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TOP-16 Best Mosquito Killers For Your Yard & Landscape | Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

What is the best mosquito killer? Different situations require different solutions. There are powerful larvicides that kill mosquito larvae in the standing water, potent insecticides, natural mosquito control products, electric indoor and outdoor traps. Read our comprehensive guide based on recent scientific studies and find the solution that is right for you.

1. Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits
An effective larvicide based on eco-friendly bacteria — Bti. Kills insects before they mature and cuts the mosquito population within a week. This is a must for a successful mosquito control program.

Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits min: photo
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2. Bayer Suspend Sc Insecticide
The strongest insecticide concentrate that makes up to 64 gallons of ready-to-use solutions. Based on Deltamethrin, it provides long residue. Recommended by pest control professionals.

Bayer Suspend Sc Insecticide min: photo

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3. EcoGuard Plus
This 100% natural insecticide is based on the blend of essential oils: cedarwood and geraniol. An eco-friendly solution that covers 1.5 acres and lasts for a month.

EcoGuard Plus, 8 oz min: photo
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4. Black Flag 190095 Propane Insect Fogger
Powered by propane, the device transforms insecticide into tiny particles and sprays the mist into the air. Kills mosquitoes on contact and provides a six-hour repelling effect. Use it before outdoor events.

Black Flag 190095 Propane Insect Fogger: photo

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5. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer
This chemical-free trap uses UV light to attract insects and kills them with the electrified grid. Waterproof and rust-resistant. Equipped with a bright 40-Watt bulb, it covers 1 acre.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer min: photo
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6. Blue Rhino SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Eliminator
The most powerful trap that attracts mosquitoes by emitting CO2. It produces more carbon dioxide than most competing models. It operates on propane and has a cordless design.

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7. Katchy Indoor Insect Trap
The best option for indoor protection. This bug catcher comes with a threefold approach to attract those annoying indoor flying insects onto re-fillable sticky glue boards.

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8. Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech, 1 Acre Pack
This mosquito killer is placed on the perimeter of your property. Add water to the tubes and hang them on the trees around the house. The coverage area is 1 acre.

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Types of Mosquito Killers

There is a variety of options on the market, some of which are meant for outdoor use while others are safe for applying in the house.

Outdoor Mosquito Killer

Outdoor mosquito killers are the most common type and that makes sense because to rid your house of mosquitoes, you should start with their breeding sites outside it. With this in mind, the first thing you should do is to put larvicides in standing water in your yard. These are granules containing bacteria that prevent the larvae from developing.

Outdoor traps attracting bloodsuckers using carbon dioxide, heat, water, and the UV light will help you cut mosquito populations without the use of chemicals. If you are going hiking, camping or hunting, you will need an electric trap providing a smaller coverage. Fogging is a good way to create a mosquito-free space but it works only for a short time. This approach is particularly helpful for those who are going to host a party in the yard.
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Indoor Mosquito Zappers

The most recommended option for indoor use is bug zappers. These are electric devices that lure insects with the help of ultraviolet light and instantly kill them by electric shock. Some products allow for adding chemical attractants, but such options are not recommended for installing indoors. An electric swatter equipped with an electric grid is a great choice for killing flying insects in the house.

TOP-16 Best Mosquito Killers

Below, you will find a review of the 16 best mosquito killers. These are larvicides killing mosquitoes before they mature, liquid insecticides — both chemical and natural ones — and mosquito traps. The latter ones draw insects using ultraviolet light, CO2 or water and then kill them by electricity or through dehydration.

1. Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits | Best for Prevention

Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits: photo

This 30-ounce container contains granules coated in Bacillus thuringiensis serotype israelensis (Bti), which is bacteria used to control insects at the larval stage. These bacteria produce toxins, which, once ingested, destroy the insect’s gut. This causes paralysis and death of the larva or pupa. You will need to sprinkle these granules over the surface of the water at a ratio of one tablespoon per 75 sq ft. Choose water features and containers with standing water as it is where mosquitoes breed.

