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TOP Best Groundhog Poisons | 2022 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

What is the best groundhog poison? Since poisoning these animals is forbidden in many states, the only effective option is using poisonous gas. This method causes immediate and relatively painless death, killing several animals at a time. The fact that you will deal with hazardous substances makes it particularly important to purchase only brand-name products from trusted companies. Another factor to consider is how many gas cartridges one pack contains. Depending on the size of your property and the number of active burrows there, you may need many cartridges at a time. We believe that Atlas The Giant Destroyer fits these criteria best.

The groundhog is a large ground squirrel that you can see climbing a tree or swimming in the pond. The problem with these nice creatures is that they are common garden pests because of their habit of eating fruits, berries, grass, and the bark of the trees. These animals are widespread in North America, where they are also known as woodchucks, land beavers or whistle pigs.

Since you are looking for groundhog poisons, I guess these rodents have gotten to your lawn or garden. Well, let’s take a look at what experts say about this method.

  • Fumigation. According to Thomas G. Barnes, an extension wildlife specialist, the most common way to control groundhogs is to use cartridges producing poisonous gas. Take a cylinder, ignite it and insert in their burrow. The woodchucks inside the nest will be killed by suffocation and will die immediately, without severe sufferings, which would occur if the animal consumed a toxic poison. The only downside to gas cartridges is that you cannot use them in burrows located under the building. Nor should you place them in the area covered with dry grass because of potential fire risks.
  • Toxic Poisons. Perhaps, you are considering poisoning groundhogs with rodenticides. Keep in mind that in many states, it is illegal to poison animals, except for rats and mice, on your property. Although woodchucks also belong to rodents, their poisoning in these states is forbidden as well. That is why you should first check your local legislation.

How To Use Poisonous Gas Cartridges Against Groundhogs?

These products come in cardboard cylinders containing slow-burning chemical substances. Once ignited, they emit carbon monoxide or other kinds of gas that kill groundhogs. Before using such a cartridge, read label directions and strictly follow them. While each product has its peculiarities, there are some common rules to observe.

  • Find their burrow and all entrances to it. A mound of excavated soil is an unmistakable sign of a groundhog nest.
  • Ignite a gas cartridge by lighting a fuse. Place it in the burrow immediately to avoid inhaling the fumes.
  • Seal all entrances to the burrow after placing a gas cylinder there. Use a clump of sod to cover the entrances.
  • Never use gas cartridges in places with high fire risks, such as around woodpiles or sheds that store flammable materials.
  • Wait for a while, check the area to make sure that all entrances are blocked and the smoke isn’t escaping.

TOP Best Groundhog Poisons

Below, you will find 4 best poisonous gas solutions for groundhogs at a price ranging from $6 to $35. All of them are produced by well-established American companies and contain quality ingredients. And yet, some products are more powerful or convenient than others. While most items come in gas cartridges, the last product is a reusable exterminator that is designed to be connected to your car’s exhaust pipe.

Atlas The Giant Destroyer

Atlas The Giant Destroyer (6)

The Giant Destroyer is perhaps the most popular brand of groundhogs gas cartridges on the market. The first gasser was introduced 50 years ago and today, the company makes a range of pest control products. That is why I recommend this item as a reliable and time-proved gasser. Made in the U.S., the product is based on the powerful “S” formula and includes high-quality ingredients.

With this gasser, you will be able to eradicate not just groundhogs but also other large-size rodents, such as moles, skunks, and gophers. For some $30, you will get six packs with four 1.75-inch tubes in each. A good bargain, isn’t it? One of the advantages of this product is the easiness of use. You will light the fuse effortlessly and can quickly extinguish the cartridge with water. The product works fast and is very effective, so this is certainly the best bet!

Customers like this gasser, saying that it works well and without harmful effects to the plants. The gas disperses in the burrow in the blink of an eye, without extending to the foliage or fruits. However, if the burrow is located close to the roots of your plants, the gas may kill them. One of the buyers says that these gas cartridges make a ton of smoke. After placing them in a burrow, he has not seen groundhogs on his 3,500-square-foot property anymore. Before that, his yard was infested with large rodents, some of which were as big as 24 inches in length.

Bonide 61110 Revenge Smoke Bombs

Bonide (BND61110) - Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs, Mole and Gopher Killer, Poison, Repellent, Trap, Pack of 4

Bonide is a well-known brand on a market of pest control products that has just celebrated its 90th anniversary. “Trust is something that cannot be bought,” their motto reads and it is difficult to disagree with. Especially when it comes to such hazardous products as smoke bombs.

These bombs will kill moles, gophers, groundhogs, and many other pests. Their mode of operation is simple: just block all entrances and activate the bomb. The item produces a thick toxic smoke that will fill the entire borrow, killing the animals by suffocation. As a rule, it burns for a minute or so, producing dense smoke. This thing is really powerful and one bomb per burrow will be enough to eliminate its inhabitants. If your groundhogs are very large, you may deploy two bombs in one burrow, but never place more than two bombs as it may be unsafe. Nor should you activate them on a windy day. In any case, be sure that you use the item according to the label and remember that it can cause fires.

