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Как избавиться от сороконожек: 5 лучших спреев, ловушек и порошков для уничтожения сороконожек и многоножек

The tactics of dealing with centipedes at home and on the street are somewhat different. To begin with, we will compile a guide on how to get rid of a house centipede. There are several very effective approaches to combating house centipedes , which can also be used against other members of this superclass – centipedes.

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Then we’ll talk about how to drive uninvited guests out of your garden. And finally, we will select the 5 best means that will allow you to forget about the invasion of these creatures.


Centipede in the house? 5 Easy Steps to Kill Millipedes

  1. First, deprive the centipedes of their food base and places to live. If your house is a mess and small insects are teeming in it, then they will definitely attract these freaks. In addition, the abundance of wet, cluttered and uncleaned places will allow them to be fruitful and multiply with enviable regularity. Ventilate the bathroom regularly and monitor the humidity in basements. In a dry atmosphere, centipedes die on their own: their shell does not retain moisture and they die from dehydration.
  2. To solve the problem even on the outskirts of your house, be sure to grab the sealant. Seal and seal all cracks in your home, paying special attention to windows, doors, pipes, wires, gaps around siding, and other gaps. Even the smallest crack is enough for a centipede to get inside.
  3. If these measures did not help, and you found single centipedes in your apartment, do not rush to take on chemicals. “The safest and most environmentally friendly way to deal with millipedes and centipedes already in the home is to squash them, vacuum them up, or sweep them up,” the University of Nebraska memo says.
  4. For the same purposes, you can use any sticky tape against insects. Lay them in places of possible “food trails”: near the floorboards and along the baseboards. Even 30 fast legs will not help this arthropod overcome the sticky surface. If you don’t want to stain your karma with a murder, then just put the creature in a jar and take it out of the house to the street.
  5. Those whose home is attacked by a large family of centipedes can take on powders and sprays. “Sprays that are available for homeowner use include many of the synthetic pyrethroids such as cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, cypermethrin, permethrin, or tralometrin. Also good are boric acid powders or diatomaceous earth, which are inorganic insecticides and have a very low risk to mammals,” the Pennsylvania scientists advise. And other scientists confirm a similar selection of chemicals. What products use these ingredients most productively? We will talk about this in the second part of the material, where we have collected 5 best funds.

5 best sprays, traps and powders to kill millipedes and centipedes in the apartment

As always, before reviewing, we remind you how important it is to read labels and instructions from a particular manufacturer. This will protect you and your loved ones from possible poisoning and other troubles. Moreover, the composition of specific products may change over time, and updated instructions sometimes contain very important instructions.

Insect repellent – GET Total

GET Total - insect sprayer: photo

The composition of this tool includes the active ingredient bifenthrin from the group of pyrethroids recommended by entomologists. It should kill arthropods quickly enough, and work as a repellent on a residual basis for several more months. The product is ready to use: there is no need to dilute anything, but you can immediately spray Ortho as a spray. Unlike many liquid substances, it can be used both inside and outside the house.

In addition to arthropods, GET Total kills bugs, crickets, spiders, cockroaches, earwigs and even ants. But we are interested in the action against centipedes. The developers recommend using a spray as a barrier. The instructions say they need to spray 10cm strips around baseboards, window frames, doors and walls in bathrooms. Get it economically and efficiently.

Price: ~ 1200 rubles.

Sticky centipede trap

And this thing will definitely not harm your pets. Before us is a classic glue trap, designed to kill silverfish, cockroaches, ants, centipedes and other parasites. In addition to the sticky base, pheromone bait is used here.
Note the compact size of the trap and the multiple entry points to this cardboard box: a very handy shape for catching centipedes in small spaces! The kit includes 12 traps, so you can furnish at least an entire basement with them. The traps are ready to use: you just need to open them along a special dotted line. By eliminating the box, you will be protected from direct contact with insects, which is good. It’s worth removing traps as they fill up: count on about one shift per month.

Clean house

Glue trap Victor M256: photo
On our own behalf, we add that it is not worth relying on the attractant advertised by the manufacturer. Just place the traps in the right places and they will work. And bait attracts spiders best: if you want to save them, then look for other means.

Price: ~ 290 rubles.


Killing powder for centipedes and centipedes

This is a classic powdered diatomaceous earth made from recycled algae. It works very simply: fine dust seems soft only for humans, but for insects it is already grains with very sharp edges. They can taste them, inhale them, or simply walk on them. In any case, diatomaceous earth will injure them and begin the process of dehydration. Small dust particles will absorb moisture from the body of the parasite, and for the centipede this will be a mortal blow. After all, she already has a problem with the preservation of fluid in the body.


