What are electronic pest repellers?

They are electronic devices capable to repel rodents and insects by different ways. We have divided them into 3 groups:

  1. Repel by ultrasonic waves inaudible for a human ear. These devices called electronic repellers. Animals hate to hear them and try to escape from the dangerous territory as soon as possible.
  2. Repel by special lights, working in a non-stop regime. Red blinking lights irritate animals and frighten them. Finally, they begin to come much more rarely or not at all. These electronic animal repellers include Nite Guard Predator, which works on raccoons, squirrels, deer and other wild animals that may appear in your yard.
  3. Repel by strong water jet. These devices are called electronic sprinklers. When an installed motion sensor starts up, such device shoots water towards a moving target. As a result, a big tail of the frightened raccoon is already far away, the squirrel with her young runs back to the forest, Bambi hurries after her and sings sad songs about how he is disappointed in people.

How well do ultrasonic pest repellers work?

This is a hard nut for everyone going to purchase an electronic pest repeller to crack.

Generally outdoor electronic pest repellers work, especially those that shoot water and frighten by blinking lights. Ultrasonic rodent repellers are not so indisputable.

Someone says that ultrasonic doesn’t work – rodents adjust to the ultrasound and eventually ignore it. But our own experience tells us that it works. A long time ago, we had fat rats in our wooden house. We bought an ultrasonic repeller, the cheap one. In two days a first rat that came to the kitchen was disoriented, then all rats disappeared and didn’t come back for 2 years.

Nowadays, there are many falsifications and low-quality items of this category. A number of manufacturers sell simply “garbage” (though rather expensive garbage). To choose the best unit, it’s really a challenge. We have studied various products, both good and bad ones.

Electronic pest repelers are divided into 3 categories:

  • Rodent ultrasonic repellers.
  • Insect ultrasonic repellers.
  • Animal & rodent universal electronic repellents.


Commonly, electronic repellers are used against rats and mice. Poisons and baits are known to be the oldest way to get rid of them – you may also use poisons and baits from our review. But some people are not prone to deal with chemicals, and others are afraid that their home animals can be poisoned.  

You may use electronic rodent traps – but this is not humane, and comes with the unpleasant squeaking followed by having to get rid of dead rat smell.

Interesting story: Our friend has told us about his trying to catch rats with the help of an ordinary trap. Once he saw how two rats were stealing the bait from the trap. One rat raised the trap’s cross-bar with the help of its teeth and returned it back after its rat-friend pulled out the bait. Rats are so cunning and adaptable that it is very hard to get rid of them. By thier ability to survive they can be compared only with cockroaches.   

That is why electronic repellers have become the best solution for many people. These units have a number of pros: safety, invisibility, and - which is more important – no carcasses, no smell.

Electronic rats and mice repellers

When you are choosing an electronic rodent trap, you face various modifications of models – as rats are bigger than mice. But if you are looking for an electronic rodent repeller, it’s not a problem – all rodents are sensitive to sound waves of the same diapason, so the ultrasound will irritate both rats and mice.

Today, to choose a good ultrasonic mouse repellent is the real feat, as there are too many models, and all manufacturers say that their product is the best.  

Confused how to choose the right one? We have chosen the best products that work on rats and mice based on the Amazon sales statistics: Read our “Electronic indoor rodent repellers review” and "5 Best and Proven Ways of Getting Rid of Rats: Is Repelling More Effective than Killing?"

What should you know buying an ultrasonic pest repeller?
  • Most e-repellers emit ultrasound only. Nevertheless, some of them can emit electromagnetic waves as well.
  • Ultrasound can’t penetrate through walls and floors.
  • Electromagnetic waves can pass through any walls, except metallic ones.
  • Ultrasound can be reflected from any surface, but hard moreso than soft. That means that it can be reflected from walls sooner than from carpets.

Electronic squirrel repellent

The most effective way to get rid of them is to use organic squirrel repellents and electronic squirrel repellers. If you want to know how to get rid of squirrels read "The complete guide to keeping squirrels away".  

Electronic raccoon repellents

Almost all states prohibit killing raccoons, so you can either catch a raccoon with a special racoon trap and then free it in a forest, or try to repel it. In practice, they are very afraid of blinking lights. People only can be glad at this, as a special unit with automatic blinking lights has been designed – it’s called Night Guard Predator. This unit is very successful against the attacks of raccoons and other night animals.  

Since raccoon elimination is an extended topic requiring detailed consideration, we have made a manual for eliminating raccoons  “How To Get Rid of Raccoons – a Complete Guide”.

Electronic moles and gophers repellers

If moles and gophers appear in your yard, it is likely very often, and they can make a lot of trouble. They dig your lawn and leave holes around the backyard - this is the most obvious signs of their presence. To get rid of these rodents, use electronic repellers and traps for moles and gophers, read about them in our guide to get rid of moles & gophers.


Insects are more difficult to deal with. To find an effective repellent, you’ll have to try your hardest.  But don’t worry. We have chosen the best devices for you.

If you were to make top list of the most pesky insects, you would be certain to include mosquitoes, flies and midges, cockroaches, spiders, bees and bugs. They are the most common home insects. But not all of these insects can be eliminated by using of ultrasonic repellers.

  • Mosquitoes

In opinion of AMCA, propane mosquito traps, mosquito foggers and mosquito zappers can be regarded as effective devices that work on mosquitoes. These units don't harm people, the environment, nor other insects if you use it correctly.

Don’t waste your time looking for an electric mosquito repellent. BBC argues that ultrasonic repellers don’t work against mosquitoes. Read more about it in our mosquito zappers review.

  • House flies, fruit flies, drain flies and other

They are eliminated with the help of fly traps, house cleaning, and tube cleaning with special agents such as InVade Bio Cleaner Drain Gel. Repellers also don't work.

  • Bed bugs 

Bed bugs require a special discussion. The market of bed bugs products represents a lot of chemicals and related products – such as bed bugs mattress covers and suitcases (in order not to take bugs home from a trip) and special bed bugs sprays.

Electronic repellers would be useless in this case, as well.

  • Bees, ants, cockroaches and spiders

You just need a universal type of electronic pest repeller – read our Product Review “Getting rid of rats: Top 7 electronic indoor rodent repellers review”. There are some units that work on roaches, spiders and ants.

If you want to drive bees away, you'd better to use bee traps - it's the most effective way.

Animal & rodent universal outdoor electronic repellents

Electronic animal repellers are able to drive away raccoons, deers, skunks, wolves, coyotes, foxes, bears, birds & other wild animals.

You may choose among three repellers that repel by ultrasound, light or water:

  1. Yard Sentinel Electronic Pest & Animal Repeller with infrared motion sensor uses the most advanced repelling technologies available. It can even repel cats, birds and big animals such as deer.
  2. Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light produce powerful flashes of red light from a LED system that force all night animals to flee the area.
  3. Orbit Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler uses water sprinkling as a natural, non-toxic way to drive wild animals away from your territory.