When is it effective? Actually, larvicides are a must for a successful mosquito control program. Since it is easier to kill these insects en masse at the larval stage, you should treat standing water with this solution as soon as the mosquito season starts. Experts from the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources claim that applying larvicides in combination with other preventive measures prevents mosquito infestations in most cases. The insects will be killed within a day after ingesting the toxin.

Why is this product the best? Bti larvicides are also available in the form of liquids and powders, however, granules are considered to be the most convenient and safest option. It works fast, significantly reducing the mosquito population within less than a week. The product does not cause damage to the environment and is safe for humans, pets, bees, and birds.
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2. Black Flag 190095 Propane Insect Fogger | Best Fogger for Mosquito Control

Black Flag 190095 Propane Insect Fogger: photo

Fogging may turn out to be more expensive than other approaches because it requires special equipment. Despite this, it is still highly popular among homeowners and there are reasons for that. The device is powered by propane and does not require cords or batteries. It transforms the insecticide into microscopic particles and sprays the fog into the air. The insecticidal particles fall on plants and other exposed surfaces in the yard, killing mosquitoes on contact.

When is it effective? The effect will last for up to six hours, so use it immediately before outdoor events to protect yourself and your guests from mosquito bites. However, the best time for fogging is at dusk. At this time of day, they are most active and flying around searching for food, becoming a perfect target for fogging.

Why is this product the best? It is made by a trusted brand, Black Flag. Foggers like this are used by professionals and are efficient in killing mosquitoes. The trick is that the Burgess produces tiny particles 7 times finer than mist. With this device, you can use 40 ounces of insecticide at a time and treat up to 5,000 square feet in about ten minutes.
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3. Black Flag Flying Insect Killer | Best Fogging Insecticide

Black Flag Flying Insect Killer: photo

This Permethrin-based insecticide is an excellent choice for fogging. Why? Entomologists from Iowa State University note that this ingredient has low toxicity, which makes it a more suitable option for treating lawns and gardens. The other ingredient is Piperonyl butoxide, an organic compound that works by enhancing pesticide potency.

When is it effective? The Black Flag insecticide kills mosquitoes on contact and repels them for about six hours after application. That said, it is safe for people and pets. Just wait five minutes until the fog disperses. Use it to treat large areas because one bottle will be sufficient to cover half an acre of land.

Why is this product the best? This insecticide can be used with most foggers from well-known brands — Burgess, Cutter, Black Flag, Repel. The product will save your time as it comes as a ready-to-use fogging insecticide, meaning you will not need to dilute it in water.
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4. Blue Rhino SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Eliminator | The Most Powerful Trap

Blue Rhino SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Eliminator: photo

If you are looking for a higher-capacity trap, try this powerful device that operates on propane. Once it is turned on, electronic ignition sparks the tank filled with propane. The fuel is transformed into carbon dioxide, the gas that attracts bloodsuckers as it resembles human breath. The insect is then sucked by a powerful vacuum inside the machine and captured with sticky traps. And this is where the poor guy finds its final resting place.

When is it effective? Use it to cover large areas as the trap protects up to one acre from mosquitoes. While the unit does not kill larvae, it efficiently eliminates flying pests. But make sure that you install it away from where people gather as it will draw insects. Turn it on when the temperature reaches 50°F or two days before an outdoor event.

Why is this product the best? It is significantly more expensive than other popular traps on the market, but it is really worth it. This mosquito-killing machine is nothing short of a beast. It produces at least 25% more carbon dioxide than other models in the same sort of price bracket. Also, the unit is cordless, meaning it can be easily moved around your yard. The manufacturer recommends moving the trap from one pace to another every several days to find the most effective location.

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5. Bayer Suspend Sc Insecticide | Best Professional Insecticide

Bayer Suspend Sc Insecticide min: photo

This one-pound pint contains a concentrate of strong insecticide. Mix it with water to make up to 64 gallons of ready-to-use solutions. The active ingredient in this product is Deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that is safe to humans but is highly toxic to insects and fish. Once digested, the insecticide kills the insect on contact, by damaging their nervous system.

When is it effective? You can use it both as a mosquito killer and as a repellent. For example, one of the most widespread uses of this ingredient is mosquito net treatment. Deltamethrin lasts long and provides an effective solution. Scientists from Duke Global Health Institute stress that bed nets treated with insecticides such as Deltamethrin are an important form of mosquito-caused disease prevention.

Why is this product the best? This is a professional-grade insecticide, which works great both at low and high concentrations, providing a knockdown effect with long residue. It targets over 50 pests including mosquitoes and can be safely used indoors, including food preparation areas. The insecticide is effective even when applied to porous surfaces.
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6. Spartan Mosquito Eradicator, 4 Tubes | Best Whole-Yard Solution

Spartan Mosquito Eradicator, 4 Tubes: photo

One pack includes four tubes containing sucrose (88.34%), yeast (0.18%), and sodium chloride (11.48%). To make it work, you will need to fill each tube with water. The yeast and sucrose produce CO2, which attracts mosquitoes as it associated with human and animal breathing. Since standing water is their breeding ground, it will serve as a powerful attractant as well. Once in the container, the insect will drink the water mixed with salt and die in a while.

When is it effective? The manufacturer recommends installing the Spartan at the beginning of the mosquito season to obtain better results. It is a perfect choice for those who cannot or do not want to use chemicals in the yard. Keep in mind that proper placement is crucial for the product to be effective. The best locations include shady areas, such as under the trees and in dense vegetation. Hang the tubes on the trees, about 180 feet of each other.

Why is this product the best? This is the most environmentally-friendly and safest solution as it includes only natural ingredients. Unlike typical mosquito traps using propane or electricity, this mosquito killer does not require a power source. When compared to plant-based sprays, the Spartan has the advantage of being a longer-term solution as each tube will last for about 90 days. On top of that, the product covers up to one acre, which makes it the best whole-yard solution.
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7. EcoGuard Plus, 8 oz, All-Natural Mosquito Control | Best Natural Insecticide

EcoGuard Plus, 8 oz: photo

If you are an opponent of chemical insecticides, try this product. The EcoGuard Plus includes the blend of oils of cedarwood and geraniol. The insecticide kills insects on contact and also acts as a potent repellent. It affects insects in two different ways: paralyzing them or blocking their respiratory systems.

When is it effective? Make the first application in the spring and then reapply it 10 days later. Since this solution is environmentally-friendly, you can safely spray it on plants, shrubs, flower beds, ornamentals and create a barrier around your house. Generously apply the insecticide to the plant’s leaves, focusing on their undersides.

Why is this product the best? The EcoGuard Plus includes only natural and biodegradable ingredients. While being natural and safe, they are potent enough to kill mosquitoes on contact. The insecticide covers 1.5 acres and, unlike many other plant-based sprays that have a short-term effect, it lasts for up to a month.
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8. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer | The Best UV-Light Outdoor Trap

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer: photo

The Flowtron BK-40D is an eco-friendly trap that uses ultraviolet light to attract insects and kills them with the electrified grid. You can add the EPA-registered Octenol attractant that mimics human breath, drawing mosquitoes directly into the grid. With a waterproof and rust-resistant design, the unit is meant exclusively for outdoor use.

When is it effective? This device works great against flying insects and should be used during hours of darkness. Since it does not kill mosquitoes at larval stages, the solution is recommended for low to moderate infestations. In the case of a heavy infestation, use it as a supplementary measure.

