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Как избавиться от мышей: отравить, отпугнуть или заманить в ловушку?

Mice are often confused with their closest relatives, rats. But mice have behavioral differences that you need to know in order to successfully deal with them. We appreciate your time and have collected all the necessary information about the differences between these rodents and how to properly get rid of mice in one article.

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6 important facts about mice

  1. Size: Mice are smaller than rats at 6 to 10 cm, so mouse infestations are 10 to 20 times more common than rat infestations.
  2. Location: mice do not stray far from their nest in search of food. If rats are more likely to start up in a large house, then mice can settle in a small apartment.
  3. Skills and Traits : Mice are in great physical shape! They run at speeds up to 13 km / h, have a heightened sense of smell, touch, and a sense of taste. They also know how to deftly hide and are able to crawl into a hole as thick as a pencil!
  4. Enemies: Mice and rats are natural enemies for food and territory and cannot coexist.
  5. Species differences: do not confuse house and field mice . The first is usually gray in color and is found in absolutely any room. The field one is smaller and lives in forests and fields, ruining garden plots.
  6. Litter: mouse droppings are many times smaller than rat droppings, so the presence of mice in the house may not always be obvious.

Why get rid of mice?

Mice almost never bite a person, they are much more interested in your house. Otherwise, they are very dangerous. The main problem is that they destroy and pollute food supplies. In addition, their dead skin flakes, hair and excrement can provoke exacerbation of respiratory diseases and allergic attacks in people, as well as eating disorders. Mice can also bring fleas into your home and damage home interiors and utilities. And by the way, the smell of dead mice is just as unpleasant as dead rats.

how dangerous are mice: photo

Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Fighting mice in a private home is similar to fighting rats. The methods largely coincide with getting rid of rats, but there are some nuances in this matter that need to be sorted out. It turns out that not everything is as simple as it seemed before!

Most scientists agree that it is most effective to either poison the mouse, or kill it with a deadly trap, or try to scare it away. Let’s start with poisons.

Fight mice with poisonous baits

Poisoning mice is one of the most effective methods. For this, poison for rats and mice is used. The principle of its work is approximately the same: it causes bleeding in the body of a rodent or disturbances in the functioning of the liver, kidneys and other organs, as a result of which it dies. It is best that mice have unlimited access to poison: not all of them can kill after the first “meal”. Usually baits have a cumulative effect – and finish off the rodents in a few days.

Remember that rodents like mice don’t go far from their habitats to die! Therefore, if you get rid of them in the house, go around all the rooms every day and look for the corpses of rodents – they need to be disposed of as soon as possible. After all, when they decompose, they exude a terrible smell – like mice, like rats.

How to Kill Mice Quickly: Deadly Electronic Traps

In our time, both classic options, such as a mousetrap , and more modern electronic traps are still relevant for trapping mice . But the latter show much better results in the fight against mice – and therefore more and more people prefer such traps. They are suitable for catching both rats and mice.

deadly traps for mice: photos

In addition, electronic traps are considered more humane than old wooden ones. The main disadvantage of such wooden ones is that many users complain that they are forced to finish off poor animals that fall into such a trap. And this is not very pleasant, you see. Whereas when using electronic such a problem will not arise. When a rodent runs inside such a trap, it touches a metal plate that is energized and receives a deadly electric shock. Typically, such devices have an indicator that signals whether the inside is empty or someone has been caught.

Helpful Hint:  Rats and mice behave differently towards new objects. Rats are very wary, and it can even take a week before they get close to the trap. Mice, on the other hand, are very curious, and usually approach the trap on the first night. If you don’t catch a mouse the first few nights, the trap is in the wrong place. But remember that mice do not like to stray far from their nest, so find out where the mouse nest is and set traps there. You may have already heard about the Rat Zapper traps that successfully fight mice too. This is one of the best among electronic traps.

But do not forget that most likely not a single mouse will climb inside the electronic trap voluntarily! She will definitely need food bait. Focus on the taste preferences of your rodents: they can range from dog food to chewing gum and bacon. By trial and error in choosing the bait for the trap, you will definitely exterminate these reptiles!

How to catch mice: sticky traps and rodent glue

Sticky traps are a classic and one of the cheapest ways to get rid of mice. Such traps are cardboard strips on which a sticky layer of fragrant glue is applied. Manufacturers have studied the tastes of mice and mix the smells of peanut butter, seeds, nuts and other “food joys” of rodents into the glue. Once a mouse steps into the sticky layer, there is nowhere for it to get out of it. With the same success, you can buy not a trap, but separately glue for rodents in a tube. It can be smeared on any surface and in any place where you have seen mice. The main thing is not to step into it yourself!

