How to get rid of spiders outside?


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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 14:20

These ugly-looking insects don’t damage plants (ignore the cobweb spoiling the landscape view). Spiders are even useful; their main help is in eliminating harmful insects. Some spider species can catch up to 500 insects per day, most of which are flies.

When it comes to lots, spiders tend to settle in greenhouses as they provide the most favorable conditions and their prey, flying moths, are also found there. If there are too many spiders, though, and they annoy you, it’s high time you cleaned the house and undertook other measures:

  • Clean your yard of garbage, get rid of old boards, boxes, and bags, clean the outbuildings. Regular wet cleaning might as well be an effective prevention of the appearance of the insects.

  • When there is no garbage, spiders begin to crawl in the weeds and bushes, because they always need a place to hide, so make sure you remove dry plants.

  • If you see freshly lain spider eggs, destroy them. They look like small white balls stuck in the cobweb.

  • Limit the lighting of the yard as both spiders and other insects that are eaten by them (moths, mosquitoes, and butterflies) love light.

  • Use sticky traps and insecticides if taking all the above measures did not work. To remove spiders, you can use many of the universal products for ant and scorpion control. Read our review of the best ant killers and our article about getting rid of scorpions.

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