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How to Get Rid of No-See-Ums. Scientifically Approved Treatment and the Comparative Review of the Best Products
No-see-ums have plenty of names, such as biting midges or biting gnats, sand flies, punkies, pinyon gnats… All of them are called differently not only across the world but even across the U.S.A. These small stingy midges don’t leave anyone alone simply because they can see and sting you painfully and you can’t even smash them because they are so...
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All You Should Know about Sand Flies. The Comparative Review of Eleven Best Products to Protect You From Sand Fly Bites
Don’t you agree that it doesn’t feel very good to go out on a romantic walk and end up getting bitten by sand flies? This species inhabits coastal areas and bites people thus transmitting various diseases. We’ll tell you how to get rid of these annoying insects, what the scientists advise and what to do if you’re relaxing on the beach, or if your...
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How to Get Rid of Midges: TOP-10 Best Repellents and Killers
Midge is an umbrella term for hundreds of insect species. Their distinctive features are that they are small, numerous, annoying and sometimes have a quite painful bite. In this article, we will combine scientific research and experienced exterminators’ proven techniques. Today, we talk about biting and non-biting midges, how to get rid of them...
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How to Get Rid Of Gnats: Best Traps, Sprays and Larvicides
Gnats! Hardly there exist any more annoying insects than them. We are positive that you have immediately thought of a familiar situation of having a terrible irritating swarm of buzzing gnats hovering near your face. However, it turns out that all kinds of insects are called “gnats”. How do you not get confused? Most of the web sites respond to...
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Do Gnats Bite? Everything You Should Know About Gnat Bites
Gnat is a broad term, which is interpreted in different ways. The US scientists consider biting midges, biting midges (a.k.a. no-see-ums, sand flies, pinyon gnats, punkies etc), black flies (buffalo gnats) and fungus gnats to be gnats. Generally, gnats are small annoying flying midges, which get in your face, eyes and mouth, in contrast, for...
The Complete 5-step Guide to Getting Rid of Fungus Gnats
The Complete 5-step Guide to Getting Rid of Fungus Gnats
When you first see tiny black flies near your house plants and small white grains on the ground, you’ll think that it’s a trifle and these bugs will fly for a while and then die. Make no such mistake; in reality things are much worse! Your plants have already been infected by fungus gnats and will soon start to wither. The larvae inside the pot...
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