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How to Get Rid of Mice in Basement – 4 Effective Methods?

For many of us with families and pets it is difficult to get rid of mice in basement settings. Regardless of how the basement is used, mice seem to find their way down there and get busy setting up house. Because options are needed to get rid of mice in your basement, we’ll go over the 4 most effective ways to do just that.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Basement Settings

There are four general ways to get rid of mice in basement locations. Those include:

  1. Mechanical Traps can work well, but spring traps and electronic traps work by physically killing mice that come into contact with the traps.
  2. Toxins also work well, but you may have to deal with the smell. Dry baits and toxins are another option, but they can be dangerous to pets and children
  3. Live Traps work as well as mechanical traps, but require a time investment. Live traps allow you to catch mice and release them outdoors. These work well, but there is no guarantee that the mice you release will not return.
  4. A Predator is a good option but not always for everyone. Cats are an example of a household pet that is also a predator. They can be effective against mice, but they can also cause damage to the area.

Each of the ways to get mice out of basement nest sights has some sort of problem attached to it. Toxins, for example, are not specific and they can harm smaller children and pets. Mechanical traps require that you invest in setting the trap and checking it daily, then discarding the carcasses. Live traps are popular, but like mechanical traps, you have to invest the time to set, trap, and release, and then reset the trap again. Cats are good at catching mice, but they can be destructive while catching mice and some people have pet allergies.

The Problem With Mice In Basement Settings

A mice infestation can be a very long-term problem. If you have noticed that seasonally mice infestations get worse, then you begin to understand the almost endless cycle of getting rid of mice in basement locations. In fact, it can be a real nightmare to get rid of mice throughout your entire house.

One of the most overlooked options of getting rid of mice is prevention. By preventing mice from getting into your home or basement you are resolving the issues of having to kill or remove them later.

The preventative process may involve any of the four methods listed above such as traps. It can also involve securing your home so that mice do not have an easy way into the building.

Mice are foragers, and they have to weigh the risk of getting caught to their need for food, water, or shelter. At the risk of getting caught, which means death, mice will avoid food sources unless they are desperate.

  1. Make Getting To the House Difficult – One way to prevent mice infestations is to make sure that any mouse that approaches your house, must cross over an open space. If they can get to your house by staying undercover, then they avoid predation. Mice are nocturnal, and their natural predators are owls, coyotes, cats, and other predators.
  2. Seal Up Entryways – Mice only need a small space to gain access to the wall space. Sometimes we accidently provide that space for them. Spend some time and examine the outside of your home. Look for places where pipes enter the wall, cracks along the foundation, broken vent covers along the eaves, and space under doors where a mouse could squeeze its way into your home.
  3. Remove the Temptation – Mice need food, water, and shelter – even inside your home. To get rid of mice in basement settings, make sure that getting food and water is difficult.

Is there one specific way to get rid of mice in basement locations? No. In fact, many people must use a variety of tools or options to kill off mice populations.

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