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Как избавиться от яиц вшей (гнид)? Лучшие средства от педикулеза

Head lice. Many people think that only the moving ones are the most dangerous: larvae and adult lice. But that’s not the case at all! While larvae and lice can be effectively killed with various pediculicides, all of these techniques have little to no effect on eggs. Why eggs have such protection against chemicals and how to get rid of lice eggs for sure, whether it is possible to kill them with electric current, freeze or drown them in water, we will tell in this material.

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We have selected the best combs for you: a metal comb and an advanced alternative – an electronic comb. But be warned about products that don’t work. Some unscrupulous manufacturers, taking advantage of the gullibility of people and their desire to get rid of lice as soon as possible, simply deceive them! We will tell you about a product that has been on sale for a long time, but is completely useless. And in the end, we will share with you 7 valuable tips for combing your hair and 5 secrets on how to protect yourself from infection.


The most common questions about the initial stage of lice – nits

What do lice eggs (nits) look like?

What nits look like: photo

These are white oval cylinders a little over 1 mm in size, which are laid by female lice. They glue the eggs to the base of the hair, very close to the scalp – ~6mm from the root. In appearance, they look like small white grains, but most often they are noticed by touch: nits are like small debris in the hair that cannot be removed with your fingers. The strong glue secreted by females is to blame for everything – it is needed so that the eggs do not fall from the hair and, thanks to the heat from the skin, develop further. Most often they are noticed in the area behind the ears and in the occipital zone.

When do eggs become larvae?

The eggs become larvae 7-10 days after being laid by the female and attached to the hair. Toward the end of this period, the previously white nits turn brown: this means that future larvae are already sitting inside, who are eager to get out of the shell and drink human blood. It is because of the dark color on dark hair that they are sometimes more difficult to notice.

To hatch, these parasites need a certain temperature: scientists say that the ideal temperature for this is exactly the temperature of the human body – 36-37 degrees C. Below 23 degrees, most eggs will not hatch – that is, if the eggs fall from the head (for example, hair that has fallen out) or are removed by hand, they have no chance of surviving. Keep in mind that even when the nymphs hatch, the shell remains glued to the hair.

Can you catch nits from other people while swimming in the pool?

NO: You won’t pick them up in the pool itself. Although nits can live for several hours underwater, they cannot be transmitted by swimming in the same pool as an infected person. Lice hold on to the hair too tightly (at any stage of growth) and do not let go of the hair when immersed in water.

BUT: Rarely, but eggs can rarely be transmitted through shared household items and headgear: pillowcases, combs, towels, hats, hats, helmets. Therefore, never use other people’s towels and combs in the pool!

How to get rid of lice eggs for sure? Effective and ineffective methods and products

The most important thing in getting rid of lice is to kill the larvae and adults so that they stop breeding. This is usually easier than having to dispose of the eggs later, which will continue to hatch and populate your head with new lice. Over the long centuries of mankind’s struggle with lice, thousands of ways to eliminate nits have appeared – both effective and completely useless. See our table where we will debunk all the myths and tell the truth about what really works.

How to kill lice eggs: truth and myths

Method Working / not working Explanation
Pediculicidal shampoos, gels, lotions Not It is impossible to kill eggs with pediculicides, since they act on the nervous system, and in them it is not yet fully formed. Therefore, pediculicides, including permethrin and pyrethrin, only kill adult parasites.
Electricity Not Contrary to the promises made by the manufacturers of some electronic combs with this feature, scientists believe that louse eggs cannot be electrocuted on contact.
Immersion in water Not Lice eggs, when immersed in water, do not separate from the hair and do not suffocate. And they can survive in the water for several hours. You will not sit for several hours with your head under water and wait?
freezing Not Eggs will not be able to survive even at t 23 C, but even if you go out into the cold without a hat, your body t will not drop to this limit.
shaving head Yes The most cardinal and brutal way – we do not recommend. Lice in the head is not a reason to part with your hair. There are effective and more gentle ways.
Heating hair with a hairdryer Yes, but the effect is weak Theoretically, lice eggs would not be able to withstand temperatures very different from normal body temperature. Most eggs will die when the head is heated to 50 degrees or more. But this method cannot be used as the main one – only to secure the main one.
Mechanical method – combing eggs Yes, 100% result The mechanical method involves manually combing the hair with a special metal comb with long, closely adjacent teeth. It is considered the most effective way, guaranteeing a 100% result.

