What is the Best and Most Effective Wasp (Yellow Jacket) Trap? The Comparison Review of 3 Popular Wasp Traps

Author: Michael Potter Reviewed by Updated: May 25, 2022

The first thing that comes to mind when you face wasps or yellow jackets may not be to make a homemade trap. But trapping yellow jackets and wasps is a highly effective, easy and safe way to deal with these pests. Wet traps (traps that can hold a liquid) can be baited with soft drinks or juices. For example, 50% apple juice in water is quite effective in attracting western yellow jackets and German wasps say entomologists from Washington State University. Traps can be made from a clear, 2-liter soft drink bottle. Optionally, you can add some beer and a few drops of detergent. As a result, the wasps will easily land on the mixture, but won’t be able to take off from there. A bait trap can also be made by suspending fish or liver on a string just over a bucket of water with detergent added.

But if you don’t want to waste time and deal with a sticky mess – just buy ready-to-use traps. A $4 trap will not eat away at your budget.

3 Best Wasp Traps. How To Catch and Kill Yellow Jackets

Rescue TSW-BB6 Visilure TrapStik for Wasps

This is a nicely-designed trap. It is a bright vertical stick which looks like a sky lantern or a garden lamp. It can actually even be used as a decoration of your residence. But what is more important is that the TSW-BB6 is a great success with the customers.

This is quite understandable, as the stick is aimed to eliminate the wasps without any pesticides or sharp smells which would ruin your time in the yard. TSW-BB6 TrapStick is able to trap not only the workers, but also the queens from spring to late autumn. It’s important that it traps wasps even when it’s hot, when the glue on other traps could dry off. Such a device works in a very simple manner a neon green trap is shaped like an insect nest. Attracted by the bright color and expecting to get home, the insects fly in and find an adhesive band inside and consequently, a slow death. The best place to put this trap is on a wall or an outer ledge of the house.

It’s essential that this product is made in the USA and has been tested by multiple customers before you. It is effective for catching paper wasps, carpenter bees and mud daubers (mud wasps).

I’ve just bought it and hung it under the porch. Within a couple of hours there were 9 wasps inside the trap. This result isn’t fantastic, of course, but it’s fine. The only downside is that you have to buy another sticky base inside the trap.  All in all this is a good product. It doesn’t smell, but it works well. We strongly recommend you decide for yourself whether this trap will solve your wasp trouble.

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New version of RESCUE! Trap, reusable for:

Aspectek Wasp Trap – Traps Wasps

This is another popular wasp trap. It is a bright yellow plastic trap which looks like a children’s pacifier, but this trap knows how to get rid of wasps. The user is supposed to fill this trap with a fly trap liquid mixture of sugar and water, the recipe of which is supplied with the product. From there on, everything is pretty straightforward. The wasps fly into one of many entrances and can’t get out.

It’s better to hang Aspectek Wasp Trap on a long thread somewhere in the garden. The consumers recommend placing the device away from the house; otherwise, you might be stung.

The advantage of this product is that it’s reusable, and that you’ll always have the recipe of the sweet mixture at your hand. Cleaning out this trap from the poor insects isn’t pleasant work to do, though. It’s neck is way too tight, so it’s actually easier to throw it out, instead.

Aspectek Wasp Traps work fantastically well for me. In the first two days we found about 100 dead wasps and flies. Now the colony of the insects has been substantially reduced, and our dear hummingbirds don’t fly in there by accident: the holes are too narrow for them. The manufacturers of other traps could take note of that.

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Rescue YJTD-DB12-W Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap

This is a good option for picnicking outside. With the help of this trap, you won’t be able to trap a whole colony, but you certainly will be able to get rid of the wasp which follow you when you’re outside barbecuing.

Rescue Yellow Jacket Trap is the only trap on your list that is supplied with a lure a soluble aroma mixture. You only have to add some water or apple juice to it and hang it away from where you’ve settled. The Yellow Jackets will fly into the layered plastic bag with a weird neck and won’t be able to get out. All you’ll have to do is seal the bag and throw it away in the nearest trash. This is perfect for those who are disgusted by the idea of cleaning out reusable traps. Not all the users enjoy dealing with a soluble lure; that’s why this product is not as popular is its analogs.

RESCUE! Disposable Yellowjacket Trap - West of The Rockies

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Wasp Traps Comparison Chart

Product Brief Description
Rescue TSW-BB6
It traps wasps even when it’s hot, when the glue on other traps could dry off.
It’s reusable – you’ll always have the recipe of the sweet mixture at your hand.
Rescue YJTD-DB12-W
This is a good option for picnicking outside.

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  • I bought the Rescue Trapstik with the sticky on the outside. The nest is inside the eve of the house, where I cannot see it from the outside or the attic. The Trapstik caught 14 wasps in 24 hours and is continuing to work. At least now I can approach the holes where the wasps access their nest, and I will seal the holes better than I currently have. Now the remaining wasps are looking for new entrances to find the nest.
    FYI... I put the Trapstik on the end of a ten foot wood pole and leaned it up near the opening they are using to get into the eve. When I wave it around, some attack it and get stuck. I was only able to do this after catching ten of them by hanging it.

  • And Sub-Zero wins! To fight with wasp I need non-allergic ways. The best I found - Bee and Wasp Spray: Professional Freeze. I just spray it on their vespiary, they froze and I killed them - that's easy and safe. Just be careful and spray all.

  • After I was bitten by wasp on my birthday and my lip was like a watermelon, we always take Rescue YJTD-DB12-W Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap on picnic. We make barbecue, drink beer, and we don't afraid about yellow jackets. After party we fire the trap with all "prisoners".

  • I repaired roof with my friend. We were not very carefully, and we didn't saw vespiary. It was to big mistake. Harry had about 30 bites and he went to the hospital on the ambulance with allergic shock. So, the war was declared. I put on tight closes and sprayed all vespiary with Black Flag Wasp and Hornet Aerosol Spray. After a few day I repeat this procedure and only then destroy all of them. Now I hadn't any problems with yellow jackets.

Author: Michael Potter Reviewed by Updated: May 25, 2022
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