Many people search for an electronic mosquito repeller for indoors or outdoors and hope to find something that works effectively and can be a useful device for many years. But don't waste your time! Ultrasonic mosquito repellers DON'T WORK and don't help you get rid of mosquitoes.

And don't believe the manufacturers who offer to purchase a “universal-super-product-against-mice-rats-mosquitoes-bees-cockroaches-scorpions, etc.» – there is no such a product in nature! It is true that certain products are capable to eliminate successfully certain kinds of pests, but they can’t eliminate all pests at once, include mosquiotes.

What can I use to get rid of mosquitoes?

At first, study “How to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes in Your House and Yard: 7 Tried and True Ways, Proven by the Scientists” to find out how to stop mosquitoes from breeding. And choose one of the 7 methods which will surely help you get rid of mosquitoes.

Mosquito traps Propane mosquito traps have been saving many people from mosquito infestation for many years. Though these units are rather expensive and require to renew expendable materials, their effectiveness has been evidenced by customers long ago. One of them has calculated that his Mosquito Magnet propane trap could once catch about 21 thousand mosquitoes for 24 hours only. Can you imagine such amount? Read more about mosquito traps in our Product Review "The best mosquito traps".

Mosquito foggers Mosquito foggers are divided into electrical mosquito foggers and propane mosquito foggers. As we are very curious, we can’t simply pass by these useful devices for yard: read our "The best mosquito foggers review", where we have tried to answer all possible questions concerning mosquito foggers and find exactly those foggers which will work out every dollar spent.