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Flea Control Products

5 Best Flea Foggers For Your Home — 2022 Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Combing pets, vacuuming carpets and other preventive measures are the best way to manage fleas. But what if the problem has already occurred? That is where insecticides come into play, with aerosol flea foggers or so-called “bug bombs” becoming increasingly popular among homeowners to dispense insecticides. In this guide, you

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12 Best Flea Killers: Sprays, Traps, Foggers (Bombs)

What is the best flea killer? The solution should target not only adults but also larvae and eggs. The effect should be durable, lasting for several weeks and more. And you will need a convenient canister to spray it all around the house. We believe that Raid Flea Killer Plus

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Flea Bites on Humans: How to Identify and Treat

Many people believe that unlike the dark medieval times when no notion of hygiene existed and powdered wigged ladies had a special dog which would catch these tiny nippers, today humans can’t be bitten by fleas. But is this really so? Table of Contents Do Fleas Bite Humans? The answer

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How to Get Rid of Rats

A detailed guide to rat & mouse control

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