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Как избавиться от чешуйниц в квартире: лучшие методы и химикаты

Insects called “silverfish” are a whole family, the most common of which are common silverfish and domestic thermobia. They are very similar to each other and are almost invisible to humans.

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Both those and others crawl out of hiding only at night, move in quick dashes and know how to hide no worse than professional spies. Maybe you are reading these lines now, and the heroes of our text are frolicking on your bookshelves or flour reserves!

Learning to find their hiding places is not easy. Even more difficult is to completely drive insects out of the house. Moreover, many means that are declared as “silver killers” are in fact ineffective. We will debunk all the myths that the Internet is full of and teach you how to choose the right preventive measures, traps and poison for these small pests! In our review, we will rely on scientific data and opinions of reputable scientists and experts.

In the first part, we will tell you about their habits of these terrible insects, why they are dangerous, about sparing methods, and in the second part we will select the best ready-made products to effectively deal with them: traps and chemicals.


How to distinguish species of silverfish from each other?

Let’s say right away that the same traps, repellents and poisons can be used against the two above types of silverfish. But it is still necessary to distinguish them: the habitats and habits of common silverfish and thermobia differ. And this directly affects the effectiveness of preventive measures and natural methods of dealing with insects. In addition, information about the behavior of different silverfish will help you find their lairs, which are usually hidden from human eyes.

Appearance. At first glance, representatives of the silverfish family are very similar. They have an elongated wingless body a quarter to a half inch in size with two antennae on the “head”. Both types of insects are shaped like carrots: the body is thickened in front, and becomes very thin in the back. At the end of the “carrot” you can see three tail processes, on the sides – short legs. The main external difference is the color. Silverfish stand out with a silvery whitish color, and thermobia with a mottled gray-brown body. However, if the insect is in motion (and they run all the time), anyone can confuse the colors.

Habitats. These insects get into the house in a similar way: most often they are brought into the building along with building materials, waste paper, bulk food products and other substances in which silverfish love to live and feed so much. However, scientists are sure that insects themselves often “come to visit.” After all, they can live for months without food and travel very long distances. So they crawl into our houses with you.

They crawled. What’s next? These insects usually settle in damp places near the food source. The principle is similar, but the places are still different. Silverfish prefer not the hottest and stuffy locations: they like temperatures of 20-25 degrees. And in thermobias , the temperature comfort zone is located between 30-50 degrees. This greatly affects where they build a “cozy nest” for themselves, experts are sure. The first type of insect rubs more often near bookcases and linen cabinets, in basements and food warehouses, barns and attics. And thermobia settle in boiler rooms and at pipes with hot water, in steam tunnels and thermal insulation materials, bakeries and in ordinary kitchens. Both can be found in the bathroom and greenhouses.

where silverfish live: photo

Behavior. And here we can hardly name any differences! These creatures eat the same thing: they are attracted to foods high in protein, starch or sugar. Among the “favorite dishes” are cereal flour, fabrics and cellulose (from wallpaper to books).

All silverfish during the day hide from the light in cracks, holes and under various objects. If the shelter is removed, they will quickly run to the nearest “house”. It will be an easily recognizable run: silverfish move in jerks from point to point. Sometimes they freeze, but then immediately break away again. Therefore, it is difficult to catch and destroy them “by eye”.

Why are scales dangerous? Do they bite?

Neither one nor the other can cause direct harm to a person – you can not be afraid of their bites. It will never crawl into your ear and gnaw out your brain. These insects will not even be able to undermine the ends of the hair. In addition, scientists are confident that these insects do not carry diseases and infections (according to entomologists from the United States). What danger do these insects carry? Do you need to fight them? Here is a list of the main reasons for wrestling with silverfish in your territory:

  1. Silverfish are enemies of books, archives and documents. It turns out that they have enzymes in their intestines that convert it into nutrients. Here are our heroes and lean on wallpaper, books and documents. Of course, they do not grind off a whole page, but fungi, yellow spots and blackening can appear on the sites of their bites. Therefore, for archives and libraries, silverfish are enemy No. 1.
  2. They are shitting . Insects of these species leave feces immediately behind them everywhere: on tables, in papers, food. In addition, they can lay eggs (up to 50 eggs) in your flour or on someone else’s bread. Not the fact that you will notice eggs and feces or feel their taste … but it’s better not to try such disgusting!
  3. Silverfish breed very actively . For one laying, the female lays from 50 to 200 eggs. After 2-4 weeks, small pests hatch from them, and the “mother” can soon give birth again. Therefore, one miserable silverfish is quite capable of producing thousands of “children”. And this may be the beginning of a full-scale invasion.
  4. They are almost omnivores . These insects look for food everywhere. In wardrobes with clothes, they gnaw on things made of silk, cotton, viscose and linen. Then they crawl onto the wallpaper and grind it together with organic glue. And our heroes simply adore human food: flour, pasta, cereals, animal feed, mushrooms – everything goes to them for lunch. It is unlikely that you want to share all this with insects?

