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Drywood Termites in House : How to Keep Them Away?

One of the types of termite is ‘drywood termite’ that are considered as social insects. The University of California IPM describe them as; “Similar to dampwood termites, feeding by drywood termites can cut across the grain of wood leaving a characteristic pattern of chambers and tunnels, some of which are filled with fecal pellets. Drywood termites often expel their fecal pellets through surface openings and they can accumulate on horizontal surfaces below the openings. These fecal pellets, which are distinctive in appearance with six longitudinal flattened sides, may be the first clue to their presence.” Unlike other kinds of termites these termites are dangerous, which leave no stone unturned in destroying the house. These termites are relatively small and the colony of these termites grows slowly.

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Drywood Termites in House

Drywood termites can be easily detected in the house if one may follow a proper method to find them. These mysterious little termites, very fond of word, are always found on wooden items. Drywood termites do not need any contact with soil to live and grow; rather they just need wood to spend their lives. It is because they get nutrition and moisture from it which is important for their survival.

If you see small piles of sawdust on the wood, it is because of drywood termites and an immediate action is required. A vigilant homeowner can detect the presence of these insects by carefully observing the house. Discovering their fecal pellets and tiny openings created by these insects in wooden items means they are there.

Termite Tent – Effective Way to Kill Drywood Termites

Termite tent is used when extermination of the termites is carried out at the large scale. This is the process in which the entire house is covered with a sealed tent made of nylon. After covering the house with a tent, it is filled with a poisonous gas which will work as the exterminator for the termites. This method is very useful for people who wanted to know how to get rid of termites effectively.

What to Know While You Go for Termite Tenting

This type of termites develop holes throughout the wood like leaving a tunnel behind. They do this by eating wooden structure which is done to build the tunnels for their own movement. However it is necessary to find out the required budget to start the project of termite tenting. At the same time you must have to keep in mind that the process of termite tenting will take couple of days and you may have to evacuate your house as well. So make sure that you have made alternate sleeping arrangements.

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What About Cost?

If your house is infested by the termites and you can see them everywhere flying daringly, then you have to kill them by using termite tenting method. Knowing about termite tenting cost should help you make your mind to go for this at the right time. In United States, this cost may vary from area to area and depends on the exterminator you are going to hire. It may cost you from 1$ – 4$ per square foot. It means that you will have to pay $2000 to $8000 for a house of 2000 sq feet. Prices will vary across the U.S. Yes, this seems extreme. But your home’s structural stability  is what we’re talking about. The peace of mind is worth the price.

Professional Termite Inspection

As the saying goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Professional termite inspection is very important because it helps determining the degree of infestation. Or if there is any to begin with. Many companies nowadays are providing pest control services since this issue have become very common. A survey reveals that the residents of California are spending almost $250 million to fight against this insect.

The professional inspector usually look for certain signs to judge the level of structural damage. He/she must examine shed wing, fecal dropping, shapes of pellets and size of pellet to start the required treatment. But sometimes even after thorough examination it gets difficult to determine the extent of damage

DIY Drywood Termite Treatment

DIY termite treatment is really effective method to control termites because you can do all activities on your own within a controlled budget. With help of a little research, applying the right product and the appropriate technique you can get rid of termites without having to spend much money. You can mix orange oil concentrate with water and use it as a strong repellent of drywood termites. It may help to get rid of termites in combination with other control methods.

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You may apply DIY treatments to get rid of the termites but you must find the best one for the purpose. Though DIY treatment may be cost effective they might not be actually effective and may be a bit dangerous. The exterminators use certain chemicals that leave heavy toxic residue. The chemicals used in structural fumigation can permeate the walls of your home and kill termites that would otherwise be unreachable. Therefore for effective results, professionals must be hired to do this job.

Drywood Termites Facts

Here you go with some important drywood termites facts that you must know:

  • One of the general facts about drywood termites is that they live in wood that is not decayed and is not moist.
  • Once the Queen and King termite find the wood they find it perfect to attack, they start making their own colony.
  • Queen termite starts laying thousands of eggs and makes the colony grow.
  • Once the eggs are hatched the nymphs make up the colony and take the role of soldier and reproductive termites.
  • The colony of these termites does not have worker caste in it.
  • Normally, they cut across the grain of the wood and grub huge chambers that are connected by tunnels causing great damage.

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  1. Having pests just really sounds like it sucks. It’s a lot of work to get rid of them, especially something like termites. If you don’t get rid of them quickly they can do a lot of damage, so it’s best not to wait once you notice the pests.

  2. I just found some termites in my attic the other day, and I really need to get rid of them as soon as I can. So I really appreciate you talking about this, and giving me some great insight on how to properly exterminate drywood termites. I’ll definitely use the tips you gave, and hopefully they will be able to help me out in my situation.

  3. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your tips on DIY termite repellent. I’ve found a few spots in my house that have termite damage, so I’ve been trying to find some way to remedy the situation. I’ll definitely try out that orange oil concentrate method, and hopefully I’ll see some results. Thanks for the great post!

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