Poison Bait for rats and mice “Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx 4 Lb” Review

We have prepared the review of one of the best sellers in the category of rats and mice baits. Is it worth to use “Tomcat All Weather Bait”, how effective does it work, what do customers say about it, the features of product, tips and questions about using— all you need is in our product review.

Specs of product:

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches ; 4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Price: $21.17

Short product description:

  • Tougher than a barnyard cat for controlling rats and mice.
  • Manufactured with human food-grade ingredients and makes a bait so palatable that rats and mice cannot resist.
  • Bait is produced in 4 and 9 pounds.

Active ingredient: Bromadiolone, a second-generation single-dose anticoagulant rodenticide.

  • Bromadiolone is authorized by USDA for use in official establishments operating under the Federal meat, poultry, shell egg grading and egg products inspection program. According to Pesticide Management Education Program of Cornell University, providing Service to New York State for the past 50 Years, mortality occurs within 48 hours.
  • Bromadiolone is not quite as toxic to rodents as brodifacoum, but can result in the same level of control.

Alternative to Tomcat: if the amount (4 pounds) is too much for your needs you can buy another product with the same active ingredient Bromadiolone – 1 pound of Farnam Just One Bite II Bar for $11.70.

Pros of Tomcat All Weather Bait:

  • It works so fast. A lot of consumers say that they began finding dead rats the next day or within the next week or two, it depends on the stage of rodent infestation in house or attic. Also check our article, how to get rid of dead rat smell, if you can not find the corpse of rat and it started to stink.
  • It’s enough to deal with rodent problems for a very long time: “Once the immediate problem is resolved, I’ll just leave the bait blocks in place and check them about once a month. If one is eaten, I’ll replace it at once. No more rats!”.
  • Tomcat bait is easy to use and works against mice, squirrels, voles, raccoons, chipmunks and other rodents that damage your life.
  • “This product is just like the bait professional exterminators use in Protecta bait traps. Costs less than exterminator visit and does the same job!”
  • In many cases, it is even more effective than rat traps because some rats have too big size for traps.

Cons of bait:

Some consumers say that this bait doesn’t work because «apparently there are mice resistant to anti-coagulant based poisons». It can be true in some cases. It might happen also because rats and mice are very canny and if they’ve seen that one died from this bait they can reject eating it. Then you should change the bait and use another active ingredient (Our review of all rodenticides and their ingredients you can read in Best Rat and Mouse Poison Baits 2015).

Features of using product:

  • Always use a bait station if you have pets. Be aware that these bait blocks are attractive to more than just rats – and dogs too. But fortunately, the chemical isn’t very dangerous for dogs in the concentrations in the bait blocks (birds are more susceptible to poisoning, be careful!). The baits have holes to insert the steel rods in a bait station which keeps them away from other animals.
  • Rats can gather up the blocks and take them back to their nest, where they will die. So you might think that the bait doesn’t work because you don’t see the rats’ corpses.
  • These blocks of bait don’t dissolve after just one rain! It’s so important if you use it outdoors!

Advice from customers:

  1. «You need to keep your baits out at all times in case they didn’t ingest enough. I don’t think it’s one bite and they’re dead so be consistent».
  2. One man said he took a plastic shoe box, drill a hole in each end and put the block inside with the lid on. Then put that home-made bait station in the chicken house along the walls where he usually saw the mice running.
  3. «Use the peanut butter and sugar added to the crushed/powdered “Tomcat” bait chunks – and you’ll get rid of rats!».

Questions & Answers about Tomcat All Weather Bait:

How long does the bait last?

So, it depends on rodent population. A bucket lasts most in the summer and fall. In the winter, it can last for all season.

Where should I put it out and how?

You should put it on a floor or a ground, no dishes. Don’t worry about your floor, everything’s gonna be alright, but keep your pets away from these baits areas just in case. There are a lot of areas where a bait can be placed, such as: rooms, attic, corners of the garage, basement and others infected places. You can also put it in a special bait stations if you need.

How long does it take for the rodent to die after eating the bait?

It does seem to take from several hours to several weeks: mice may die even for a day, but the population of rats die more slowly, within a week or two, because they are larger than mice.

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  1. how does this kill the mice? does it dehydrate them?

  2. Hilary, no, rodents poisons don’t dehydrate. Poison baits disrupt the blood’s ability to clot, causing internal bleeding and rodents die from internal hemorrhages. Some of these products are able to affect the nervous system, liver and kidneys’ functions.

  3. I have mice in my ceiling. If i put a trap up there with the mouse die in the walls and start smelling bad

  4. This stuff is crap!
    Your customer service don’t care.
    Told me to call the place I bought it and they will do nothing about it.
    20 bucks in the garbage.
    I am so disappointed in this product. I should have read the reviews before buying.

  5. This stuff is Great my woman friend bought a house with a ton of picker brush surrounding the yard , She dident know it was infested with huge Norway rats. Not knowing she began feeding the birds and soon the rat were under her porch by the dozens. We bought Tomcat and the first day we placed it out it killed 5 rats.. very happy ……..

  6. It works but to many die inside

  7. Ive had it for 3 days. The mice are nowhere to be seen already. I had the bait station but they found the box and had a feast. Starting to smell a stench

  8. The smell of dead mice/rats goes away in about 10 days. I’ve read where there is a paint with ‘smell retardant’ in it. lol I will outlive the smell. But I can’t deal w a perpetual mouse colony. I did find a hole that led inside & crammed it tight with steel wool. I’ve only had 1 or 2 before & easily got rid of them. Now because of the new construction in late fall and a couple of fires in nearby homes, I gotta be really infested because they kept eating the other stuff I had. My last hope.

  9. We had a serious problem of rats. And these are big rats. I got the Tomcat poison started working about 3 days later I the only problem I had one died under the porch besides that it’s very effective and it’s well worth your money

  10. Took a few days to finally see some action..but after that I`m using a block a night. Used about 10 so far. Am I killing that many or is it the same mouse/rat that i`m feeding each night? Initially loaded the bait station with 2 blocks but they`re eating it so fast I am using 1 per night. Just checked it this morning 7/17/18 and its empty. Box reads each block kills 5-6 mice…so I killed 50+ mice with the 10 blocks??

  11. This year January 2019 I bought 4 kg Tomcat blocks, and placed some blocks in my Allotment in the Green house and around it , The rats consumed at least 3 kg within 2 weeks, only just I got some result as some of the Baits still laying around , I quess it takes longer then 2 weeks for the poison to take affect, some blocks were tied up with a zip tie ,but the loose ones were taken away.with a bit of luck I could reduce the rodents. the bottom line is if you wanna get rid of the rats ,patience !

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