Best Rat and Mouse Repellents Review

Many people are afraid of using poisons and don’t want to deal with the traps. Instead, they aim to deal with the problem without shedding any blood or harming the environment. We understand that, as we realize that the main advantage of using repellents is that they are clean, environment-friendly and they don’t leave any dead mice corpses behind. Also, they won’t do any harm to people and pets. What worries everyone is that are they really effective?

How Do Natural Mouse Repellents Work?

Rodents hate certain smells, mice don’t like the smells of fir, cinnamon, and cedar, lemongrass and peppermint oils, and rats can’t stand pepper and peppermint.

However, the scientists warn us of the short term effect they cause: "Rats have an initial aversion to some odors and tastes, but no repellents have been found to solve a rat problem for more than a very short time".

Unfortunately, rats and mice are very clever and tenacious, they breed rapidly, and so it’s no wonder that they become subject to the lab experiments, during which they demonstrate their wit and persistence. These qualities mean the rodents are not easy to repel. They are not cowardly rabbits afraid of human hair and dry blood. The rats, for instance, are difficult to keep captive as they gnaw through centimeter-thick wooden cages within less than an hour. Give them more time, and they will destroy the cement too. The tiniest hole can become a gate for the rates. They can enter your house even through sewage, so you should know everything they are capable of in order to get rid of them successfully.

The scientists claim that poisons remain the most effective way of dealing with mice and rats. Unfortunately, nothing more of use has been invented yet. Read our manual Killing Rats and Mice with Rat Poison and find out how to use poisons properly.

best rodent poisonIf you have nevertheless decided to try using repellents, read below where we’re going to describe the typical ones to you. There are few types of them available: sprays, granules and pouches.

You’ll find out that a natural ready-to-use repellent consists of different ingredients, including pepper, mint, tarragon, various essential oils, castor oil and diatomaceous earth.

Eco Defense Mice Repellent - #1 best selling rat & mouse natural repellent spray

Eco Defense mice & rats repellent

Eco Defense Mice Repellent for ~$19.95 is one of the oil-based repellents. It is made of peppermint oil, cinnamon oil and castor oil. The manufacturer claims that this repellent can be used against all types of rats and mice both indoors and outdoors. In spite of the fact that it allegedly guarantees complete elimination of rodents, we’ve found contradictory feedback on the product. You can read all of it on to figure out whether this mice repellent is suitable for your situation.

Price: ~$19.95 Check the current price

If you want to find out more about getting rid of mice, read our step-by-step manual, where we’ve covered the scientific experience of studying their behavior and devising ways of getting rid of them and compiled all of the treatment approved by the scientists.

Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

fresh cab rodent repellent

This is not a liquid, but a set of all-natural repellent pouches of long-term effect which remind us of herb sachets. A pack for ~$12.75 contains 4 such pouches. The main active ingredient of the repellent is balsam fir oil which is considered to be a botanical pesticide. Among passive ingredients you’ll find corn chips and various essential oils. The manufacturer promises that a single pouch will repel the rodents for 100 days, but in reality it turns out that it only for about one-two month, which is quite alright to our mind.

According to the feedback, these things work well and really repel rats and mice at home and outside. You still do have to be aware of a few tricks. Along with the preventive measures (such as storing the food away, washing the dishes, cleaning the apartment often, repairing any cracks or holes in the walls of your house), using a few tricks when using Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent will be helpful. Here’s what experienced customers advise:

  • Remember that pouches work better in poorly ventilated spaces, therefore it’s more useful to use them during cold winters than in summer when you keep the windows open.
  • Use 2 pouches for a medium-sized room. For a better result the smell in the room has to be intense, so you can put one pouch somewhere along the mice trail, and another one by the food should it be stored in the said room.
  • Don’t put Fresh Cab near radiators and heaters as the smell will be too strong.
  • Mark the expiration date on each pouch so that you don’t forget to replace it in time. After the pouch stops smelling, its contents become a nest for rats to use.
  • Use additional rat traps and other products indoors if there are too many rodents.

This product can also be used in the closets, garage, and other supplementary dens and even inside the car, as it is proven by the users. This can become an irreplaceable element in a complex rodent infestation treatment wherever.

Price: from ~$12.75 Check the current price

Rat repellent pellets

Rodent repellent pellets (granules) are another alternative and non-toxic way to get rid of rats and mice. All such granular products are similar and contain almost the same ingredients: diatomaceous earth granules, impregnated with the mix of essential oils: rosemary, cinnamon, cedar, lemongrass, mint, etc. Some of them are used only to repel mice and rats, while others promise to get rid of other parasites, rodents and other creatures.

rat & mice repellent granules

We introduce two identical repellents by Eco Defense and by Actually, they are alike except for the above mentioned: EcoDefense Mice & Rats Repellent Pellets promises to repel only mice and rats, and granules while Non-Toxic Pest Repellent Pellets by repel not only rodents, but also other pests. The ratings of granules are different on А the rating of EcoDefense pellets is higher.

A single pack of non-toxic pest repellent pellets will let you treat an area of up to 150 sq ft. You may use it both indoors & outdoors. Even though we come across various kinds of feedback, most users observe that these granules helped them get rid of rodents. You have to pour the granules near the mice trails, around the house, near the entrances and holes in the dens and especially near the mice nest in case you know where it is. The granules’ odor is rather strong but it won’t bother you if you use it outdoors. In general, the customers even like the smell of these granules. They also like the fact that they are water resistant and non toxic, so you can use it with kids and pets around.

Price of Eco Defense Mice & Rats Repellent Pellets: ~$29.95 Check the current price

Price of Non-Toxic Pest Repellent Pellets by 1.25 LBS: ~$26.98 Check the current price

Many people are afraid of dealing with poisons or having to figure out traps, and so they try to do with natural and safe mice repelling methods.

However, in case you don’t trust repellents, you’ll have to have lots of patience. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, for example, lists only 3 ways as an answer to the question “How can I prevent or control house mice?”. They are:

  1. Sanitation
  2. Exclusion
  3. Direct control (setting traps or rodenticide baits in multiple locations wherever mice or their signs are observed).

That is why, if you are ready to exterminate mice and have decided to get rid of them with the help of poison baits and traps, read our guides and products reviews: