the best seller Burgess 1443 propane fogger

Mosquito foggers are units that sprinkle insecticides into the air, thus killing and repelling mosquitoes and other biting insects such as biting flies, no-see-ums, and others.

During sprinkling, heat fog is being formed. The fog is able to penetrate into the depth of grass, trees and bushes protecting your backyard. Let’s regard the device in greater detail.

The types of mosquito foggers: How does it work?

The devices are either manual or stationary:

  • manual. These are “heat foggers” (from $60) operated by propane or electricity. They have the same principle of action as stationary ones but to create tiny sprinkling drops they use the heat produced as the result of propane chemical reaction or heating effect of electric current. It is recommended to wait for the heat fogger to become warm before using and empty the container with a fogging product after using.
  • stationary. These are “cold foggers” (from $199) operated by electricity. Grid feeding allows to start powerful though small ventilators which separate a fluid chemical into tiny particles and spray it in the form of fog.

What is more convenient? It is you who will decide. 

The best fogging products

Sometimes propane mosquito foggers are thought to sprinkle propane but that is an incorrect assumption. They are only propane powered units such as propane mosquito traps. For the fogger to work, a special chemical is needed. Routinely, pyrethrin or its derivatives are used. One of the popular remedies in the opinion of customers is “Black flag 190255 Fogging Insecticide". Judging by the reviews, it can’t help everyone, but those having been helped by this chemical tell that Black Flag can eliminate mosquitoes for some hours to up to 3 days. In our opinion, the result is not bad. To be able to conclude about the insecticide, read other customer reviews on

After spraying chemical liquid it is not recommended to go outside for 30 min, and this is especially true for children and animals. When spraying the fogger, you must wear a protective mask.

Also, you may try and use natural repellents, such as Mosquito Barrier 2001 Liquid Spray. This liquid contains only natural ingredients and it is safer than chemicals. It costs $18.70.

By the way, users recommend spraying fogging liquid in late evening or early morning, the windless weather being better for the fog not to be drawn away.

Mosquito foggers and allergic people

Overdosing on pyrethrine is very dangerous. People with respiratory system diseases, e.g.  allergies or asthma, should keep themselves away from the usage of the given devices with chemicals.

Since natural ingredients also may cause allergies, be careful using natural spray foggers.

What possibilities do allergic people have, then?

  1. Using a chemical insecticide, entrust the territory treatment to someone else. Don’t go outdoors for at least 30 min. after spraying.   
  2. Using a natural mosquito fogging product, you may treat the territory on your own if you wear a reliable protective mask.

Where can I apply a mosquito fogger?

Not everywhere. The place depends on whether you use natural fluid or a pyrethrin product.

Pyrethrin products:

YES: Any open area, such as lawns, gardens, grass-plots, summer-houses, patios, playing courts (in the absence of children), swimming-pools. The garage may also be treated provided its area is large enough.

NO: Houses or any place where people live or work – only outdoor use. Be careful when using around ponds, rivers, and lakes and in outdoor places where there are people or animals.

Organic solutions:

YES: Everywhere outdoors.

Cons of all mosquito foggers:

- These units can kill beneficial insects which you don’t want to harm;
- Unfortunately, defected units may be explosive so you must be certain that everything is all right with your unit before you start it.


Now that you know how foggers work, we’ll tell you about the best 3 manual foggers and will cover separately a stationary cold fogger. We have studied the market of all products of this category on, dismissed poor products and left only those that have high customer rating because of their efficiency. Today, there are mosquito foggers available from $60 in our review, let's begin!

Burgess 1443 40-Ounce Outdoor Propane Insect Fogger

Burgess Insect FoggerThis propane powered mosquito fogger is preferred by many American families because of its price (~$59) and reliability. It is #1 Best Seller in Pest Control Foggers on  Having studied it, we faced the undisputable comments, like this: “my Burgess costs less than many others but has come to the help for 30 years already”. We can only wonder and envy the ability of the unit and happiness of its owner:)

By the way, Burgess Fogger can manage mosquitoes even in marshy and damp regions with malicious and fat mosquitoes. One customer estimated the unit as rather profitable from the point of “fuel” economy: using Black Flag, he spends only 4-5 oz for 1 acre. But you'd better know that for the fogger's effective work it is necessary to have a tank filled with 50% (tank is 40 oz). It’s not very convenient to maintain such a volume permanently. You also need to care and clean your fogger thoroughly and in time.

