How To Get RId of Flying Ants in House – The Bottom Line

As a matter of fact, flying ants in house and winged termites are sometimes confused and considered the same kind of insects. Flying ants or termites are actually the mature form of the organism which is reproductively mature now. From an entomology perspective, these mature individuals are called as alates. These mature ones leave their colonies (on maturity) to establish their own ones. However, the case of flying ants or termites should not be confused at all.

There are three areas which can help you indentify the difference between winged ants and winged termites. And to understand these area, you need to know what do flying ants look like.

  1. Antennae structure
  2. Waist at thorax region
  3. Comparative size of the fore and hind wings

ants with wingsThe flying ants in house are different from many other winged insects including termites. The antennae of the winged ants isn’t straight. It is elbowed in structure. Their waist is very thin near the thorax region of the body and the front wings are comparatively larger than the hind wings. And these characteristics help us distinguish them from termites. In case of the later, the wings are rather straight, size of the hind and front wings is pretty much equal and the waist is not constricted at the thorax region.

When it comes to understanding how to get rid of flying ants, there are so many options you can actually employ. Some of these options are discussed here.

    1. Spraying The Flies In Room

You can use a commercial poison spray to kill any winged ant or winged carpenter ants you see in your room. This practice is however a little dangerous since it will leave the residues of the poisonous spray in the microenvironment of your room and may pose a threat to your health.

    2. Use Non-Organic Sprays

spray to control flying antsUse of organic sprays can not only control the infestation of flying black ants but will also help you secure the health of your family from the residual effects of otherwise commercially available poisonous sprays. In this case, you may try peppermint oil spray. For this purpose, you may mix peppermint with oil, soap and water and use this spray to kill flying black ants. This spray will suffocate the ants which will lead to slow death of these insects

    3. Dehydrate Ants To Death

This may be the simplest and cheapest of all ants controlling methods. In this case, you would only use dish soap, dilute it with water and use it in a spray bottle to spray the solution on flying ants in bathroom. The soap will stick to the body of ants and ultimately dehydrate the body until the death of the insect. Although the process is a bit slow but the results are always promising.

    4. Destroy The Ant Colony With Insecticide

Remember that winged ants aren’t separate specie of ants. They’re just mature individuals coming from the same ant colonies where wingless ants are present. And  you need to be careful about these ants since these ants can harm you. Although flying ants bite isn’t that dangerous, still it may cause you pain. Therefore, in order to completely eradicate these ants, it would be wise to kill the entire colony of ants. Follow the ants back to their colony and using a commercial pesticide, completely destroy the ant colony.

borax as ants killerIf you aren’t in a mood to use commercial insecticides, another great idea can be to make use of Borax. Borax is highly toxic for insects and insects do know this fact. But if you mix some kind of sweet particles with borax, insects will not be able to detect the borax element in the mixture and will take the food back to the colony where all insects including the queen will die on eating the borax contaminated food.

    5. The Simplest of All Tools – Boiling Water!

If nothing else is available, you may just use boiling water to kill the ant colony. Insects cannot resist very high temperature and boiling temperature of water is more than enough to complete burn them.
Thus, the aforementioned techniques will help you understand how to get rid of flying ants effectively.

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