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How to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest: 6 Best Wasp Nest Removal Methods and Products

If you face the problem of getting rid of a wasp net for the first time, be aware that this is a dirty business because the insects always protect their house in a very aggressive manner. That is why it’s crucial to find the right treatment and not to attack a wasp’s nest with a stick or a petroleum canister as this will cause more harm to you than to them. In this review, you’ll find out which homemade methods of treatment are acceptable for wasp nest removal, which wasp nest killer is best to use and whether a fake wasp nest will help repel individual wasps.

As Tim Gibb, a  Purdue Extension entomologist, notes, people notice wasps’ nests most often in the fall when the leaves have fallen and they are able to see something round that resembles a gray paper ball hanging under the tree. Given that wasps only live once in a hive, you have to wait for winter to come and throw the hive in the trash as most of the wasps won’t survive. Certain scientists recommend hedging additionally in case the winters in your region are mild, and to freeze the nest in the freezer beforehand to surely kill all the wasps. But what should you do if an ever-buzzing swarm of wasps drives you crazy throughout the entire summer and winter is long ahead? Use an effective wasp nest killer and remember the safety rules!

How to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest

Humanity has been fighting with wasps for such a long time, that it has actually made certain progress. Many traditional methods, though, have a temporary effect as they eliminate the effect of the problem and not its cause.

We’ll elaborate on some of the traditional ways of fighting off the wasps, but we do advise you to rely on modern technology instead. Some of these natural methods are even too dangerous for those who take up these ideas as a guide for the further practical steps. Doctors might tell you how often they have patients with wasp-related issues. So, please, be careful.

4 Pack Wasp Nest Decoy Hanging Wasp Deterrent for Wasps Hornets Yellow Jackets

1. Drowning the wasps. This is the most popular way in Internet to fighting the land wasps. I would call it a “boiled water method”. First, you have to observe the wasps’ behavior for a few days: You need to find the most used entrances and exits from the underground hive. Then, at night (AND AT NIGHT ONLY, WHEN THE WASPS ARE ASLEEP) you pour boiled water down there. The control shot will be pouring kerosene afterwards into the nest and setting it ablaze.  It is recommended to fill the flooded and burnt nest with some soil and ram it in. This is an effective yet dangerous measure – you’d better wear layered clothing and be ready to repel a sudden wasp attack, as even the sleeping wasps can arrange some dolce vita for those who disturb them.

2. Ruining the nest. Wasps are afraid of water. The nest will be ruined and wasps will be dead after only a couple of minutes in a bucket full of any liquid. But how do you put them in that bucket? Some experienced gardeners recommend to take the nest off at night, preferably in the spring when it is half-empty and the insects are not very aggressive.

Wait? According to the IPM Program of the University of California,  you won’t even have to destroy the nest early in the spring as the queen will take the hint and leave for a better place to live. In addition Howard Russel from the Michigan University claims that there’s no need to eliminate a wasp nest if it is located in the out-of-the-way site. This location means that wasps who live there “are going to die out later in the year”.

Caution! The “clean-up team” should wear protective multi-layered suits and mosquito net masks. You put a few plastic bags around the bottom of the round hive, then you saw off the leg that attaches the nest to its support And then you can do anything you want with the wasps. The most important thing is to mind the possibility of an attack from their relatives, which haven’t yet returned to the hive and are on their way back home.

3. Turning on the vacuum cleaner. There are a few funny videos online where insect fighters literally suck the yellow jackets from their nest with the help of a vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is find an exit from the hive and then you place the vacuum cleaner hose there. This method, though, has two serious drawbacks. First, other wasps will ruthlessly sting those who are with the vacuum cleaner. Second, this measure is also temporary and soon new insects will flood the nest.

Wasp Nest Killer

Scientists from the University of New Hampshire say: The brand you choose is not important, but be sure to buy the kind that sprays a solid stream of insecticide spray that will reach 10 feet or more. Treat at night when most of the workers will be in the nest, and inactive. Don’t give a quick shot; spray for several seconds to make sure that the spray penetrates deep into the nest.

SpectracidePRO Wasp & Hornet Killer

This killer spray seems to be capable of much. Because it contains 0.10% of tetramethrin and 0.25% of permethrin, the spray promises to kill all the wasps and bumblebees on contact at a distance of up to 20 ft. Moreover, the manufacturer claims that after being treated with SpectracidePro, a nest will become literally inhabitable and will continue to kill any wasps that return within 4 weeks with the residual chemical action.

Spectracide PRO Wasp & Hornet Killer (Aerosol)(18 oz), Pack of 1, White Can

This inexpensive insecticide is well liked among it’s users. SpectracidePro performs well with its task of killing all the wasp nest inhabitants. However, certain users claim that killing still takes some time as the spray initially paralyzes the insects before actually killing them. Still, you can try this and form your own opinion of its effectiveness, especially since the price is so accessible.

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Attention! Using a killer spray at arm’s length may be unsafe even if you wear protective clothing. Aggressive wasps and hornets can sting you while you spray the insecticide in the hive. The hive is also generally in a place that’s difficult to access, such as on a high tree. What should you do in this case? Both these problems will be solved by the Spray Close 6001 Spray Extender.

Spray Can Extension, Adjustable Spray Paint Extension Pole Adapter, Sprayer Adaptor for Top Trigger Aerosol Can

This is a special extender that resembles a selfie stick. It allows for emptying the spray down the wasp nest at a safe distance of up to 15 ft thanks to its extension cord. You will no longer have to press the spray button and lean towards the hive in the fear of being stung. Insert the spray in the extender, pull the cord and start treating the hive. Check the current price Spray Close 6001 Spray Extender can fit any aerosol cans sized 11 ounces to 22 ounces.

Fake Wasp Nest

Another interesting invention, a fake wasp nest, is also available. It is very popular and people who don’t want to deal with chemical sprays love it. Still, so far, its effectiveness has not been scientifically proven. No entomologist confirms or refutes its effectiveness, so use it at your discretion.

Get Lost Wasp Bee Free Natural & Non-Toxic Wasp Deterrent

Its low price and environmentally-friendly approach to the problem make this product popular. According to the manufacturer’s information, the wasps don’t settle closer than 200 meters to an existing hive. They propose to deter these social insects with fake nests of other wasps. The manufacturers assure you that if you hang a Non-Toxic Wasp Deterrent in Spring near your house, the queen wasp will never build a nest there.

Patio Eden by Maad Brands - Wasp Nest Decoy - 3 Pack- Eco Friendly Hanging Wasp Repellent

In fact, there is no scientific evidence that this is true. Despite this, this fake hive sells well and has gathered plenty of positive feedback.

TIP: The customers also state that the Bee Free Deterrent is not rain-proof, but some of them found a lifehack and treat the product with a clear acrylic spray on the outside to resist the bad weather better.

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