Many customers promptly share their experience of fogger using and give helpful tips. For example, you needn’t worry if the tiniest drops of the product have fallen onto trees and bushes. The experience has shown that all these green plants can’t be damaged (but, of course, don’t spray on your vegetables and fruits purposely).

The most important advice from customers to bear in mind when using the unit is as follows: «You must wear a protective covering, rubber gloves, and protective glasses. You must remember that you are dealing with dangerous chemicals and be certain that there are no persons and home animals in the area being treated». More helpful tips you'll find on

Price: ~$59 Check the current price

Bonide 420 Fog-Rx Propane Insect Fogger

Bonide 420 Propane Mosquito Fogger

While studying products, we have known that effective foggers are not very numerous. Foggers that are all time-tested units, which have been competing with each other for many years. One of such foggers is Bonide Fox-Rx Fogger.

The fogger is referred as an effective product against both mosquitoes and midges. In our top, a record mosquito-free time comprises not less than 4 days as estimated by the reviews. But some families are not satisfied with the construction reliability because it may become a flame thrower: the fogging fluid can ignite and shoot out several feet flame. If you have chosen Bonide Fogger, follow the measures of caution and make yourself safe – take away dry branches and all inflammable objects.

Price: ~$52.99 Check the current price

Burgess 960 40 oz. Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger

Burgess 960 Outdoor Electric Insect FoggerThe exterior of this mosquito fogger by Burgess for ~$96.68 resembles its best selling predecessor. But this is only an illusion. In this case we’ve got an electric fogger, rather than a propane manual one. Such fogger will be suitable if you don’t want to bother handling the propane and you feel it’s easier to set an extension cord outdoors.

Just like all other mosquito foggers of our review this one is useful for getting rid of mosquitoes and other biting insects only outside, as toxic steam vapors when it is in operation! The manufacturer recommends buying a compatible for use with this fogger insecticide, Black Flag 190255 Fogging Insecticide for ~$14.93, which we’ve mentioned above as one of the best ones.

How long does the effect from a single use of Burgess Outdoor Electric Fogger last? According to the customer feedback, it lasts for 3-5 hours and longer, that’s why it’s sensible to use the device before an outdoor party or a barbecue get-together with the neighbors. In general, most of the customers are satisfied with this unit and rate it at 4 stars out of 5. There are certain drawbacks, though. Some users complain that the fogger practically doesn’t affect the mosquito population. We don’t know if they’ve tried using other liquid substances for spraying. Also, with time certain users have encountered problems with the fogger’s thermostat and with finding a spare one to replace it. It is though possible to find it.

Many homeowners note that the fogger is rather whimsy to use, but it seems to be worth the trouble. They give quite a few operation tips.

  1. When you’re about to finish treating your place, you can turn it off as the hot fogger will keep on working for about 5 more minutes without being plugged in. This is especially convenient for farther spots where the extension cord doesn’t reach.
  2. To improve the fogger’s operation, keep the chemical substance tank at least half full for better pumping.
  3. To extend fogger’s life, clean the pumping trigger after use. This may not be pleasant, but it is certainly necessary.

Price: ~$87 Check the current price

Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger

Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal FoggerIt is the only cold fogger powered by electricity in our TOP. This fogger hasn’t yet become very popular among the people looking for outdoor mosquito foggers to solve their insects problems. But it is not this product to be accused of. Indeed, it is unknown among customers, or they don’t know all its useful attributes.

The reviews of happy customers allow us to make a conclusion about the quality of the fogger. Judge for yourself: it helps to eliminate mosquitoes outdoors and basement mold if necessary. Those who risked using Tri Jet Fogger against insects indoors tell that after spraying there will be no spiders, roaches or any other bugs left (though we advise applying indoor mosquito zappers).

This fogger is easy-to-use: you only need to fill the reservoir with the product, choose the required fog density, switch on — done! To use outdoors, as the practice has shown, you need not more than 1 quart of insecticide for 1000 sq ft in the medium regime (the reservoir of the fogger is calculated for 1 gallon of fluid). Practically, this gallon will be enough for 4000 sq ft of territory. By the words of experienced customers, the treatment of so large area “runs out in 25-30 min on the lowest settings, on the high settings – in about 15 min”.

You can hardly believe because it is really a rare case in our reviews, but, according to customers, this fogger hasn’t any defects except one – maybe, it is an expensive mosquito killer for some people. In all other respects, it is the best fogger of all up-to-date models for a ~$159. This price is low, considering that this non-thermal fogger is stationary.

Price: from ~$159 Check the current price

Mosquitoes cause a constant headache, but we hope that our information about propane and electric foggers will help you live easily through the coming mosquito season!