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Как избавиться от комаров в квартире и  на дачном участке: 7 лучших способов

Mosquitoes are already so annoying that people come up with more and more new ways to get rid of them. Young and not very naturalists-experimenters are advised to rub themselves with herbs, manufacturers are releasing more and more new electronic devices. There are so many methods, tips and products that we decided to unravel this Gordian knot and sort everything out.

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To competently get rid of mosquitoes, let’s find out what modern tools can and cannot, and what functions each of them performs. Here we have collected ALL the ways to get rid of mosquitoes, invented by mankind thousands over years: from bacteria that kill larvae to powerful modern propane traps. But first, let’s just say right away what does NOT work against mosquitoes.

Is it possible to get rid of mosquitoes with electronic repellers and traps? Unfortunately, electronic repellers do not work on mosquitoes at all, scientists have proven this for a long time and 100%. As for the bug traps, these bug electric chairs do a good job of catching insects, but there are few mosquitoes among them. In the 90s, scientists conducted experiments, several studies, which showed that traps do a very poor job of catching female mosquitoes, which are bloodsucking. Scientists say that most of the insects caught in the trap are beneficial insects, such as water beetles, which feed on fish. Therefore, we will not consider electronic “beetles” as effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

So what are we left with? Just a few methods approved by scientists: repellents, traps, means for getting rid of mosquito larvae and insecticides for adult insects. Let’s figure out what these funds are, how and when to use them.

  • Repellents , as you know, can only scare away. This includes sprays based on DEET, picardine, bracelets, clothing soaked in permethrin. (You can read about them in the review of the 14 best repellents )
  • Traps . They catch adults, but do not affect the population in any way, mosquitoes have both bred and will continue to breed when such devices work. These include carbon dioxide traps (CO2 traps), heat traps, H2O traps and propane traps.
  • Mosquito killers , which not only kill adults, but also interrupt the breeding cycle. The first – powerful chemical insecticides – kill adults, the second – special bacteria BTI – fall asleep in water bodies and they destroy pupae.

In general, get ready, if you have hordes of mosquitoes, then you will have to use all means together. For personal protection – repellents, on the site – traps, and to reduce the number – chemicals or bacteria that kill mosquitoes in the bud, which means they interrupt the breeding cycle. And we will start with them. But first, let’s dispel the myths about folk remedies.

Is it possible to get rid of mosquitoes with folk remedies?

how to get rid of mosquitoes folk remedies: photo

Do garlic, vitamin B1 or brewer’s yeast repel mosquitoes?

There are many myths floating around the internet about natural mosquito repellants. One such misconception is that vitamin B1 (thiamine chloride), garlic, brewer’s yeast, if present, repel mosquitoes. Manufacturers promise that just one tablet will protect you for as long as 24 hours! Tempting, right? But to disappoint you, scientists from the University of Northern California do not believe in the effectiveness of such “magic pills” and say that the results of several studies do not support the view that these products are active repellants against mosquitoes, other blood-sucking insects and ticks.

How to get rid of mosquitoes at their summer cottage

Mosquito larvae can be killed by both biological and chemical means. Since mosquitoes lay their larvae in the water, and you have stagnant water on the site (pond, rainwater storage tanks), we will fill in special live bacteria there. It is necessary to start falling asleep early, from the beginning of April, and continue until the end of summer. Scientists from the University of New Jersey advise using bacteria containing Bacillus thuringiensis (BTI) to destroy the digestive system of mosquito larvae.

Anti-mosquito bacteria in tablets and granules

These are three identical products, with the same active ingredient – Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (BT.I.). It is the biological regulator of the mosquito population. The products differ only in shape: round tablets resembling donuts, granules and pouches with crushed preparation. The first two products are the best selling insect repellent products on American Amazon and are time-tested with 90% positive reviews (4.6 out of 5 stars) and over a decade of experience in the mosquito repellent market speak for themselves

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the country: photo

Mosquito control products kill the larvae and keep them from reappearing for 30 days. This method is 100% natural, organic and environmentally friendly. You can put the product in a pond, bird drinker, flower pot, storm drain, rainwater catchment basin, gutter barrel, drain, just a deep puddle – yes, in any body of still water, down to tree stumps and roof drains, etc . But this is not enough – in order for BTI bacteria to work in the best possible way, you need to remember several important conditions:

  • use such a biological regulator in the evening or closer to night – scientists believe that direct sunlight destroys bacteria;
  • bacteria have a narrow spectrum of action and will only help in the fight against mosquito larvae, black flies and fungal mosquitoes (sciarids).

