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Best Squirrel Traps & Baits

Top 7 Best Squirrel Traps & Baits Recommended by Scientists [UPDATED 2021] Buyer’s Guide

In this article, we have done a research on squirrel traps that can be purchased from a store. On the basis of this research, we have drawn up a comparison table showing their effectiveness. You will also learn about how to trap a squirrel the right way according to researchers and what are the best squirrel traps recommended by scientists.

1. Havahart 1025 2-Door Live Squirrel Trap 
Live catch. It has two doors, sensitive triggers and smoothed internal corners.
Effectiveness: 9

Havahart 2-Door Squirrel Trap min: photo


2. Tube-type Squirrel Trap
Lethal: torsion spring. Durable: 21-gauge steel. Size: 4.5”D and 15”L.

Tube Trap Squirrel Trap Standard table


3. Electric Squirrel Trap
Detect a squirrel quickly, killing it with a 7000-Volt electric shock. Small size.
Effectiveness: 8

PestZilla Squirrel Trap min: photo


What You Will Learn from This Guide:

How To Trap A Squirrel According To Scientists

Tree squirrels inhabiting the USA mainly include fox squirrels and gray squirrels. Being nice and amusing in the wild, they can become pests when settled in towns and suburbs.

Niamh Quinn, an advisor with South Coast Research and Extension Center, says that there is a number of lethal traps that can be used to get rid of tree squirrels. However, it is crucial to set them in a way that does not bear a risk of harming other animals.

As for live-catch cage traps, when using them, homeowners may face another trouble. Once a squirrel is caught, it should be either euthanized or released. The latter implies getting a special permit, otherwise, it will be an illegal act. But generally, live cages are more recommended since this is a humane way of controlling squirrels. Still, do not use it during the breeding season, so that the young squirrels aren’t left without their mothers.

Comparison Table Of Squirrel Traps Effectiveness

Type of TrapProsCons
Tube-type trap
Tube Trap Squirrel Trap Standard table

Conceals the squirrel body. Lethal. Natural attractant to squirrels wanting to run through it or hide in it. Durable. Made of 21-gauge steel. Effectiveness: 10Requires baits. Must be checked frequently. Pricy
Conibear trap
Duke Magnum Body Trap min: photo

A body gripping trap is recommended by scientists. Kills immediately. Cheap. Effectiveness: 9To be effective, should be set the right way. Can be dangerous for kids.
Choker-type box trap
Black Hole Rodent Trap min: photo

Can be made out of gopher choker trap. Cheap. Effectiveness: 7Must be baited.
Cage trap
havahart one door trap min: photo

The most humane way. A scientific study proved it to be effective. Effectiveness: 8Must be checked frequently. Durable.
Foot-hold trap
Foot hold squirrel trap min: photo

Widely practiced. Can be used without a bait. Cheap. Effectiveness: 7
Less effective than a live cage trap.

TOP Best Squirrel Traps Reviews

Read our review of the 8 best squirrel traps that can be purchased. You will find here several options, which are suggested by scientists as the most efficient way of getting rid of squirrels. These are standard human  live-catch traps, a large multi-catch one, and even a compact plastic cage trap. Among the lethal traps, there are tube traps, a Conibear trap #110, a device with a spring triggered loop, and a modern high-voltage electric trap.

1. Tube Squirrel Traps

Tube Squirrel Trap: photo

As mentioned before, some gopher traps can be used against squirrels as well. This one is a lethal trap with a spring-triggered loop. When setting a trap, conceal its cable noose and floor with the soil. One of the customers said he was successful at catching a grey squirrel in the attic, “I set the trap right at the opening and got him.” Size: 6 1/2″ long x 3 1/2″ diameter.

But the best lethal trap is a big metal Tube Squirrel Trap made of 21-gauge steel, measuring 4.5” in diameter and 15” in length. It is created as a natural attractant to squirrels wanting to run through it or hide in it. When the squirrel reaches the middle of the trap, the double-torsion spring is triggered. The trapped squirrel is generally hidden from view.

To lure the critter inside the trap, put a bait inside through the vent hole in a rear of the trap so that the bait gets behind the trigger grid. The trap will be more effective if a small amount of the bait is sprinkled at the device’s mouth, which will attract squirrels.