As you can see, it’s not that there is no choice, but only one way is guaranteed to get rid of nits – combing your hair with a special comb. Below we will talk about the best models and give useful tips on how to properly comb out without harm to those who carry out the procedure.

The comb is the key to 100% getting rid of lice eggs

Combing out nits is a long, painstaking, but the most effective way, which also helps to understand whether the shampoo killed all adults and larvae. The main thing in this matter is to be careful and be sure to comb out all the eggs, otherwise the lice will multiply again and torment you at night. But do not rush to search for a comb at home: anything will not work.

Lice comb: plastic or metal?

Only metal with long teeth. To comb lice out of the head, ordinary plastic combs will not work. They are useless because they bend well and their teeth are held separately from each other. Therefore, larvae and adult lice simply will not be captured by such a comb. Also, any combs with short teeth will not work. You may like not only ordinary metal combs, but also modern electronic combs that combine the functions of a comb and a vacuum cleaner. With such a device, the found nits will not need to be removed manually, they will be in a container inside the device

How to choose a metal comb?

All metal combs are very similar: long steel teeth, tightly pressed against each other and a comfortable handle. But there is one bestseller comb that has long and firmly won the respect of thousands of buyers.

Beurer Lice Comb HT15

Head lice comb: photo
It costs ~ 3000 rubles  and is made of stainless steel. The handle has a wide shape to make it easier to hold in your hand and to prevent the comb from slipping out of your hands when combing very thick hair. The comb is great even for thin and brittle hair. The manufacturer is so confident in his product that he gives a lifetime warranty on it. We couldn’t find any complaints about the broken device, but we did find a few tips. For example, users recommend combing nits from wet hair, and not dry.

Price: ~ 3000 rubles.

Unlike other combs, it is also possible to purchase sets of 2, 6, 10, 12, 24 and even 100 pieces – for the treatment of mass head lice. Starting from packs of 6 pieces – a very favorable price of 400 rubles per piece and below.

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Children’s shampoo for the prevention of pediculosis Paranit

“Paranit” – lice shampoo for everyday use. The natural ingredients that make up the shampoo make the product effective, and its smell is pleasant to perceive. Due to this feature, Paranit shampoo can be used for the treatment and prevention of pediculosis in children. The specially developed shampoo formula allows you to fight parasites without negatively affecting the hair and scalp of the child. Daily use of Fairy Tales shampoo will protect the child from head lice, even if the child will be in contact with other children with the disease.

Price: ~ 950 rubles.

Lice spray + comb Full Marx

Spray + comb from lice Full Marks: photo
Full Marks is an innovative spray designed to kill lice and nits. The active substance that is part of the drug is absolutely safe for human health. The components of the spray instantly have a negative effect on parasites, dehydrating them and destroying them. The main feature of the spray is the absence of a strong odor. Due to this, the remedy is used to treat pediculosis in adults and children over 5 years old. Included is a special combhelping to remove the destroyed parasites from the hair. “Full Marks” is a certified, effective product, the use of which does not require special skills. 1 application of a spray on the hair will help to completely destroy the parasites and their larvae.

Price: ~ 800 rubles.

Comparison table of the best lice remedies

Name Properties Price
Beurer Lice Comb HT15
Electric comb made of plastic and stainless steel. ~ 3000 rub.
Shampoo that kills lice and nits + prevention (without comb) ~ 950 rub.
Full Marks
460x460 ful marks full marks sprej rastvor 150ml greben
Pediculosis Spray + Lice Comb ~ 800 rub.