Consider the effect of live bacteria on mosquitoes using Mosquito Bits as an example. Manufacturers claim that all existing mosquito larvae will be destroyed within 24 hours before they grow into a full-fledged individual, which means that they will never hatch. In practice, destruction is often much faster: here is one of the reviews about Mosquito Bits: “My son and I tested the product, taking a 20-liter bucket in which live mosquito larvae swarmed. We put in maybe half a teaspoon of pellets and all the larvae were dead within three hours . By the way, the manufacturer does not indicate how often it is necessary to renew portions of granules, but scientists advise doing this regularly, once every 7-12 days, following the dosage instructions of 1 tsp / 2.3 sq.m. water surface.

Experience shows that the bacteria are indeed safe for pets and wild animals, many users allow their dogs to drink water from bacteria-treated pools, and the active ingredients do not affect the health of rabbits, squirrels and other animals living nearby.

Many users consider bacteria a 2-in-1 remedy: can be used both as an express agent for killing larvae and for prevention. As a preventive measure, bacteria begin to be used for large sources of stagnant water even before the onset of the mosquito season, namely in April. Проверьте рынок.

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The best chemical growth regulators to kill mosquito larvae

An alternative to bacteria are Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) – Insect Growth Regulators . Among the safe IGRs recommended by the California Department of Public Health is methoprene. Scientists say that, like BTI, methoprene is safe for humans, even if it ends up in drinking water.

Mosquito repellent: photo

On American Amazon, you can find several products containing methoprene. One such tool is Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide. This is not a concentrated solution of IGR, like other similar products, but granules. As the manufacturer promises, they “prevent the appearance of mosquitoes, stopping their reproduction even before the adult biting individuals appear.” In a package for $34.24 – 1.2 kg of granules that will cover up to 500 sq.m. Even if you use them sparingly, the effect is visible within a day. Even users in Florida’s “mosquito kingdom” are praising its effectiveness ( “just don’t forget to spray it monthly and don’t forget the drains!” )

There is another powerful IGR based on pyriproxyfen (also known as Nilar), which is used in Africa to control dengue and malaria mosquitoes. It is also sold on Amazon, but we think you are unlikely to need such a strong chemical. Although approved by scientists for use in drinking water, it is more toxic. In some types of mosquitoes, pyriproxyfen is up to 40 times more potent than methoprene. This concentrated liquid must be diluted at the rate of 30 g per 4.5-5 liters. – in the end 1.8 kg. enough for about 560 sq.m. Проверьте рынок.

Remember: mosquito larvae can start anywhere, they don’t need a pond or pool to do so! “Any standing water, even a small puddle, can serve to support the population,” says Jack D’Angelis, an entomologist at the University of Oregon. He advises , “Make sure drains are properly drained and flower pots and ditches are empty.”

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard: killing adult mosquitoes with insecticides

Now that we have “understood” the larvae, we begin to fight with adults. Let’s start with insecticides.

As a means for the destruction of adults, experts from California advise using: organophosphates (malathiones) – pyrethrin, pyrethroids (deltamethrin, permethrin, sumitrin). Among the products that are on sale on the American Amazon, we have selected several insecticides with such active ingredients. They not only kill mosquitoes, but also create a barrier around your territory. The first product is suitable for manual processing by spraying, and the second use for anti-mosquito smoker.