Sticky traps and glue are quite cruel to mice. In an attempt to escape from the glue, rodents can even tear off their limbs, but usually they are simply exhausted and gradually die of dehydration and hunger. This is not a very humane method, so many believe that it is better to let rodents out of such captivity than doom them to several days of hellish torment. But on the other hand, in such a simple and cheap way, you can simultaneously catch a variety of pests: mice, rats, large cockroaches, bedbugs, snakes, etc.

How to scare away mice: we use ultrasonic repellers

Ultrasonic repellers are the most humane and safest way for you and your pets to get rid of mice in your home. And the quietest: you do not hear ultrasonic waves, but the mice panic from them and tend to quickly run away from the source of these terrible sounds. It will take on average up to 2 weeks to drive them out of the premises. But for this it is better to comply with a number of conditions:

  • to free the processed apartment, house or office as much as possible from soft things that absorb ultrasound (carpets, fabrics, curtains, bags, upholstered furniture);
  • remove food and water from the free access of mice;
  • take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room;
  • consider the scale of the invasion: if there are a lot of mice, you may need several repellers.


EcoSniper GH-190
Innovative, effective device that exterminates rodents. The basic principle of operation of the device is an active system that supplies electrical voltage. Each rodent that steps on a metal part of the EcoSniper receives a powerful electric shock. The action of the device lasts for 60 seconds. During this time, the mouse, or rat, trapped in the trap dies without experiencing pain. The device performs the work automatically, and does not require additional control. After 4 minutes, the field of electric current supply, “EcoSniper”, becomes active again.

Price: 2949 rubles.


Chiston 2 4
Effective rodent repeller. Chiston-2 is an innovative device that delivers a powerful ultrasonic signal. Using the device allows you to get rid of rats, mice, and other rodents in the shortest possible time. Efficiency is achieved by supplying a continuous ultrasonic signal, which is unacceptable to animals. Chiston-2 is safe for human health. The device is intended for use in apartments, houses, granaries, and enterprises.

Price: 2 090 rubles.

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Tornado 200

Mice repeller - Tornado-200

Of the domestic devices, the Tornado-200 rat and mouse repeller  for 1550 rubles has proven itself well . It is designed for a small infection on an area up to 200 m2. This is an ideal device for apartments, because, as you know, mice most often wind up in apartments, where it is easy for them to hide due to their size. Its radiation range is 18 – 70 kHz. This means that the frequency jumps by 2-10 kHz every few minutes so that the mice do not have time to get used to a certain radiation. It is this “chaos” that will prevent the rodents from staying indoors – they will have to run away in search of a quieter shelter.

Price: 1430 rubles.

ElectroCat Turbo

Elektrokot Turbo

If mice encroached on a large room – a house or a warehouse up to 400 m2, you will need a device with a more powerful emitter, like the ElectroCat Turbo repeller  for 1300 rubles. It affects not only ultrasound, but also sound and flashes of light. Such a triple attack cannot go unnoticed – as a rule, it is more effective than exposure to a single ultrasound. But do not relax and help the repeller by fulfilling the necessary conditions (see above), and be sure to read the operating instructions!

Price: 1190 rubles.

Typhoon 600

taifun 600
“Typhoon 600” is a powerful repeller for mice and rats, intended for domestic use. The device delivers an effective ultrasonic signal that extends over several meters. It is this nuance that creates an insurmountable barrier for all rodents, preventing them from entering the room. This device is recommended for use in residential and non-residential premises of any purpose. With constant use of the device, a positive effect is achieved in 15 – 25 days. Further, the device can be used if necessary.

Price: 1500 rubles.

Summary table of rodent repellers

Name Peculiarities Price

EcoSniper GH-190

area of ​​action 230 sq.m



body material: plastic

2949 rub.
Chiston 2Chiston 2 4 coverage area 300 sq. power 15 W


body material: plastic

1679 rub.
Tornado 200

Mice repeller - Tornado-200

area of ​​action 200 sq.m


body material: plastic

power supply: mains 220 V

1430 rub.
Elektrokot TurboElektrokot Turbo action area 400 sq.m

power 5 W



1190 rub.
Typhoon 600taifun 800 coverage area 400 sq.m



body material: plastic

1500 rub.

