBD-I-01 Original. I don’t know who wrote about “… Additionally, the roaches and spiders and ants we’d often see throughout the house are no longer around…. ” Maybe it’s really work, but I hadn’t any effect on insect. I bought it not for cockroaches, but for rats. I live in not big house with 2 floors, so I took 2 gadget and they worked. After 7-9 days I didn’t heard rats and didn’t saw any “results” of their life. I used gadget about a week after this for prevention and now all is fine.

  5. My good advice to all – communicate with your neighbors. Because when they start to fight with rodent, all rats and mouse will try to save their life. And the nearest “safe place” will be your house. My neighbors didn’t told me that they start disinsection. It was hell. I never saw so many rats. Partially it was fail of disinsection specialist, so they cleaned my house with big discount. So if you suspect that you neighbors decided to controll their pest – buy one or two electronic repellers and save a lot of money and nerves

  6. Do these devices last for ever or do they die eventually or need topping up so to speak. I would like to know how long the life is of these Electronic Pest Rodent Mice Repellers are. ThankQ

  7. For all who wanted to buy or already bought Battery Operated Ultrasonic Rat and Mouse Repeller. I bought it and used it. It works, all fine. But don’t place it in the garden without any fixing. My dog took it and now I cannot find it.

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  10. dont ever buy T3-R Triple Rodent Repeller spouse to cover Home → Rodent → Rats 5000sq → noting i have 700sq room mice are doing party

  11. Neighbor moved their stuff in their backyard for house painting. Suddenly we were invaded by mice. We Use 2 electric ultrasonic repellers that penetrate through the walls and at same time place traps inside the house because the repeller will increase the pest activity. It disturbs their habitat. The traps got all of this pests. It’s really gross to see dead pest but it is part of the control. Got a lot dead! So far we are free. Never ever use poison or chemical. Sometime ago, Sister placed a small box with poison in our garage. The box gone missing and after few days a portion of the house smelled dead mouse. It was an aweful smell and we cannot trace the dead pest. After a year, we had the same situation. It seem the leftover poison was still in the house.

  12. I have lot of cockroaches in my home. I have tried all the ways but they come back after some days. I havent used electronic repellents. Tell me how much effective r they and is their any other way to get rid of them .

  13. I monitored the market and found out that a new pest repeller, Pest Venator was launched. I actually have a rodent infestation at home, so I’d like to give it a try and see how it will cope with the task. Trust me, mice and rats at my house are very difficult to eliminate!

  14. Well, the article also reads that electronic mouse repellent this is available on the market and it’s quite competitive. I don’t know how it will affect your rodents, I prefer good old poisoning.

    1. Yes, an ultrasonic mice repeller works on mice. There is also information that this repeller helps against rodents, such as rats, so you can try it. I have no clue about the effect though as I haven’t tried it out.

  15. I think that Home Sentinel is the best ultrasonic pest repeller. My nana also uses it. It performs well, we like everything about it, and the price is acceptable. Everyone who says that these devices are useless can hush: Ipersonally tried them, everything works quite well!

  16. This electronic mouse repellent is indeed effective, but I wouldn’t say it is excellent as one or two animals still avoid it. Undoubtedly, it has certain protective effect, so it’s kind of stupid of everyone to claim its uselessness.

  17. I don’t like to use an electronic mouse repellent; it’s just so weird for me. I have encountered devices of poor performance so after an incident I promised myself to only use poison or any alternatives to this repellent. Maybe I was out of luck, but the device is surely far from being perfect.

  18. Why you think that set of 4 pcs is the best choice? I take 6x from another brand and this set is good too. Yeah, few of them don’t work but other work good. Maybe i try to make the battle – Pest Venator vs. Fiero Youth, and see what will come of it.

    1. ahahahah. It is so funny to make the battle between them. I think Pest Venator will celebrate victory, cause he inspires more confidence. By the way, if i plug in pest repellers from different brands, they are will be work good or not?

    2. I think it is not bad idea. Maybe they are have different ultrasonic sound, and this is make double effect. So try it, if you want and tell me about the efficiency.

  19. I try to use two of them (from different brands) and it didn’t help. I mean didn’t help to improve effect. They are work, yeah, but have the same effect. This guy who wants to make a battle between repellers is crazy. It’s so interesting how he going to make this and how he will determine which one can really repel rats.

    1. Why i’m crazy? I think it is very interesting. But you are right, i don’t know how to identify, which one works better. Maybe i plug in them in different rooms, or in different places, for example in my house and in the barn. What do you think about it?

  20. After your article, I bought a Pest Venator repeller. It is sold for 4 pieces, and it’s excellent! I put a repeller in each room, and it’s effective! I recommend!

  21. Hello.This article was extremely fascinating, especially because I was looking for thoughts on this topic last Tuesday.

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