Suspend Sc Insecticide

The best mosquito insecticide: photo

Powerful insecticide for indoor and outdoor use. Its active ingredient is deltamethrin from the group of perethroids. Produced by the world giant Bayer and is considered a professional insecticide. This multifunctional tool – works against 50 varieties of pests. For different pests, a different dosage is needed, read on the label or on the manufacturer’s website. In general, users are satisfied with the insecticide, but opinions about the insecticidal barrier from different pests vary. While the “owners” of other insect pests note that the residual effect of the remedy lasts up to a month, those who fight against mosquitoes say that the respite comes only for a few days. Although a few days of a quiet life is already good!Price from $41.40

Black Flag 190255 Fogging Insecticide 32-Ounce

mosquito insecticide: photo

Only for outdoor use – for processing large areas! Active ingredient: 3-phenoxybenzyl is a strong insecticide – permethrin (from the group of pyrethroids). Kills mosquitoes and midges, creates a barrier lasting up to 6 hours. Be sure to use a protective mask and carry out processing only in calm weather!

Be careful, scientists say mosquitoes develop resistance over time to the pesticides they were previously poisoned with. Most likely, you will never know what kind of chemistry your neighbors or former owners of the house treated their plots with, therefore, if some remedy does not work, do not rush to immediately say that it is ineffective, it may be addictive.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard: fumigators and traps

We talked about insecticides, chose the best ones, now let’s decide how to apply them correctly. The most effective way to spray is to use foggers. Foggers (hot fog generators (fumigators) can be called “weapons of mass destruction.” Creating a poisonous fog is a simple and effective method of controlling mosquitoes.

Burgess 1443 40-Ounce Outdoor Propane Insect Fogger is one of the best selling foggers on US Amazon with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating. Why is he so popular? Obviously because of the price. Before compiling the review, we made sure that with it you can save your money: this is not the best, but a solid and cheap device. It is powerful enough to shoot fog up to 3m away. 

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard: photo

Traps for mosquitoes

If you don’t want to mess with steam generators and insecticides, try traps. There are different types of mosquito traps: propane, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Previously, we devoted a full-scale review to all types of traps, and here we will briefly talk about all of them. So, there are 4 types of highly effective traps.

Heat traps heat the air above average temperature and thus attract mosquitoes. Their main advantage is their coverage area (up to 2 hectares), and the main disadvantage is the premium price and large size. It is a good choice for industrial enterprises and farmers.

A water trap (H2O trap) is suitable for those who suffer from allergies, and it does not cost too much. It is hypoallergenic, does not require any attractants and can function both at home and at work. Their effectiveness, however, is lower than that of propane-based traps.

Carbon dioxide traps (CO2 traps) are a cross between compact home traps and giant propane traps. They release carbon dioxide, and thus attract mosquitoes. Some models can even function without gas cylinders, as carbon dioxide is released from the metal using photocatalysis.

Propane traps are the most effective and most expensive traps. They can deal with any mosquito, they kill thousands at once and therefore significantly reduce the mosquito population. They work 24/7. The idea behind propane traps is that they convert propane into carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture. When mosquitoes fly, they are pulled into a trap (like a vacuum cleaner). Within 24 hours the insects will die of dehydration and all you have to do is empty the tray.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the house

So, we talked about how to kill the larvae and get rid of adult mosquitoes on the street. The main thing is to secure the perimeter so that not a single creature can fly into your home! Now let’s fight those who are still managed to get inside.

And here we will disappoint you. All scientists unanimously say that no single effective mosquito product has yet been invented to use at home. And you and I will have to kill the bloodsuckers that have flown into the room in the old fashioned way: with a vacuum cleaner or newspapers.

Here they are, the five best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your home, which are advised by scientists entomologists.

Get rid of any standing water in your home . Scientists say that mosquitoes can lay eggs even in water in a saucer from under a flower pot! And a long-forgotten vase of water from under flowers can serve as a huge breeding ground for mosquitoes, not to mention wet basements! Eliminate all such sources, and then start fighting the remaining mosquitoes.

Use a vacuum cleaner . We are sure that you have already thought of taking a vacuum cleaner in your hands and chasing bloodsuckers in the style of “Ghostbusters”. Well, it’s time to make some noise! Do not forget about the ceiling, walls and places behind the curtains – mosquitoes can hide there.

