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Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light Review: Why Do Night Animals Hate It?

In our present review, we are going to tell you how to get rid of wild animals. Read our review if your yard is attacked by such animals as deer, bears, foxes, coyotes and other uninvited guests at night.

Today’s hero is Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light, an electronic repeller powered by solar batteries. Its working principle is simple: it acts by flashing bright lights  on those animals that are willing to infiltrate your garden or yard at night, steal vegetables, ruin vineyards, hen-houses, birds’ nests and so on. The leaders of this hit-parade of night hooligans are sure to be stripped robbers, raccoons, which are quite willing to eat your fruits and trample down your flowers and lawns.

The purpose of this budget unit is to warn the approaching animal of danger, blinding it by a red flash. The manufacturer promises that the signal can be seen at the distance up to 500 yards, – by the way, it can frighten other thieves (belonging to humankind) plotting against your house, as well. More than one user has already told that they can sleep more calmly, knowing of Nite Guard doing its work there. By the reviews of buyers, the life of the device is long, – 3-5 years.

Why can it work only at night? The point here is solar batteries: at the day they accumulate the solar energy, and at night they convert it into constant light flashes which last till the dawn. To be charged, the device must be kept under the sun for about 3 hours a day. Keep in mind that the repeller has no a switch on/off. Put it into a box and take it away, if you need it no more: when the charge run dry, it will not blink.

Nite Guard Solar Predator differs from other repellers which are operated by ordinary changeable batteries. Having once bought it for Check current price, you may forget about additional expenses: solar batteries work on their own and without any time limitations. The main thing here is to change the location of the device from time to time, so animals can’t get used to the certain source of danger.

So, let’s learn how Nite Guard acts on different animals.

Repelling of Raccoons and Skunks

Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light, (Pack of 4)

As it is known, these robbers are fond of fruits, vegetables, and hens. Many users save the lives of their hens, setting up the Nite Guard at the hen-house entry at the distance of about 12 inches above the ground or a little lower (see the instructions) – the same works for the yard. They write: «Raccoons were my problem, they brought to ruin starling-houses and ate all birds food. Now they are absent. Also, I like that blinking lights look like the safety system, it may be useful».

If your wish is not to drive raccoons away, but to get rid of them once and for all, then you may also use live catch traps and other products from our guide «How To Get Rid of Raccoons». The traps of this sort allow you to catch an animal and take it away, anywhere far from the house – into a forest or a park.

Repelling of Bears

Bears are known to love honey, berries, and fruits. If they have ruined bee hives in your garden and yard and destroyed your harvest, this repeller may be the deterrent you’ve been looking for. Simply set the repeller up where it is necessary in the yard so bears can notice it (at the level of bears’ eyes), – some users say that you can keep honey safe this way, but others say the exact opposite. If you are dealing with these annoying pests, creating a boundary and the use of deterrents may be required.

A bonus advice from an experienced user: «Fence the precious honey in – set up an electrical fence!» The advice is valuable: a slight electrical discharge will not kill a big animal, but discourage it from approaching your territory.

Repelling of Deer

Univerayo Solar Powered Animal Repellent Deer Repellent Devices Predator Control Light Coyote Deterrent Repel Skunk Fox Rabbit Raccoon at Night Coyote Repellent for Yard Garden Chicken Coop 4 Pack

How to drive off the horned admirers of vegetables? You should set up several units of Nite Guard Predator, directing them towards the sides where deer usually arrive from. Since deer are taller than small animals, repellers should be set up at the height of about 4 feet.

Users say that Guard acts as long as deer can see its lights. So you have to keep using the repeller (replacing it sometimes, so as to allow deer to see it) until your problem is solved.

Repelling of Cats and Dogs

Nite Guard doesn’t seem to work on domestic animals, as they are not fearful of lights and have adapted to living around humans. Even feral animals although more skittish around people have grown accustomed to our various noises and lights. A lot of reviews give evidence of their not fearing blinking lights. The same is true for stray cats and dogs: looking for food, they care little about any repellers.