The best electronic lice comb

Electronic combs are controversial gadgets. On the one hand, they are more convenient in the process of removing nits and protect other people from infection, because. “Finds” do not need to be touched with hands and shaken onto a cloth. This is because some models of such devices work like vacuum cleaners – all lice eggs are collected in a container inside the device, which can then be easily cleaned into the toilet. But on the other hand, they may seem to some people a little expensive and much more demanding to use than ordinary combs. Anyway, the choice is yours, and we will only talk about one of the most popular models.

V-Comb – Head Lice Comb – FDA Registered – Pesticide and Chemical Free – Natural Lice Treatment for Head Lice – Out Performs other Head Lice Combs and Lice Shampoo – Removes Lice and Eggs

The best electronic lice comb: photo

It’s a ~$60 comb and mini vacuum combo – and for that price you get the most gentle and safe combing! During this process, all eggs found will not need to be removed by hand, thanks to a vacuum cleaner, they will go into special disposable bags.

Attention! Not all electronic combs are equally good. The manufacturer of LiceGuard RobiComb Electronic Lice Comb for ~$21 promises that its product will electrocute lice and their eggs! But do not believe empty promises – scientists from the USA tested this comb and found out that it is useless – lice cannot be killed at any stage with a current! So do not waste money on such experiments!

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7 tips for using a comb

Now let’s go back to the procedure itself. We have outlined the main tips for combing nits:

  1. After washing your hair with medicated shampoo and before combing out, dry your hair a little, it should not drip from it. If using an electronic comb, dry your hair completely.
  2. Наносите немного масла (оливковое/масло чайного дерева) на корни волос для облегчения процесса или гель/ кондиционер для волос. Вы можете использовать обычные гели или кондиционеры или же специальные, например, с экстрактом розмарина, которые не только облегчают скольжение гребня, но и дополнительно отпугивают вшей.
  3. Подготовьте все условия: убедитесь, что в комнате хороший свет, наберите воды в миску, чтобы очищать гребень или приготовьте плотный прозрачный пакет.. Также подстелите яркую ткань под волосы, например, красную – на ней одинаково хорошо будут видны белые или (коричневые) яйца гнид и серо-белые взрослые особи.
  4. Прочесывать нужно все волосы, начиная с верхней части головы и вплоть до кончиков как можно ближе к коже головы и во всех направлениях.. Возможно, вам будет удобнее, если волосы будут предварительно разделены на небольшие жгутики по всей голове. Внимательно осматривайте гребень на предмет яиц и живых вшей, омывайте его в миске с водой или очищайте гребень в пакет. Процедура  может занять час или больше, особенно, если волосы очень густые, длинные и светлые.
  5. Если отдельные гниды слишком крепко сидят на отдельных волосах, срезайте эти волосы маленькими маникюрными ножницами.
  6. Периодически сливайте воду из миски в унитаз и набирйте новую.
  7. После того, как вычесали всю голову, помойте голову обычным шампунем, чтобы смыть масло. Прочистите гребень – а лучше прокипятите, если он простой металлический, в течение 15 минут.. После этого его можно использовать для другого заболевшего.

5 советов для тех, кто вычесывает заболевшему голову

Поскольку мы рекомендуем не проводить эту процедуру самостоятельно, важно защитить от заражения того человека, кто будет вычесывать заболевшему голову. Для этих отважных людей мы подготовили несколько важных советов.

  1. Во время процедуры не трогайте свою голову руками, иначе и сами можете заразиться. Уберите волосы в хвост, косу или сделайте другую прическу. Можете повязать платок на голову.
  2. Во время процедуры снимайте все украшения с рук: браслеты, кольца.
  3. Надевайте короткие перчатки, чтобы не трогать вшей руками.
  4. To protect your clothes, put on a trash bag so that it does not hinder movement, but covers the front of the body. After-take it off (naturally, through the legs, not the head).
  5. After finishing, put the gloves, the bag in a plastic bag and take it to the trash can. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

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