How to get rid of silverfish without chemicals: prevention, folk methods of exposure

Experts advise using purchased strong remedies only if there is a serious invasion of insects in the house. With a couple of insects, you can deal with simple actions.

First you need to make sure that these creatures attack you. The presence of insects in the house can be recognized by the traces of their jaws. They are so weak that they cannot gnaw, but only scratch. Scientists give advice: look for irregularly shaped holes and jagged scrapings on paper or clothing – this is a sign of invasion . In addition, small flakes of dust remain next to the “dining table”, which are translucent in the sun and weigh almost nothing. They can hardly be seen without a magnifying glass, but small black poop is visible to the naked eye – experts are sure.

how to detect silverfish: photo

Stronger evidence will come from the successful use of duct tape and special traps set up near potential parasite habitats. The small grinders caught in them will not only indicate the centers of invasion, but will also help determine which particular type of insect attacked you.

Were you convinced of the presence of single silverfish? Here are tips for dealing with them from scientists:

  1. Check basements, built-in wardrobes, storage areas, and bookshelves first. Install test traps made of duct tape there if you do not detect insects “by eye”. It is the search for the source of invasion that should come first for you. By the way, you can not look for them in drains and vertical pipes. Contrary to myths, silverfish do not come from the sewers. Their paws are not able to overcome vertical obstacles, therefore, a bath or a glass jar can become a death trap for them.
  2. Silverfish look for places with a humidity of at least 75%. Therefore, monitor the microclimate in all rooms. Sometimes even a simple fan or air conditioner can drive insects out of the den. Be sure to dry leaks under the tub and old pipes, leave no puddles or moisture anywhere, seal concrete walls, and get rid of cracks in the floor.
  3. Cut off insects from food sources. It’s not that easy to do. But papers can still be stored separately from each other in special containers, and flour and cereals can be placed in airtight packaging. Even the banal maintenance of cleanliness in the house will already hit the diet of little villains. For example, you can throw away old piles of papers, which easily turn into a hotel for silverfish.
  4. Use simple traps such as sticky traps that are used to catch other insects or mice.

Many of these tips will come in handy at the moment when the insects finally disappear. Then it’s time for preventive measures. These include all the same fight against accumulations of moisture and ensuring healthy air circulation in the apartment. For example, experts advise against placing crates and containers too close together in basements or barns. The same story – with furniture that is too close to the walls. The silverfish should not have any places left for “hide and seek”.

Well, we advise economic men to pick up a sealant and carefully walk through the holes in pipes, in wiring and other places. Then the ever-hungry crumbs will not get into the house from the street.

We get rid of silverfish with the help of modern chemicals. All myths and truth from scientists

If you have reached a large-scale invasion or are tired of constantly seeing silverfish houses, then it is time to take on a more effective weapon. Many mistakenly believe that all universal insecticides in any form work against these insects. But this is a well-established myth and delusion! California scientists claim that hundreds of insecticides are labeled “from silverfish,” but their effectiveness has not even been tested in most cases.

Experts do not recommend using only sprays and aerosols against the “whiskers”. They can be effective, but only when killed on contact. Since the diet of our heroes consists mainly of dry substances, experts advise betting on dusts and loose poisons. Moreover, they will also become practically useless if they encounter moisture: silverfish show less interest in stuck together dust particles.

When is it still possible to take sprays and aerosols? If you know the specific habitat of insects and are ready to thickly spray it with chemistry! Then go for sprays containing pyrethrin and pyrethroids such as bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, tetramethrin and phenothrin. They even provide residual activity, experts are sure.

As for powders, experts note the inefficiency of the most popular boric acid against thermobium. But the products work great, with silica gel and pyrethrin, as well as diatomaceous earth in the composition.

chemicals against silverfish: photo

At the University of Minnesota, permethrin, deltamethrin, cyfluthrin, and cypermethrin are among the most lethal ingredients for silverfish.

All these chemicals must be applied in accordance with strict rules described by entomologists:

  1. Do not apply dry insecticides where children and pets can reach them.
  2. For each new product, you need to carefully study the label and the method of application.
  3. It is best to pour dust into cracks and crevices, and not scatter it in open spaces.
  4. If you trust oil-based sprays, then in no case do not use them near sources of flame and strong heat.
  5. Re-treatment is carried out after 2-3 weeks, if the insects have not yet disappeared from the house. In this case, you need to take a closer look: have you missed their possible habitats in the most secluded corners.

Interestingly, scientists unanimously note the low effectiveness of silverfish baits. This, at least, applies to baits containing boric acid, hydramethylnon and indoxacarb – American scientists call them relatively ineffective. Therefore, the chance that such or other baits will attract an insect is extremely small. But, as reviews of some insecticides show, it is still there.

