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We genuinely love what we do and that is exactly why every single article on the website is polished to perfection and checked for scientific evidence to back up our claims. All our guides are based on thorough research and pure honesty. We check all our sources before arriving at any conclusion. That is why you get a unique perspective on any issue we write about.

Michael PotterMichael Potter, a biologist with a Ph.D., is in the heart of our team: he’s both a consultant and a writer of some of the best materials on our site. His idealistic nature doesn’t let him accept second best, that is why he gets to the bottom of every problem and tries to find the most viable solutions. If you have any questions that you’d like him to answer, please, do so at his page at Quora. He’s always ready to lend his helping hand to anyone in greatest need.

We engage serious and renowned scientists, investigate the matter at hand from different angles and perspectives, research all possible methods of eradicating pests, including but not limited to DIY.

When to hire a professional exterminator?

We advocate only a serious approach with methods that truly work. But if we see that the problem is big and the infestation is huge, we always recommend hiring a professional exterminator. To learn more about exterminators, please, read our in-depth guide on who these professionals are and how they work here: Everything You Need to Know about Professional Exterminators.

If you think that DIY methods no longer work in your case, please, submit this simple form below and get in touch with a professional exterminator who’ll take care of your pest problem in no time.

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