Electric fly swatter: just press the button . How to get rid of mosquitoes quickly: photoThis is a very popular product: in the top twenty bestsellers on the American Amazon – as many as 9 fly swatters from different manufacturers. The Executioner Fly Swat Wasp Bug Mosquito Swatter Zapper . This $19.99 electric fly swatter is in the top three best electric fly swatters. Requires two AA batteries to use and looks like a tennis racket. The device is made of ultralight plastic and weighs less than 340 grams. The idea is simple: any small insects found in the “working area” of this device will feel like they are in the electric chair (if you press a special button, of course). One hit results in the death of a dozen mosquitoes. It’s even interesting.However, you will need to use the racket many times in order to kill all the mosquitoes. On the other hand, this device does not use any attractants, aerosols or other chemical compounds. Its discharge electrical is safe for humans. Check out the Market .

Use mosquito nets to protect your home and children from mosquitoes

Mosquito nets have long been used only for windows. Progress has also been made in this area. This screen combines flypaper against insects and special magnets. It is a very popular product and is the number one seller of window mosquito repellents with over 5,000 reviews. Judging by the Amazon rating (4.5 out of 5 stars), buyers love this device. They claim that it will take less than half an hour to install this screen with a video guide and it can be used all summer long. The negative feedback we found is that one customer’s dog loves to nibble on this screen, while another customer’s screen would not snap into place without additional installation

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Mosquito net for jumbo bed, king size, can protect the largest bed from mosquitoes. Obviously, you won’t be able to hang such a canopy over your bed if you live in an apartment, but if you live in the countryside or are heading south, this device will do.

There are also mosquito nets for prams. These nets can completely protect your baby from mosquitoes and bad weather, without any extra effort. It sells well and is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by customers.mosquito nets from mosquitoes: photo

Use fans . Scientists from the University of Georgia also advise using fans to keep mosquitoes away – but be careful with this method, it’s easy to get sick, even in summer!

That’s probably all that scientists approve of. Not bad, right? Remember at the very beginning we talked about another way? It is very controversial because scientists do not believe in the effectiveness of the electric fly swatter. On the other hand, for lack of another way to kill mosquitoes in the house, many buyers are satisfied and say that they help to kill mosquitoes in the house, but in general all flying insects.

See also: TOP 7 best mosquito repellents for children .

Seven proven and successful ways to get rid of mosquitoes approved by scientists

So, let’s summarize our investigation and list all 7 ways that will definitely help you get rid of mosquitoes. We will start with the simplest and end with the “heavy artillery”, the means used by professionals.

  1. Mosquito nets are usually easy to use and cheap. Use them as a permanent preventive measure to protect windows and doors, and cover beds (babies too) and prams when out and about as needed.
  2. Homemade and natural repellents are your choice if you prefer everything natural and organic. Some plants and oils repel mosquitoes – find the ones that work best for you in our review of “Best Anti Mosquito Plant Repellents”
  3. Ready-to-use repellents not only repel mosquitoes with a pungent smell, like plants, but also “mask” the carbon dioxide (CO2) we exhale and other human body odors that are attractive to mosquitoes. These also include concentrated liquid repellents that need to be sprayed over large areas. The most effective are repellents based on DEET (DEET), Picaridin, Lemon Eucalyptus Oil (OLE), IR3535 and Permethrin.
  4. Bacteria to kill larvae . This is a very important point in the fight against mosquitoes. use these larval growth control products to interrupt the development cycle of mosquitoes at the larval stage in still water. There are larvicides both based on live bacteria and chemical ingredients like methoprene.
  5. Adult Killers – These concentrated liquid insecticides are designed to kill adult mosquitoes. Dilute the product according to the instructions – and go ahead, spray the area!
  6. Mosquito traps are powerful devices that attract insects with light (UV traps), CO2, heat and moisture (H2O traps). Once trapped in a confined space, the mosquitoes die of dehydration. Traps are safe for humans. The trap will protect you from several dozen mosquitoes at home, while outdoor propane traps will exterminate thousands of mosquitoes.
  7. Foggers (steam generators) are devices that create a poisonous mist from insecticides that kill mosquitoes.

Additional information on the topic: Review of the best mosquito traps.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in nature and in the forest

Do clothes with anti-mosquito impregnation work?

Clothing impregnated with repellents is not some newfangled invention. Permethrin-treated military uniforms have long been tested by the military and have saved American soldiers from malaria and other insect-borne diseases, some of which have been fatal. The US Army has been using permethrin for over 20 years to impregnate uniforms. And only recently this technology began to be used for commercial purposes and to produce clothing for civilians.