How to get rid of silverfish with a spray or concentrated insecticide?

Insect Repellent Grand

insecticide from silverfish: photo

It is a general purpose insecticide concentrate. 230 ml of pyrethroid-based chemical is enough for 150 liters of the finished substance. It can be used indoors, but this must be done carefully: the active ingredient is dangerous to humans, especially children. It is better to apply the product in protective clothing and in strict accordance with the instructions.

According to the product description, it is capable of destroying almost all insects that exist in the United States. The list of potential victims of Cyzmic CS takes several paragraphs. It is especially good, according to buyers, against garden pests.

As far as our little ones are concerned, buyers rate Cyzmic over boric acid. They write that the sprays need to be re-sprayed from time to time. But usually “healing” occurs within a couple of weeks after the first application.

Dissatisfied comments were left by hornet fighters. The remaining 89% of buyers highly appreciated the merits of the product.

Price: <1 000 rubles.

The best means to kill silverfish

We start with an overview of substances containing powerful active ingredients. Then we will learn a quick way to kill – sprays and liquids. And we will end with an overview of the traps.

AquaFumigator Raptor

AquaFumigator Raptor is a highly effective device that helps to get rid of all types of insects, including silverfish. This type of device is recommended for use in residential and non-residential premises. A positive result in the destruction of insects is achieved through the production of a special enzyme. The fumigator, filled with a special solution, produces an invisible vapor that is absolutely harmless to humans, and deadly to all types of insects. The maximum effect from a working device is achieved in a few hours after its activation.

Price: ~ 700 rubles.

Spray Raptor from crawling insects

raptor 350ml 1
An innovative tool that helps to destroy flies, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, and other types of insects, as well as their larvae. Using the Raptor spray will allow you to spray the active substance in all hard-to-reach places. The offset of the appearance of vapors, the destruction of insects occurs in a few seconds after using the spray. The spray is absolutely safe for humans and animals, so this product can be used in residential areas. A positive effect in the destruction of insects is achieved after 1 use of the active substance.

Price: ~ 300 rubles.

Aerosol from silverfish INSECTA

silverfish spray: photo

Aerosols, of course, are a powerful thing, although not fashionable. Before us is extremely concentrated pyrethrin in a can of 17 ounces. Logically, he should instantly destroy silverfish on contact. But still, we cannot write much about this product: although CB-80 Contact Aerosol has a very good rating, we did not find any reviews regarding silverfish in the comments. Fighters with spiders, cockroaches and midges were noted here: they seem to be all happy. People write about the instant effect, ease of use and … a specific smell. You can try – but at your own risk! For example, if you do not want to spend time and effort on more painstaking and reliable methods of confronting insects.

In conclusion, we offer you a couple of classic sticky traps against mustaches. It is better to use them as an additional means of insect control – along with strong chemicals and preventive measures. In addition, sticky traps are a great way to monitor the amount of pests left in your home.

Price: from 180 rubles.

Aerosol Mukhoyar

muhoyar aerosol
“Spray Mukhoyar” is an effective tool that allows you to destroy: flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, ants, silverfish, and various other insects. This device does not require special skills in operation. The spray is easy to spray and penetrates into all hard-to-reach places in the room. The active substances in the vial instantly penetrate into places where insects accumulate and effectively destroy them. The effect of using Mukhoyar Spray persists for a long time. The main condition for using the spray is the continuous access of fresh air to the room.

Price: ~ 400 rubles.

How to catch silverfish: the best traps

Bait Delicia silverfish and cockroaches

sticky traps for silverfish: photo

This is a very good offer. For 1300 rubles. you get a huge box of 90 mini traps. They are made of a simple material: in front of us is a light cardboard with an adhesive surface inside. There is no poison or bait. But this simplicity, coupled with efficiency and versatility, provides traps with a high rating.

All boxes are formed into blocks of three cells: you can lay them out around the house in this form, or you can divide them into very small traps. The first format is suitable for cockroaches, and the second is just not bad for silverfish.

Conveniently, the Trapper Insect Traps have a dedicated space to record the time and date the cartons were installed. This will make it easier to track the results of the “hunt” and remember to replace the traps in time after the adhesive tape dries. With a light strip of glue at the bottom, the “triangles” can be fixed almost anywhere.

When properly placed, Trapper Insect Traps are effective against our bugs. People write that you can catch silverfish “wholesale” on them: the more cells you install, the more insects you will catch.

Price: ~ 380 rubles.