Repelling of Coyotes

Univerayo Solar Powered Animal Repellent Deer Repellent Devices Predator Control Light Coyote Deterrent Repel Skunk Fox Rabbit Raccoon at Night Coyote Repellent for Yard Garden Chicken Coop 4 Pack

These wolf-like animals are sure not to make friends with Nite Guard. If great numbers of them attack your property and animals, here’s some advice of an experienced user:

  1. Take an old bucket, some concrete, a wooden stick 2 “х 2” and 4 Night Guard repellers.
  2. Fix repellers to each of 4 stick sides, drive the stick into the bucket, pour the concrete over, and set up this construction where coyotes run to.
  3. That is all. Sometimes you may replace the bucket so as beasts can’t get accustomed. Additionally, you may use Nite Guard Repellent Tape for Check current price.

Repelling of Wild Birds (Hawks, Owls)

There are birds of prey. Users complain of hawks and owls stealing hens, geese, and even cats. To stop these attacks, you need to set up a working Nite Guard not horizontally, but under a small angle towards the air. Keep in mind that, before setting up Nite Guard, it is worth trying certain preventive methods (to enclose birds and not to let pets out at night), i.e, do everything possible to provide the safety of your livestock and pets.

Questions and Answers about Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light

How long will the given device last?

This electronic repeller can work effectively for 3-5 years (judging by customer reviews), as it is weather resistant. The device can be exposed to snow and rain, but as soon as the sensor catches the sunlight, the device gets into work again.

Can blinking lights trouble my neighbors?

Don’t set up Nite Guard Predator opposite the house of your neighbors. It is important to be considerate of others and neighbors close by, especially when using flashing lights. You don’t want to be “that neighbor”.

How may the given repeller be fitted in?

It’s very simple! The top part of the unit has an opening which allows hanging it up (e.g., by means of a metal chain, or zip ties) or nailing it to a wall, a stick or any other surface.

Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light,Single Pack, Black

Will it help against marmots?

It will hardly help. Since the device can work only when it is dark, and marmots are not night animals, you’d better use a live catch trap, such as Havahart 1079 Live Animal Trap.

By the way, in the case of squirrels the device will also be  of no use because they lead a day way of life, as well.

How much solar energy does it require to work effectively?

Several hours of charging on a sunny day (~3 hours) will be quite sufficient for it to work for several days. And you needn’t change a battery.

How can I switch off Nite Guard Predator?

This device has no on/off button. The only way to turn it off is to take it away from yard or garden and store it in any dark place in order to prevent its re-charging. When battery is discharged, it will stop working until it is exposed to sunlight again.

Can the device repel rats and mice?

No, it can’t. Light flashes don’t act on rats or mice outdoors. Instead, you may choose the other repeller Yard Sentinel – Electronic Pest & Animal Repeller or electronic rat traps from our reviews.

Can Nite Guard repel rabbits?

Typically, rabbits are out and foraging during the day, so the answer is no. But if they trouble you at night, then the repeller will be able to help. Consider that for the best effect the device should be placed at the level of the rodent eyes, – in the given case, slightly above the ground, at about 6 inches. Customized like this, it will hardly repel bigger animals. As their eyes level is higher, you will need one or two (depending on the area of your garden) more devices to place them so as to allow animals to notice it.

Help! There are snakes in my yard! Can it help?

We are sorry, but no. The device has not been designed for getting rid of snakes, lizards, and other reptiles. In their case, you may use Ortho 489510 Snake B Gon Repellent Granules for Check current price.

What can I do if my yard is of passage for raccoons, bears, rabbits… – will one repeller be enough for all them?

No, it won’t. Depending on your land plot area, at least 3-4 devices are required to position at different eyes levels for each kind of animals.

Where can I buy Nite Guard for the most advantageous price?

We recommend purchasing the repeller there for Check current price.

Consider the source?

You’ve probably noticed that with such a wide variety or garden/livestock predators, we have recommended multiple installation methods. Mostly to keep it at eye level with your target animal, and to increase the efficacy of the deterrent. So be sure to install Nite Guard at the right height to stop your pests. Good luck out there!

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