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How to Kill Wasps? What Is More Effective: A Wasp Spray, a Dust Wasp Killer or a Wasp Freeze?

Updated : 20 June 2019

Wasps are far from being the most pleasant neighbors to meet around your house. If you discover a swarming hive nearby, it is a real threat that you should eliminate immediately. We’ll tell you how to kill wasps on your own, how to pick the most effective wasp spray and whether wasps can be killed by extreme freezing. Especially for you, we’ve picked the 4 best wasp sprays and a dust to leave no chance for the wasps to survive!

Why are we talking about sprays in particular? Today many wasp control products are available, including traps and repellents, but the Extension Entomologist University of Kentucky College of Agriculture entomologists consider that applying killer sprays is the quickest and most appropriate way of killing wasps: “If the nest can be located, it can usually be eliminated by carefully applying a wasp spray insecticide into the nest opening”. Let us follow the scientists’ advice.

3 Best Wasp Spray Killers and a Dust

For sure, there is no deficiency of supply on the wasp poison market. We'll describe the most popular sprays to you, which customers vote for.

Scientists from the University of New Hampshire gives you a usefull piece of advice concerning sprays: Buy a pressurized can of wasp and hornet jet spray. The brand you choose is not important, but be sure to buy the kind that sprays a solid stream of insecticide spray that will reach 10 feet or more, rather than a fine mist that will only go a foot or so. Such products usually are called JET sprays. Treat at night when most all the workers will be in the nest, and inactive. Don’t give a quick shot; spray for several seconds to make sure the spray penetrates deep into the nest.

Wasp & Hornet Spray Killer Hot Shot (2-pack)

Hot Shot is a well-known brand on the insecticide market. This product kills both the wasps and large hornets.

Wasp & Hornet Spray Killer Hot Shot

Hot Shot kills the inhabitants of the nest, the wasps which fly out of it and even those insects which would return in the poisoned nest later on. The chemical compound is water-based and therefore won't leave any oily and yellowish stains on the walls or on your clothes. Though, it's better to spray it out wearing a special suit. The spray itself is not large, but its jet can reach 27 feet.

It's got dozens of positive reviews there; many users didn't expect such a cheap spray to be so effective but it is indeed such.

We had a huge problem. The wasps settled under the concrete foundation and we only had access to one entrance in the hive. We filled it with powder poisons and other sprays Only 20-30 wasps died and the nest remained intact. We already started thinking of breaking apart the porch when we bought this spray. As a result, all the wasps in the nest were killed within 72 hours and we only sprayed the entrance!, – reviews WWC. 

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Black Flag HG-11089 Foaming Wasp & Hornet Killer Aerosol Spray, 14 oz

The Black Flag brand proved to be reliable, and it manufacturers many various insecticides. The company has especially designed this product to banish wasps and hornets. Black Flag Wasp Spray functions pretty much like the previous spray: the 29 feet long jet kills the wasps even in the nests which are out of reach. It contains a bit more of the chemical compound than the Hot Shot product, but it weighs less. What a paradox we've got!

Black Flag Wasp and Hornet Aerosol Spray

Please read the manual before using this product. The jet of the Black Flag spray is very strong, and someone unprepared might drop the bottle or direct it the wrong way! There's nothing bad about this feature, as the length of the poisonous jet is provided by the high pressure inside the bottle. This spray is also relatively safe for people and pets: There were few complaints regarding the problems with the cats who got some spray on them among customer reviews.

Like all such sprays, this one is best to use at night when the wasps are asleep or during the day if the nest is small. In this case you'll have a chance of killing all of the protectors of the nest who fly to the nest they literally die of this poison within seconds.

What do the users post about this spray? They mainly say that this product kills ants, caterpillars, and some types of scorpions. Moreover, the spray contaminates the soil for a long period of time and so, any insect which touches the poisonous area in the future will die immediately.  

Many consumers are amazed by the design of an aerosol release button, which is a trigger. Black Flag makes its customers feel like true hunters.

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Crucial Tip from Entomologists of the University of Kentucky: Treatment should be performed late at night after all yellowjackets, wasps and hornets are in the nest and less active. Approach the nest slowly and do not shine the beam of the flashlight directly into the nest entrance as this may startle the wasps; instead, cast the beam to the side to illuminate the nest indirectly and place the light on the ground rather than in your hand. Similar to hornets, yellowjackets are extremely aggressive when the nest is disturbed.

Bee and Wasp Spray: Professional Freeze - Non-Toxic Wasp Killer

Sprays not only poison the wasps, they also freeze them. Here is a Non-Toxic Wasp Killer.

How does the it work? Have you ever seen the doctors freeze the muscles of the athletes who had an injury or got a bruise during a sports match? The doctors run to the field, sprinkle the leg or shoulder of a football player with a cooling spray, and a perfect happy athlete goes on playing the game. Well, these vacuum bottles have 50-500 milliliters of chemical refrigerants inside. They are typically safe for humans and are hypoallergenic (unless you spray it for over 10 seconds or direct the aerosol on open wounds or eyes). The wasps, on the other hand, are absolutely freeze-intolerant and they instantly die when they come in contact with the chemical refrigerators.

Bee and Wasp Spray: Professional Freeze

The manufacturers of the Freeze claim that the spray's cold jet may reach 15 feet and kill multiple wasps simultaneously. One bottle can kill about 30-50 species. The great advantage of this product over any poison, even the strongest one is its acting speed. If the poisoning occurs within a few seconds, when a predator might manage to bite the attacker, physical freeze paralyzes the wasp's wings on the fly. Theoretically, being out in the cold is the fastest death for a wasp.

The users of such freezes agree with this idea completely. They claim that the wasps don't even have any time to reach you. The spray is used up fairly quickly, though, and some of the dead  unfreeze after some time. However, mass usage of several freeze bottles ensures killing the entire nest. We advise you to read more customer reviews in order to understand whether you need this Freeze Spray.

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Dust Wasp Insecticide

According to the University of Minnesota, The most effective treatment is with an application of a dust, e.g. containing deltamethrin. Unfortunately, there are not many products like this available to the general public that are registered for use in buildings.

We found for you one Dust Pest Insecticide, containing deltamethrin.

Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide

Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide is a multi-purpose insecticide that promises to get rid of wasps and other pest insects indoors. You have to apply it in all cracks, niches, in the attic and wasps' nest - all the places where the wasps were seen. Use a hand sprayer such as Pest Pistol Mini Duster for a Check current price or an ordinary paint brush to do this. customers claim that Delta Dust works fast and wasps are gone in 2-3 days: «By day 3 there was no longer any yellow jacket traffic. I blew a bit more of the powder into their hole just to be sure, and even beat on the wall where they were located in an attempt to aggravate them. No response».

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Best Wasp Spray Killers Comparison Chart




Brief Description


 Wasp & Hornet Spray Killer Hot Shot

 Wasp & Hornet Spray Killer Hot Shot


Spray Killer


 It kills wasps, hornets, scorpions and caterpillars


 Black Flag Wasp and Hornet Aerosol Spray

Black Flag HG-11089 Foaming Wasp & Hornet Killer Aerosol Spray

 Spray Killer

The 29 feet long jet kills the wasps even in the nests which are out of reach


 Bee and Wasp Spray: Professional Freeze Bee and Wasp Spray: Professional Freeze


Freeze Spray

The spray’s cold jet may reach 15 feet and kills multiple wasps simultaneously


Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticid

Insecticide Dust

Apply it in all cracks, niches, in the attic and wasps' nest - all the places where the wasps were seen

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