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How To Get Rid Of Pantry Moths In The Kitchen: Best Pantry Moth Traps

How Do I get rid of pantry moths fast? The most effective and the only scientifically proven method of pantry moth control is trapping. Since these insects live and breed where foods are stored, applying insecticides is not an option for your own safety. Traps are not only a safe way to reduce pantry moth populations, but they are also highly effective when combined with pheromone lures.

In our view, the Dr. Killigan’s Premium Pantry Moth Traps are the best product on the market for several reasons.

First, they were designed specifically for food moths, including pantry moths. Secondly, these traps contain potent pheromone lures that attract loads of male insects. Thirdly, they have a beautiful design and will look great in any kitchen.

How to get rid of moths in pantry

When pantry moths — also known as Indian meal moths — invade your kitchen, they attack a variety of products ranging from grains and nuts to candies and pet food. However, if you apply scientifically proven methods, you will be able to get rid of pantry moths easily or, better yet, prevent the infestation. Here is what experts from the National Pesticide Information Center recommend:

  • Store food in glass or plastic containers. Do not use plastic bags as larvae can effortlessly chew through them.
  • Clean up sugar spills and food leftovers  and crumbs as this is a favorable environment for moth larvae to thrive.
  • Use soapy water or any household detergent on flat surfaces. You may try a hypoallergenic Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap, which is based on plant extracts and sodium lauryl sulfate. The latter is particularly effective in killing flying insects.
  • To remove these insects from cracks and corners, use a portable vacuum like the Kimitech handheld cleaner that comes with a crevice nozzle. If you already have a good vacuum cleaner, you may buy a flexible crevice attachment with a removable brush head.
  • Get rid of all infested items. Inspect all the shelves in your kitchen and other places where food is stored. Look for webbing, which is the most visible sign of infestation.

Use Traps to Monitor and Kill Pantry Moths

You can use either pheromone traps or regular yellow sticky traps to catch pantry moths and identify places of infestation. The former ones use pheromones, which are chemicals that act like hormones secreted by an insect. Pheromones can be associated either with food or mating and are intended to attract insects of a given species.
Pro-Pest Pantry Moth Traps: photo

Some traps like those by Catchmaster work for a variety of pest species while others are designed for pantry moth only. Researchers from the University of California note that traps containing sex pheromones attract only male moths, which get stuck on a sticky surface and eventually die. This method does not work for female moths, but they are still affected indirectly by being deprived of males to mate with. As a result, a significant number of adult males are killed, females do not lay new eggs, and the overall infestation drops.

Best Pantry Moth Traps

Below, you will find a review of the four best pantry moth traps at a price ranging from $6 to $24. They differ by design and the number of traps per pack. Depending on your preferences, you may choose a stylish Dr. Killigan’s trap, a Safer trap covering as many as 400 square feet or an advanced Terro trap with a time indicator.

1. Dr. Killigan’s Premium Pantry Moth Traps with Pheromones Prime | Best Organic

Dr. Killigan's Premium Pantry Moth Traps: photo

With about 9,000 ratings, this item is the most popular pantry moth trap on the market. Designed specifically for Indian meal and other species of food moth, these traps are coated with glue containing potent pheromone attractants. They offer enhanced efficiency thanks to the product’s design, which allows for increased airflow.

What I like about this option is that it is not only an effective trap, but it is also a wonderful element of the kitchen decoration. Buyers say Dr. Killigan’s traps work fast and usually have about 10 moths stuck to the glue.

Dr. Killigan’s: Check the current price

2. TERRO T2900 2-Pack Pantry Moth Traps | Best Budget Choice

While being affordable, this trap is efficient and produced by a trusted pest control brand — Terro. For some $6, you will get two traps with powerful pheromone lures and adhesive layers. They will last for up to three months, but we recommend you replace the trap as soon as it becomes full of moths. Buyers rate the Terro traps highly. One of them claims that they work like a charm and are quickly jammed with dead moths.

TERRO T2900: Check the current price

3. Safer 05140-AMAZ Pantry Moth Trap, 6 | Best for Large Areas

Safer 05140-AMAZ Pantry Moth Trap: photo

This product is claimed to cover a large area — up to 400 square feet per trap. And it is not the only reason for a higher price. For less than $25, you get three packs with a total of 6 traps with pheromone designed to attract only pantry moths. More than half of customers are satisfied with the purchase. However, some buyers complain that the trap boards are not big enough, others say that the sticky surface is too tiny and moths sometimes manage to escape.

Safer Brand: Check the current price

4. Terro T2950 Closet & Pantry Moth Trap Plus Alert | Best for Heavy Infestations

Terro T2950 Closet & Pantry Moth Trap Plus Alert: photo

This is an advanced pantry moth trap as it comes with a time indicator that will notify you when you should place a fresh lure. The second advantage of this product is that it has 3 different placement options. You may put it on a flat surface or attach it to the wall to cover the most infested areas. And thirdly, this trap has a dual action, attracting not only pantry but also closet moths. One pack contains one trap and two pheromone lures for effective six-month protection.
Terro T2950: Check the current price

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