Insecticide Demon WP Water Soluble: photo

And this is an insecticide based on 40% cypermethrin – a substance whose effectiveness is confirmed by science. This is a good option for economical owners: Demon WP is packaged in 4 bags of 10 grams, stored for 5 years and is very inexpensive. One bag needs to be dissolved in a liter of water – the resulting mixture will easily cover 370 square meters of area.

It is better to spray the substance in special protection. Demon WP will become harmless to humans only when it dries completely. Of course, it can not be used near food and dishes. And Demon WP leaves marks on furniture and clothes: they can be washed, but this is an extra chore.

Otherwise, we have a very powerful insecticide for use on the street and in the house. The killer effect should last about 90 days.

Price: 2000 rub.

Safer Brand 51702

Manufacturers promise that the product kills centipedes in 48 hours after contact. Diatomaceous earth can be poured into any cracks and crevices. It will not harm people and animals.

Safer Brand 51702 - classic diatomaceous earth: photo

Judging by the comments, Safer Brand DE is effective against the characters in this text: “I live very close to the ocean, so spiders and centipedes have always been a big problem. After using this product, recommended by a friend, the insects are gone forever. Dirty but effective, plus it’s all natural ,” writes Eliza.

In addition, Safer is deadly to other pests: bed bugs, cockroaches, crickets and ants. In one package of goods you will find 1.8 kg. substances. Note that any moistening of the powder kills its magical properties.

Check price: ~ 600 rubles

Cyzmic CS

Another example of the use of synthetic perithroid. Here the manufacturer took up lambda-cyhalothrin. From one container of concentrate, 85-180 liters of ready-made solution with a noticeable chemical odor can be obtained. The tool is powerful, so it is definitely better to keep it away from children and animals. For the “hardcore version” of the spray, mix 12 ml of insecticide per liter of water. There is also an easier option, with 6 ml. poison per liter of water. Despite such power, Cyzmic can be sprayed inside a building: but only in accordance with the official instructions. For example, direct contact between human skin and liquid concentrate is prohibited.

Synthetic perithroid - Cyzmic CS: ​​photo

Cyzmic does not seem to be the safest and most environmentally friendly remedy, but its action is fast. Even giant centipedes like centipedes cannot survive direct contact with such a poison! By the way, Cyzmic can be applied to bushes – so it is also an excellent remedy against all “street centipedes”. Price: ~1300 rub

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Comparison table of the best remedies for centipedes

Product Impact type Price
Insect killer Cypermethrin

Insecticide Cypermethrin: photo

Cypermethrin – valid up to 90 days 2000 rub.
Insect liquid

liquid get total from insects: photo

Get Total – kills crawling insects ~ 1200 rub.
Clean house

Glue trap Clean house: photo

 sticky trap ~ 290 rub.

How to get rid of centipedes in the garden?

And now let’s remember  the centipedes that live outside the walls of the house . The first step to combat them will be the elimination of possible habitats and breeding centipedes. Check all wet and dark places, mulch piles and wood sheds, look under large rocks, benches and logs, inspect greenhouses. And what can be removed – remove. This is especially true for real waste: uncollected foliage, silo heaps, waste dumps and rags.

The danger of centipedes: photo

When the yard is cleared, you need to understand whether you really want to get rid of centipedes, which destroy other pests so well. If the owners of the site simply do not want arthropods to climb into their house, then you can only make a barrier around it from the same diatomaceous earth or chemicals, which we will discuss below. According to experienced gardeners, a strip of half a meter will be enough. And it will come in handy only in autumn, when centipedes migrate past houses in search of food.

Note that neither street centipedes nor house centipedes can be dealt with with the help of newfangled ultrasonic repellers. Many of these gadgets advertise themselves as a means against the heroes of our text, but, according to experts, they are not.

Are centipedes dangerous for plants?

Scientists from the University of Nebraska believe that in the event of extreme hunger, centipedes can encroach on garden plants. But such cases were not recorded for domestic centipedes, unlike their relatives – garden centipedes. Although this species does quite well in greenhouses, eating your crops. And in the cold season, they can climb into the house. So let’s get rid of them.

As you understand, in the fight against centipedes, the main thing is to cope with the natural fear of these terrible creatures and observe safety precautions – do not touch them with your hands. But basically it is the same parasite as most insects, and you can deal with it without the use of magic and superpowers.

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