Why is this product the best? This is a very powerful trap that boasts a one-acre killing radius. Equipped with a super bright 40-Watt bulb, it effectively attracts flying insects. The unit does not require maintenance and is easy to use. In terms of convenience, the only downside to this product is that it needs to be plugged in. On top of that, this lantern has a stylish design and will be a great decoration for your yard or porch.
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Flowtron: Check the current price

9. Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate | Best Mosquito Spray

Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate: photo

This product contains 32 ounces of insecticide and comes with a hose-end sprayer for easy application. The active ingredient is Lambda-Cyhalothrin, an organic compound used as a pesticide. This chemical disrupts the nervous system of mosquitoes so that the insect eventually dies. Lambda-Cyhalothrin works upon contact, meaning an insect does not necessarily need to eat the chemical, touching it will be enough for the insect to be poisoned.

When is it effective? Use the product to spray large areas, including ornamentals. In the summer, treat your backyard with it to kill and repel mosquitoes. Once applied, the insecticide will last for 3 months, or that is to say, all summer. For this reason, the best time to spray it is the beginning of the season.

Why is this product the best? This ready-to-use spray is portable, convenient, and can be safely applied to the garden plants. It covers an area of up to 5,000 sq. ft. and controls a broad range of lawn pests.
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Cutter: Check the current price

10. Katchy| Best Indoor Mosquito Killer

The unit works by attracting insects by UV light and then sucking them with a fan into itself and onto re-fillable sticky glue boards to trap the mess inside. It is used to protect both small rooms and larger indoor spaces. It produces neither fumes nor smell.

When is it effective? The trap is designed exclusively for indoor use and is not weather-resistant. That said, indoor spaces are exactly where this bug catcher is the most effective. Why? The thing is that in a confined space, insects are easier to attract, especially when there are no other sources of light.

Why is this product the best? This model is for trapping, not zapping and is a family safe insect trap for your home. It may be the best solution for keeping your home mosquito-free.  The unit emits light, which is scientifically proven to be attractive to mosquitoes. Besides, it is a chemical-free and eco-friendly solution to a mosquito problem.

Katchy: Check the current price

11. Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide | Best Methoprene Mosquito Killer

Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide: photo

Methoprene-based products are another effective type of larvicides. This chemical is an insect growth regulator that acts as an essential hormone in insects. Methoprene prevents larvae from developing as well as inhibits egg-laying and molting. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, this insect growth regulator is known to be effective against those pests that have become resistant to other commonly used pesticides.

When is it effective? You can apply it to prevent mosquito infestation or when you already have a swarm of mosquitoes on your property. Apply the granules to mosquito breeding sites, such as pools, marshes, meadows, and drainage areas.

Why is this product the best? It covers a large area — more than 5,000 sq ft or 20,000 gallons of water. Once applied, this larvicide provides 30-day protection against mosquitoes. The product comes in easy-to-apply granules and is a safer formulation choice than liquids and powders. It is cost-efficient as one bottle contains 2.7 pounds of the solution.
{code 1333}

Altosid Pro-G: Check the current price

12. FOBELISK Electric Bug Zapper | Best Electric Mosquito Swatter

FOBELISK Electric Bug Zapper: photo

Your fight against mosquitoes has never been so fun! Once you see a mosquito, swing the swatter towards it and the insect will be killed with the electric shock produced by the built-in grid. Charged to a voltage of up to 1500V, the unit is activated by pressing the button. The swatter is over 18 inches in length and has a wide zapping area. With a weight of just 5.4 ounces, it is easy to hold and operate. The device is cordless and comes with AA batteries.

When is it effective? In my view, electric mosquito swatters are a breakthrough in pest control. The most significant downside of other types of bug zappers is their relatively passive action. They may lure an insect or may not. It eventually depends on whether the insect has other attractants nearby. Mosquito swatters eliminate this shortcoming as you do not have to wait until the insect takes a decision. You just swat the bloodsucker, while the electric grid will instantly kill it. You can safely use electric swatter both indoors and outdoors, but not when it is raining as the device is not waterproof. It is a great choice for outdoor activities and a backyard party.