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Getting rid of mice with a cat

The oldest way to rid a house of mice is to leave the job to a cat. Even the laziest and most domestic cats have a hunting instinct, which, if you’re lucky, will make the animals catch all the caudates in the house. Run the cat in the basement or in another place where mice live, and after a while come back to check the results. Often, pets themselves bring prey in their teeth – in the morning you can watch the corpse of a dead rodent at the doorstep of your house or right next to you. Not the most pleasant sight, but the method is free. True, there are no guarantees.

Natural (folk) remedies for mice

On the Internet, there are many tips on how to get rid of mice on your own. Judging by the reviews, some of them cope worse, others better. We do not undertake to judge their effectiveness, we will simply give the most popular recipes:

  • Repel mice with mint. To do this, you need to plant peppermint in the yard or use its essential oil. If you make cotton balls and soak them in oil, then the resulting repellant can be laid out in places where rodents are active to scare them away.
  • Make poison out of plaster. Mix in equal proportions building gypsum, flour and sugar. Put the resulting mixture generously in a bowl, and put a bowl of water next to it. Having eaten this poison, rodents will inevitably want to drink. From contact with water, the gypsum inside will harden, which will lead to indigestion and death.
  • Throw away the ash. This method is favored in villages due to its availability. It is worth just generously scattering fresh ashes in the basement or other places. The ash contains a substance that will corrode the paws of mice. They will invariably want to clean their paws and lick the ash – which will lead to irritation of the mouth and gastrointestinal tract. This will not kill the mice, but it will explain in an accessible way that it is better to look for provisions in another house.
  • Poison with cork. If you chop a champagne cork finely and fry it in oil, you get an unusual poison for mice. If they eat it, the cork inside the stomach will swell and cause intestinal obstruction and then death.

How to get rid of mice in the house permanently?

If you choose the best way in the house, we advise you to use electronic traps, because you need to be more careful with poisons if there are children or pets in the house. Fighting mice with poisons can also be dangerous because children can taste the poison by mistake and your pets can eat the poisoned animals. Most importantly, do not forget to use special bait boxes so that your pets cannot get the poison.

There is another popular method against mice – sticky traps or glue – but we do not recommend this to you, as this is a cruel method – you will subject the mice to a slow and painful death from pain and hunger. Do you want to constantly listen to wiggies of poor mice that can’t free themselves? We think not.

how to get rid of mice in the house: photo

How to get rid of mice in the walls or in the attic?

By the way, did you know that mice can easily travel inside walls and very rarely go into living rooms? Therefore, they will have to be lured out of there, and in electronic traps, natural natural baits are used, which mice will be tempted to. And one more argument in favor of death traps: a mouse that gets into it will smell less than a dying one in the wall … After all, in the case of poisoned baits, you cannot be 100% sure where your mice will go to die – perhaps into the wall .

But if your mice settled in your attic, then you can use both traps and poison. Even if the mouse dies from the poison in the attic itself, it is unlikely that the putrid smell will reach the living rooms. But you still need to remove it in time.

But do not forget that even if you got rid of mice, you need to close their access to your home once and for all! Usually the problem is aggravated with the arrival of cold weather – in late autumn and early winter. And your task is not to give these creatures a chance!

Prevention of the appearance of mice or how to prevent a mouse invasion of the house?

how to prevent the appearance of mice: photo

In general, all of the following preventive measures and advice can be applied to any rodents that may appear in your home. Except that you have to be even more careful and attentive – after all, mice are very small. So:

  1. Tidy up your yard and house regularly  .  Eliminate any extraneous sources of standing water, or cover them carefully to prevent mice from reaching them. Throw out the trash – mice can use paper, cotton, pieces of cloth, etc. to build a nest. They can also settle for the birth of offspring in abandoned furniture – chests of drawers and cabinets.
  2. A separate item is  warehouses with provisions.  Every inch must also be examined there, especially in the autumn and winter, when the mice are hungry and they are looking for new sources of food.
  3. Cat . Yes, this is not always effective, but good cat-and-mouse traps do a great job of freeing you from the use of third-party devices.
  4. Before the “mouse” season (autumn-winter), go around your territory and make sure that  there are no mouse holes and nests  in the grass and bushes nearby. This simple measure will partly protect you from enemy raids.
  5. Inspect all walls (inside and outside the house) for cracks, as well as floors, and completely – garages, attics and basements. You remember that mice can crawl through a hole as thick as a pencil?! Seal all openings, even the smallest ones, with concrete, sheet metal, or place barriers like copper mesh.

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