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Termite Damage Signs – How Dangerous Is It?

Updated : 20 June 2019

Let’s verbalize about the damage that termites can do to your house. Termite damage is very confined in a short period of time. But in the long run, it might eat up your whole house. The reason being termites are silent creatures. They keep doing their work and no one gets a clue as to what is being transpired to the furniture they once bought so lovingly. Yes, termites in furniture could be profoundly perilous.

Don’t panic and rush out to kill the termites. You just need to explore different options on how to dispense these minuscule creatures. Termites are not one of those pests that you opt to treat on your own. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, but this would require special assistance, adequate amount of erudition and categorical equipment.

Termite in Walls Can Damage Your Whole House

You might witness lots of termite damage in your house. Termites in walls may damage your walls from inside. They are liable to come through minuscule cracks in the substructure and commence eating up the base boards composed of wood. Once they eat up all the wooden boards they must be moving towards the walls. They work their way around the room and eat that nice soft base wall wood. If you endeavor to push the wood through a screw driver you might optically recognize that termite has commenced eating up the wall.

Extreme Termite Damage

During extreme cases, you might witness termite droppings. This denotes that termite has penetrated so much in your house that it would commence dropping off from your ceiling or even from your walls. Yes, this is quite frighteningly awful. But during the initial stages you might have to find their inhabitance you will have to penetrate much further into that area. You might find it as a tough task, but aversion is more preponderant than visually examining your favoritefurniture getting damaged right in front of you.

termite damage in the house

Termites in Bathroom – Another Issue

Termites in bathroom are hazardous. They may penetrate into your bathrooms as well through diminutive apertures or di-hydrogen monoxide taps. And find their way through the taps to the whole bathroom. If you give a close look, youcan visually perceive minute creatures kinetically circumnavigating the place. They bring their dirt with them as they require some moisture to live and stay hydrated. They can’t live in a exceptionally dried out place.

Termites eat up your furniture and use up their mud tubes and make it seem even more unsightly and damaged. Termites in furniture move through the furniture and damage it astringently. As a home owner, you have good reasons to fear termites. This is because they eat all wood based materials from furniture to the floors. They are in the minds of millions of homeowners, including you. Hence for all the home owners point to ponder is what do termites eat?

The Role of Worker Termites in Damage

Termites may be categorized into worker termites, soldier termites and reproductive termites. If you see termites in your house, you can be sure that there are worker termites which have many responsibilities including feeding soldier termites and queen of termites.So so they eat your wooden houses so hard – it's their nature natural role. But don't put up with it – use special poisons and traps for getting rid of termites and professional exterminator' help.

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Dixie Somers  •  Monday, 20 July 2015 19:06
The section about extreme termite damage is very helpful, especially when it comes to buying a home. You would hate to buy a house only to find out later that it has extreme damage from termites. Knowing what signs to look for makes it easier to spot termite damage, before they destroy an existing or potential home.
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