Why is this product the best? This is the most effective electric swatter on the market. Unlike other models, which have three layers, this model comes only with one layer and easily kills insects in one swat. The downside is that its one-layer design makes this bug racket less safe, therefore, make sure you keep it out of children’s reach.
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FOBELISK: Check the current price

13. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer | Best For Lawns & Landscapes

Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer: photo

Based on Gamma-Cyhalothrin (0.08%), the insecticide is pretty potent and kills more than 200 pest species, including mosquitoes. Gamma-cyhalothrin is the most active in the pyrethroid family and lasts long, providing consistent repellent effect. The product comes with a sprayer that attaches directly to a hose.

When is it effective? You can safely apply the insecticide to lawns, flowers, and vegetables. It does not stain, so you can treat your house with it as well. However, make sure that your pets do not enter the treated area until it is dry.

Why is this product the best? One 32-oz concentrate covers about 5,100 sq ft and works perfectly on mosquitoes. While being effective, it is incredibly cheap and you can buy the product just for $6 at a discount.
{code 1335}

Spectracide: Check the current price

14. DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1050) | Best for Small Areas

DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT1050): photo

This is a compact electric trap measuring only 13 inches in length. The UV light and CO2 emitted by the device attract flying insects while the fan captures them noiselessly. The unit needs to be plugged into a power outlet and comes with a chain for easy hanging. Its robust water-resistant construction, as well as decorative design, make the trap the perfect choice for the backyard.

When is it effective? Choose this option for a small-size property or if you are afraid that a more powerful trap may draw more insects in your backyard from the neighborhood. Also, this product is ideal for camping when you need to kill only those mosquitoes that are flying around your tents.

Why is this product the best? Although this trap is smaller in size and covers a smaller area in comparison with the Flowtron, it is still powerful enough due to its super bright bulbs.
{code 1336}

DynaTrap: Check the current price

15. Eco Defense Mosquito Spray for Yard and Perimeter | Best for Creating Barrier

Eco Defense Mosquito Spray for Yard and Perimeter: photo

Not only does it comes as a ready-to-use insecticide, but it is also equipped with a sprayer. All you need to do is attach a hose and spray around your yard, creating an effective mosquito barrier and killing the insects on contact. Based on the extracts of essential oils — cedar and peppermint oils — this product is safe for humans and pets.

When is it effective? This is a good choice for low-to-moderate infestations and as a preventive measure. Since the insecticide is plant-based, you can treat the whole yard with it without worrying about possible damage to your plants. Normally, one application is sufficient but you can re-apply it, just to be sure.

Why is this product the best? While being an eco-friendly product, it is quite potent and protects areas up to 5,000 sq. ft. Besides, it is a good investment as for $20, you get an effective 100% natural insecticide.
{code 1337}

Eco Defense: Check the current price

16. BioLogic Steinernema Feltiae (Sf) Nematodes | Best Biological Mosquito Control

BioLogic Steinernema Feltiae (Sf) Nematodes: photo

Nematodes are tiny swarms that are widely used in pest control. They do the job by entering the mosquito through its openings, penetrating into the body and releasing toxic bacteria. As a rule, the host dies within 3 days. To apply the parasites, mix then with water and pour the mixture in a sprayer.

When is it effective? These beneficial insects can adapt to nearly any environment and can thrive both in soils and water — be it fresh or marine — and survive in cold and hot climates. Nevertheless, as Edward Platzer from the University of California points out, nematodes are less effective against mosquitoes at a temperature lower than 69°F. Also, studies have shown that almost half of nematodes infect mosquitoes in freshwaters, whereas higher salt concentrations inhibit infection.

Why is this product the best? This is the safest and most natural way to get rid of mosquito larvae. These nematodes target more than 200 pest species and are sufficient to treat about 4,000 sq. ft. One pack contains 100 million parasites and ice to ensure the high quality of the product.
{code 1338}

BioLogic: Check the current price

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