{code 798}

Tube Squirrel Trap: Check the current price

2. Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Multi-Trap

Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Trap: photo

Perhaps the main problem with one-door cage traps is that when one of the squirrels is trapped, the others are frightened off. The Squirrelinator comes without this downside. It traps over 20 squirrels within hours, offering an added benefit of saved baits.

Another advantage lies in its size, which is 23.25 x 23.25 x 4 inches, meeting the requirements determined by scientists. Well, it seems that this is the best squirrel trap for capturing the critters alive.  As a customer noted, squirrels easily learn to bypass standard traps, which is not the case with this option.

{code 800}

Rugged Ranch: Check the current price

3. Havahart 0745 One-Door Squirrel Trap

Havahart One-Door Squirrel Trap: photo

Internal edges of the cage allow the captured squirrel to avoid injuries. The trigger rod is mounted outside the cage so that it cannot be damaged by the animal. Designed to trap squirrels and similar animals.

The downside is the product size: it is 17 inches long whereas scientists recommend cages 24 inches in length. Another weak point is that it has only one door. As customers note, it takes just a few seconds to set a trap.

Havahart 0745: Check the current price

4. Havahart 1025 2-Door Live Squirrel Trap

Havahart 2-Door Live Squirrel Trap: photo

Unlike the previous live cage, this one has two doors, which trap the animal quickly due to the sensitive triggers. Other advantages are the same, which includes the trigger rod located outside the cage and smoothed internal corners. As the seller puts it, the cage is ideal for capturing squirrels.

As for weak points, this cage trap is no better in term of the size, being just 17.5 inches long. The product priced at Check the current price is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars in rating. Some customers complain that squirrels manage to escape before the door is locked or the door just hits the animal in the back and it gets away.

Havahart 1025: Check the current price

5. Eliminator Electric Squirrel Trap

Eliminator Electric Squirrel Trap: photo

An electric trap is a modern approach to killing pests quickly and this one targets small rodents including squirrels. Once the critter is detected inside the trap by means of a special technology, a deadly 7000-Volt electric shock is emitted. The weak points are the small size (11 inches in length) and the high price.

Also, like any electric device without a waterproof protection, this product cannot be used outdoors. However, one customer noted that squirrels just got the bait and get away unharmed, which was probably due to the trap’s small size.

{code 802}

Eliminator: Check the current price

6. CaptSure Plastic Live Trap

Plastic Live Trap: photo

The main strong point of this option is that the cage is absolutely safe for the captured animals as well as for anyone who handles it. This is due to the plastic the cage is made from. Also, it is transparent, making a squirrel feel safe when entering the trap.

The main disadvantage lies in its small size — 11 inches. It is likely that many squirrels will get away before the spring door is shut.

{code 799}

CaptSure: Check the current price

7. Conibear (a body gripping trap) Duke No.110 Magnum Body Trap

Duke Magnum Body Trap: photo

Although this product is labeled for other species, the Conibear trap of this size is recommended by scientists for using against squirrels. To catch them, the device should be set on the tree trunk 4 feet above the ground. Also, it is cheaper compared to the previous option.

As a customer put it, this was the best squirrel trap for him, using which he got 20 squirrels from the yard during the summer. From the customers’ experience, the trap catches even large fox or grey squirrels. However, this is a very powerful trap that can be harmful to humans. You can even break the hand when handling the device the wrong way!

Duke: Check the current price

Comparative Chart of Best Squirrel Traps

Tube Squirrel Trap

Lethal tube-type trap, torsion spring, 4.5”D and 15”L.
Havahart 0745 One-Door Squirrel Trap
havahart one door trap min: photo


Metal live-catch cage trap, 17 x 6 x 6 inches.
Havahart 1025 2-Door Live Squirrel Trap
Havahart 2-Door Live Squirrel Trap min: photo


Metal live-catch cage trap, 17.5 x 5.8 x 7.3 inches
CaptSure Plastic Live Trap

Plastic live-catch cage trap, 11 x 4.4 x 4.4 inches.
Rugged Ranch Squirrelinator Multi-Trap

Metal live-catch cage trap, 23.25 x 23.25 x 4 inches.
Duke No.110 Magnum Body Tra
Duke Magnum Body Trap min: photo

A Conibear-type lethal trap.
Eliminator Electric Squirrel Trap

A modern lethal trap killing squirrels with a 7000-Volt electric shock.
Black Hole Rodent Trap

A lethal trap with a spring-triggered loop
Neogen 950 Squirrel Lure

Based on natural ingredients, designed for squirrels.

