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When you face a pest problem, the first thought that goes through your mind is to call an exterminator. But then you check their prices, and well … decide to go DIY.

You keep thinking: «Can I get rid of pests myself without expensive exterminators?»

The truth is, you probably know nothing about pests, like rats, mice, squirrels, or cockroaches, or do you?

You start scavenging the Internet for advice, and you finally find that magic pesticide to eradicate your problem immediately and forever, but … it doesn’t work. And you try one more time to find the product that would finally help you deal with that uncomfortable little pest problem that you have. But there are so many tools, and traps, and products available on the market, and all of them practically scream at you with their promises of fast and easy solutions. And you search, and read, and watch so much that you reach the point of confusion, where nothing seems to make sense anymore.

And then you reconsider: can you really get rid of pests on your own?

Our answer is YES! Yes, you can. And we will help you do that. In fact, in our longreads and info guides, we’ll walk you through all the possible ways to take care of your pest problem. We don’t promise it’s going be “immediately”. The elimination process requires time, knowledge, determination, following instructions, and advice.

Our guides are based on scientific research and opinions of renowned scientists and biologists. But the fundamental concept of our guides and investigations is getting to the bottom of it, finding the truth. We try very hard to provide you only with the latest data and available research on any issue so that you will have greater chances to eliminate or control pests on your own.

Quick links to follow for instructions on getting rid of:

We read all the boring research for you, and then explain how it all works in plain English, so you don’t have to make sense of the scientific findings.

Buyer’s Guides: Products reviews

We will help you find the best solutions on the market: the methods that work and effective products that deliver!

We don’t take sellers’ promises at face value, we look for evidence and proof of effectiveness in field trials and lab experiments. We ask experts and scientists to comment on the efficiency of any particular method, we seek biologists’ advice on any given issue before we write about it in our guides.

Check what our experts and advisers say about eliminating:


However, there are situations, when DIY no longer works and the expertise of an exterminator becomes a matter of utmost importance.

If your pest infestation is huge, when DIY methods seem unproductive, or if budget permits, it’s best to call a professional pest control company.

Hereinbelow, you’ll find a form which can help you find the best professional exterminators in your area. You don’t have to look through dozens of companies to find the optimal solution, our AI search engine will do that for you.

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