What to choose: clothes with anti-mosquito impregnation or spray?

mosquito repellent: photo

You can buy ready-made clothes that have been treated with permethrin, or you can buy a spray, such as the American brand Sawyer, and process your clothes yourself. Factory impregnation of clothing from insects can withstand from 25 to 70 washes, but in no case should it be dry-cleaned. And ironing is also impossible, because, as scientists say, ironing destroys the components of permethrin. The main plus of the spray is not a high price – $13 for a 350 ml bottle of spray, but the effect of one treatment lasts up to 40 days or 6 washes.

Theoretically, clothing can be treated with other repellents, such as those containing DEET, but they are less resistant and do not retain the repellent effect after washing.

Are permethrin-coated clothing safe?

How to get rid of mosquitoes in nature: photo

The safety of clothing impregnated with permethrin is guaranteed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In 2009, they assessed the risks in different modes of use, including wearing by toddlers, or soiling clothes, or, in the case of the military, long-term daily wear. And they concluded that clothing soaked in permethrin under factory conditions is unlikely to pose any threat to people wearing it, both in the short term and with long-term wear. They also claim that there is no risk for pregnant and lactating mothers. Although, you can certainly weigh all the dangers and consequences on your own, critically approaching the issue. Yes, permethrin is a powerful pesticide.Therefore, it is hardly worth spraying all your and children’s clothes in the city. But, if you or your child is going to a forest infested with ticks and mosquitoes,

We have prepared a table for you, where we indicated the active ingredients effective against mosquitoes, repellents, and where they are used.

Active Ingredient product A photo price
DEET Repel 100 Insect Repellent Spray – kills mosquitoes, ticks and other biting insects for up to 10 hours How to get rid of mosquitoes in the forest ~$6.96
Picaridin Sawyer Repellent with 20% Picaridin Spray provides up to 12 hours of mosquito repellent Mosquito repellent spray: photo ~$6.90
Avon SKIN SO SOFT with 20% Picaridin – gentle protection spray for the whole family mosquito repellant spray: photo ~$10.95
Permethrin Black Flag Fogging Insecticide – used to fumigate large areas with steam generators mosquito repellent: photo ~$14.93
Zorrel Permitrin Treated Clothing – Insect Shield Tee Shirt how to kill mosquitoes in the forest ~$27.95
Sawyer Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent  mosquito repellent: photo ~$13.00
IR3535 Avon SKIN-SO-SOFT IR3535 Mosquito Mosquito Repellent Lotion with Sun Protection mosquito repellent: photo ~$4.79
pyrethroids Cutter Backyard Bug Control is an insecticide for protecting large areas. Connects to a hose. mosquito repellent: photo ~$9.45
Eucalyptus oil Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent Spray – provides 6 hours of mosquito protection  Mosquito repellant: photo ~$8.99
citronella oil iCooker Mosquito Repellent Bracelets – Natural Repellent Bracelet  Mosquito repellent bracelet: photo ~$19.99
Cutter Candle – repellent candles for natural protection against mosquitoes  mosquito repellent candle: photo ~$14.77
Citronella Outdoor Sticks (set) – the smoke from lighting these sticks repels mosquitoes how to scare away mosquitoes: photo ~$17
Geranium oil Invisaband All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets – safe mosquito repellent bracelet, even suitable for children  mosquito repellent bracelet: photo ~$19.80

Anti-mosquito insecticides: for larvae and adults

type product active substance US Amazon price
Biological agents (bacteria) for larvae Pour into standing water Mosquito Dunks BTI ~$5.80
Mosquito Bits BTI ~$16.76
Bonide Mosquito Beater Water Soluble Pouches BTI ~$7
Larval Chemicals (IGR) Pour granules/reconstituted concentrate into still water Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide methoprene (Precon) ~$34.24
IG Regulator, 4 oz by Martin pyriproxyfen (Nilar) ~$17.18
Spray the area for adults Suspend Sc Insecticide deltamethrin ~$41.40
Black Flag 190255 Fogging Insecticide permethrin ~$14.93

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