As for the feedback, customer opinion is divided. One of the buyers complains about a strong sulfur smell produced by the item, saying that this smell can penetrate the house. I think this guy is both right and wrong. Yes, this thing is not odorless and the smell it emits is something of a chemical nature. But you should never deploy the smoke bomb under your house primarily for safety reasons, not because of the foul smell.

Amdro Gopher Gasser

Amdro Gopher and Mole Killer, for Rodents, 12 Gassers, 0.75 oz = 2 - (6 Packs)

This product will cost you approximately the same amount of money, but for the price, you will get six 0.75-ounce gassers. Unlike the previous items, this one was developed specifically for gophers, but can also be used on woodchucks and some other animals. However, there is an exception — killing groundhogs with this product is illegal in California.

The cylinders are small and will fit almost any underground tunnel. They can be used in any landscape, be it a garden or a golf course. As for the manufacturer, AMDRO is a company that boasts 30 years of experience in the production of solutions dealing with insect and rodent infestations. So I think their products can be trusted as well.

The solution is based on potassium nitrate, carbon, and sulfur. The latter active ingredient is what actually kills the animals as this chemical compound chokes out the source of oxygen. One customer says that the chemicals are too weak and in some cases, may not kill a large rodent. Another buyer suggests using a leaf blower to blow the gas through the network. Some people note that even when the solution does not kill the target animals, it may work as a repellent, keeping the rodents away from the area.

Underground Exterminator by Manning Products

Manning Products Underground Exterminator Pest Control Reusable Exhaust Pipe Attachment- Exterminates Gophers, Moles, Skunks, Voles and All Outdoor Underground Pests Humanely with Exhaust from Cars

This product is being promoted as a solution for all rodents that kills quickly and in large quantities, including groundhogs. The Exterminator utilizes fumes of carbon monoxide gas produced by your car’s exhaust pipe. Then, pressurized fumes go to the burrow and kill the rodents there once inhaled. This causes painless and immediate death, eliminating many rodents at a time.

One of the product’s advantages in comparison with the previous items is its durability. While smoke bombs and gas cartridges are single-use products, this one can be used for years if properly maintained. The Exterminator fits almost all kinds of exhaust pipes that are no more than three inches in diameter. Describing the product’s efficiency, the manufacturer, Manning Products, refers to the U.S. Veterinarian Analysis saying that using only an 8% concentration of gasoline engine exhaust, the Exterminator knocks down rodents in 40 seconds, after what they die within six minutes. This means that the method is not just effective but also humane. On top of that, it works at a distance of up to 270 feet, being a perfect solution for hard-to-reach areas.

Customers say that the Exterminator works great for rodents that live in confined spaces. They highlight heat resistance as one of the product’s strongest points. But make sure you do not use a regular garden hose for that as it can melt after continuous use. Instead, opt for heat-resistant rubber hose, which can be purchased in any specialized store. Another suggestion is to block the second pipe off (if your vehicle has two pipes) so that the exhaust goes only into the hose.

JT Eaton 277 Answer Pocket Gopher Anticoagulant Bait

JT Eaton 277 Answer for Pocket Gophers, Anticoagulant Block Bait Rodent Control (10 lb Pail of 40)

This poison belongs to anticoagulants, which are chemical substances that prevent blood from clotting. And this is how rodents are killed by this stuff. The product’s unique formula makes the bait highly attractive to rodents and, more importantly, it works great in damp conditions. Since it is moisture-resistant, you can place the poison baits outdoors or in basements and garages.

One of the advantages of this solution is that its active ingredient, Diphacinone, is considered to be less hazardous to humans and pets than other rodenticides. This product is cost-efficient as one pile contains forty 4-ounce poison packs, which will be enough to kill a large number of rodents. The poison is produced by a well-known company, JT Eaton, that has been successfully operating on the market since the 1930s.

Customers like the product but note the importance of placing the bait correctly. Put it somewhere near the nest or drop it in the burrow, but make sure that non-target animals, pets, and children do not have access to the poison.

What Is The Alternative?

While using gases is the most recommended method to eliminate heavy groundhog infestations, this is not the only solution. Let’s take a look at other ways to get rid of these animals.

  • Fencing. Groundhogs are actually amazing animals and you can enjoy watching them living next to you. If they do not disturb you much, installing a fence is the most humane way to protect your plants from woodchuck damage. The problem is that these guys are perfect climbers and can overcome this barrier. That is why erecting electric fences is the best way to keep groundhogs away. They are also excellent diggers, so make sure that at least one-foot portion of the fence is buried into the ground.
  • Repellents. Another way to protect your property from woodchucks is to take advantage of their natural aversion to certain odors and tastes. In their efforts to ward off woodchucks, some homeowners opt for natural solutions, such as eggs, castor oil or pepper. Installing ultrasonic devices in the garden became increasingly popular among homeowners, while the effectiveness of this method remains questionable. Alternatively, you can resort to an easier but more toxic solution — chemical repellents.
  • Trapping. Setting traps is recommended in places where fumigation cannot be used due to fire hazards, particularly, around buildings. Use live traps measuring at least 36 inches in length to capture woodchucks. Specialists from the University of Missouri recommend placing traps approximately 5 feet away from the burrow, facing the entrance.
  • Shooting. In case groundhogs cause damage to your property, you have the right to shoot them in every season. Shooting help only to reduce a groundhog population in the area and is more effective in combination with other methods.

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