Rat Zapper Classic vs Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent Trap: the comparative review

Rat Zapper Classic is the #1 Best Seller among electronic traps in a Pest control traps category. This trap has been well known by customers for many years (it has already 958 customer reviews) – they like and trust it so much. But also there is a modern “younger brother” – the Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent trap that is also very popular.

Do you want to know which trap of Rat Zapper is the best and why? Read our comparative review and you will decide which model suits you best.

Rat Zapper Classic vs Rat Zapper Ultra: what are the similarities and differences?

First, look at the common features of both traps:

1. There is a humane way to get rid of rodents compared with different poison baits – it is a blitzkrieg-like killing of mice and rats by an 8,000-volt electrical shock.

2. It is easy to apply. All you need to do is to insert batteries, turn on the device, put a piece of peanut butter on it, and leave it to work.

3. You have not to touch dead animals. The trap is easy to empty. No blood or viscera of dead animals will end up on your floor.

4. It’s a good choice for indoors as well as various outbuildings.

5. Both traps kill 1 mice/rat per setting.

6. These traps both work with the Rat Zapper Rat Tale Remote Monitor. This device makes using Rat Zapper traps easier.

Differences between Rat Zappers Traps

Rat Zapper Classic RZC001

Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent Trap

Type of batteries

4 “AA” batteries

4 “D” batteries

Kills per set of batteries

20 mice or rats

60 mice or rats

Sizes of killed rodent

from small to large

from small to largest



If you are not suffering from a plague of rats and don’t need a big “Ultra” for 60 mice or rats, then choose the time-honored “Classic.” We have collected the most useful info about the Rat Zapper Classic and hope that it will help you to make your choice between two models.

NB! Rats and mice have different behavior around new objects. Rats are cautious, and it may be a week before they approach a trap. Mice are curious and will normally approach traps the first night. If you don’t catch a mouse in the first few nights, the trap is in the wrong location. To help rats overcome trap shyness, place rat traps unset, in place, for several days. This allows rats to overcome shyness and results in better catches (University of Florida).

Pros of Rat Zapper Classic trap:

  • It’s a high quality trap: Even after a year of using, customers have still been satisfied with their purchase. They say that the unit is going strong and works well on middle-sized rats and mice.

Rat Zapper Classic Trap

  • It works super fast: How would you feel if this trap has killed 11 nasty rats in your house on only the first day of using?
  • Also you may use Rat Zapper Classic for killing squirrels if you’re desperate for getting rid of them by using humane ways. One customer wrote: “I hate the thought of killing, but we have a squirrel and chipmunk problem so I bought one. It works as advertised.”

Helpful tip: If you aren’t going to kill these pretty fur-bearing creatures, try to locate the trap in a place unreachable for squirrels (or use remedies from our “The complete guide to keeping squirrels away”). You can avoid this easily if you use Rat Zapper only indoors. If you use it outdoors (but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it!), take an ordinary plastic storage box to solve the problem of the device water-resistance. All you need to do is to place the device inside the box!

Cons of Rat Zapper Classic trap:

  • This product desperately needs the AC adapter.
  • You must not use this electronic trap outdoors without some sort of waterproof accessory.

Tips by customers:

1. “After several kills, Zapper may begin to smell of dead rodents. In this case, the remaining rats won’t come into the trap. You will have to clean it up using vinegar and dish detergent.” If batteries are fresh, but the trap has begun to operate worse, you need to clean it, too. At first, pull out the batteries and take any old kitchen utensil or washbasin with a little detergent. Put the trap into some water on the floor of the utensil, sprinkle it with detergent powder and leave it there on some time. Then brush the device with an old toothbrush, rub it with wet cloth, dry it accurately and leave on time at fresh air. Finally, you may insert batteries back – your tool is ready for a battle!

2. Change batteries more frequently! This will make the trap work more effectively, without false responses.

3. Use gloves when you handle the box as to best not transfer human scent. Also, rats are wary of new things in their environment – so you need to call for a little patience.”

4. One customer noticed that this trap was not effective for gophers, and advised them to not use Rat Zapper Classic, but use the Rat Zapper Ultra instead.

Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent Trap

In his opinion, the last is more powerful than a classical version since it is capable of killing animals instead of paralyzing them (what is inhumane and cruel against any animal). A classical model of this trap works best on small squirrels, as he has written: “To bait them, place the dry bait at the back side of Zapper and then place few seeds at the entrance.”

5. The Rat Zapper comes without bait. Use a small amount of natural ingredients, don’t put in special poison for rats: Electronic traps and poison rat baits are used separately. Someone uses bananas as a bait for this trap – and it works, oddly enough!

Questions and answers about Rat Zapper Classic and Rat Zapper Ultra

Is it necessary to empty the trap immediately after each killed mouse or is it possible to wait while several of them gather?

You would do better to keep an eye on the trap and take away a dead carcass immediately after a successful response, in order not to make a lot of dirt inside Rat Zapper and have enough time to put a fresh bait inside.

Do both of traps work with rat tale?

Evidently, you mean Rat Tale Remote Monitor. Yes, there is a special plug connector for this auxiliary device in the upper part of the trap case.

Rat Zapper Rat Tale MonitorMay I use rechargeable batteries in these traps?

Yes, for example, you may use Eneloop NiMH batteries for the Classic trap and SunLabz Rechargeable Batteries for the Ultra trap.

I have 3 dogs at home, one of them is a small Chihuahua. Is it safe to keep such a trap near the animals? Can any of them get into or thrust the paw in?

Even your smallest dog is unlikely to get into the entrance opening of the trap. However, as this is an electrical device, you’d better to keep it in the place unreachable for dogs, cats, and young children, especially Rat Zapper Ultra because it is larger than Classic one.

Do these traps work better then electronic rat repellers?

Of course, ultrasonic pest repeller is the most humane way to get rid of rats and mice at home and if you don’t want to kill animals you may use repeller. But if you already applied all natural remedies and don’t see other ways to eliminate rodents besides killing, you have to use electronic rat trap.

So, now you can decide on your own which trap of these two – Rat Zapper Classic for or Rat Zapper Ultra – will be the best solution of your indoor rodent problem. Good luck!

Rat Zapper Classic: photo

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  1. Bought both units last week, baited with sunflower seeds. Both units have caught chipmunks and ground squirrels. Excellent traps.

  2. The Rat Zapper Classic is great–when it works, which unfortunately seems to be for a few weeks. I’m on my second one and now in less than 3 weeks it is no longer working properly. (Cleaned it, new Duracell batteries, tested it and the plate is not shocking even though the light comes on when it’s turned on.) I’m going to try the competitor and see if it lasts longer as the concept is great. Thank goodness Amazon is so good about returns!

  3. In the morning, do I leave the trap set to on or do I turn it off until it gets dark?

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