F.A.Q. About Squirrel Traps

Can I use poison baits?
No. Using poisons on tree squirrels is prohibited by the law.

What to bait squirrels to catch in a trap?
The best baits are peanut butter, pecans, walnuts, as well as corn and sunflowers. Slices of fruits are also recommended.

What are the squirrel’s taste preferences?
Actually, they are not picky eaters. Apart from all sorts of nuts and fruits, squirrels will enjoy eating sugary biscuits and cereals. When it comes to choosing out of various cereals, squirrels prefer millet, scientific studies show.

How to lure a squirrel into the trap?
Apart from placing a good attractant in the trap, you must set the device properly, according to the instruction. The key to success is the right location, which means setting the trap close to the nest entrance or along the squirrel’s route.

How to trap squirrels in the attic?
Trapping squirrels in the attic is usually less successful than in the open air. So, to obtain better results, attach the device as close to the nest as possible. Do not seal the critter in the attic as this will bring another problem of rotten corpses.

How do you know that you have squirrels, not rats, in the attic?
Both squirrels and rats produce sounds of running and gnawing, which can be heard from the attic. The difference is in the time of day: while rats do it at night, squirrels are active in the daytime. Apart from that, rats squeal, unlike squirrels.

Can I touch dead squirrels?
Before getting dead squirrels out of the trap, put on gloves to ensure protection from possible infections. Keep in mind that corpses of dead rodents can be hazardous to the health. After that, place the corpse in a bag and seal it tightly.

What Is The Best Squirrel Bait?

It is a common knowledge that baited traps work better than non-baited ones. However, as researchers have found out, this is the case not with all traps. “Baiting foot-hold traps did not significantly increase their efficiency, but significantly reduced their selectivity,” the study conducted by scientists at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln states.

So, the recommended range of baits for cage traps includes slices of orange and apple, shelled pecans, and walnuts. Sunflowers and corn are also in the list of the best squirrel baits, according to Tom Barnes from the University of Kentucky. Others claim that peanut butter is the best bait for squirrel trap.

Such squirrel baits are available in the kitchen of most households. But to enhance the effectiveness of the attractant, you should better purchase a ready-to-use bait developed specifically for squirrels. Try Neogen 950 Squirrel Lure with the rating of 2.9 out of 5 stars.

Neogen 950 Squirrel Lure: photo

It is based on natural ingredients, with essential oils serving as an extra attractant. Unlike peanut butter and many other baits, this stuff does not dry out. Suitable for all types of traps. And yet, quite a number of users claim that the product does not work for them and they will opt for peanut butter.

{code 803}

How to bait squirrels?

Place it approximately six inches off the ground so that the odor drifts toward a squirrel. Scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension stress that the bait should be checked twice a day — in the morning and in the evening.

To obtain better results, live cage traps should be pre-baited and left open for a couple of days. The squirrels will get used to the cage as a source of food and will relax their guard. When you see that squirrels consume the baits regularly, set the trap and tie the fresh bait to the trigger with a string. Keep in mind that stealing food is a habit of these agile critters.

Using Poisons In Squirrel Control

Using any type of poison baits to kill any species of tree squirrels is illegal. There are no registered toxicants that can be used in controlling these animals. You are not allowed to poison tree squirrels even when in the possession of a depredation permit.

However, you may resort to an alternative. Thomas G. Barnes from the University of Kentucky says that since no poisons or fumigants can be used against tree squirrels, applying chemical repellents may be helpful in keeping squirrels from gnawing the trees. He has specified that although repellents do not eliminate the damage completely, they reduce its severity. The best ones include products based on Thiram.

{code 422}

{code 361}

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