Summary table of remedies for silverfish

Name Against who Price
Means Grand
Type of insects: silverfish, fleas, bugs, mosquitoes, larvae, ants, flies, cockroaches < 1 000 rub.
Aerofumigator RAPTOR
Insect species: silverfish, fleas, moths, mosquitoes, ants, wasps and hornets, cockroaches, flies, spiders ~ 700 rub.
Aerosol Insecta
Type of insects: silverfish, fleas, bugs, mosquitoes, larvae, moths, ants, flies, crawling insects 162 rub.
raptor 350ml 1
Type of insects: silverfish, fleas, bugs, mosquitoes, larvae, moths, ants, flies, crawling insects ~ 300 rub.
Aerosol mukhojar
muhoyar aerosol
Type of insects: silverfish, fleas, bugs, mosquitoes, larvae, moths, ants, flies, crawling insects ~ 400 rub.
Lure Delicia
Lure Delicia
Type of insects: woodlice, cockroaches, silverfish ~ 380 rub.

Demon Wp – Envelope (4 of 9.5g Packets) -1 Envolopes

insecticides against silverfish: photoThis loose substance in bags of 9.5 grams acts against a couple of dozen insects: cockroaches, bugs and flies, etc. Demon Wp is also known as both an effective ant killer and a silverfish killer.

The active ingredient here is cypermethrin, a synthetic perithroid, the brother of chemicals that experts recommended to us. The sellers write that the dust can be used outside and inside the house, and it is better to shake the bag before use. They honestly do not recommend spraying it on dark furniture: stains may remain.

Judging by the comments, the remedy works well against silverfish:

“I have been using this product for years. I scatter this on the base of my cottage outside and it drastically cuts down on the number of spiders that live there. I tried this remedy at my cousin’s house and the problem with silverfish was gone.”

We didn’t find any reviews for thermobium.

Safer Brand 5168 Diatomaceous Earth Powder Ant, Crawling Insect and Bed Bug Killer

silverfish powder: photoThis product is based on diatomaceous earth. Safer Brand 5168 Diatomaceous Earth is considered a horticultural product, but powder rooms can also be used. The substance (in theory) should kill insects in 48 hours by completely dehydrating the body. Dry and porous powder simply absorbs all the moisture around it: it is only necessary that the silverfish swallow it.

This is a very simple, non-poisonous all-purpose remedy suitable for cockroaches, ants, crickets, centipedes and earwigs. It seems like it can even be used in beds, mattresses, in kitchens and in the living room … But is SB capable of killing silverfish?

Data on the effect of Safer Brand DE on silverfish and thermobia vary. Some clients report significant population declines. Others complain about the low effectiveness of the powder. Negative and positive about equally. It is clear that dust still attracts bugs, but maybe for them it does not look very appetizing …

We still recommend this product to readers. Moreover, the substance almost does not pose a threat to the person himself. Of course, it must be hidden from children and it is hardly worth pouring on food, but there is no poison there. Unless a couple of people in the comments complained of slight skin irritation after constant contact with the product. However, it is difficult to imagine what they did with the dust: did they rub themselves with it or what?

Dekko Silverfish Paks DEK1002 (Pack of 2)

poison for silverfish: photo

And this thing is something between a poison and a trap. The box contains 24 bags of cellulose soaked in boric acid. They need to be laid out in places of possible infection and wait for the insects to start eating their favorite piece of paper. And when they eat, they die.

The instructions say that each focus of infection should lay out 2-3 bags. And basements and attics can simply be filled with them. Significant changes in the parasite population should appear within 3 days to 4 weeks from unpacking.

The main advantage of Dekko Silverfish Paks is that it was developed specifically for the “antiheroes” of our review. This is noticeable even in the reaction of people to the product. In the comments, they share their thoughts on where it is better to place the treasured bags. They are laid out in toilets, and in showers, and in ventilation shafts. But it’s better not to put papers next to food: it’s poison after all. For pets, this is also dangerous, although they are not very interested in cellulose.

Above, we cited the opinions of scientists about the relative inefficiency of boric acid against silverfish, but perhaps this is the very case when the opinions of real users turn out to be much more significant – 77% of buyers positively rated the Dekko product. Good, although not very versatile tool.

Boric Acid Roach & Ant Killer NET WT. 1 lb. (454 gms)

boric acid from silverfish: photo

This is a classic dry powder of boric acid, which is more budgetary than the previous remedy, and it is easier to fall asleep in cracks and holes. This item costs approx. 300 rubles, and it sells almost better than all the participants in our rating. However, you can’t call it special: it’s just that Boric Acid Roach & Ant Killer is popular in getting rid of ants and cockroaches, which is why it has a good rating. But this substance is also capable of dealing with silverfish.

Insect powders are quite effective, but they cannot boast of a fast action. For those who cannot and do not want to wait until the heroes of our article leave his house alone – the next item.

Summing up:

If silverfish appeared in your house, then there is no need to panic. Experts have long developed an algorithm for dealing with them. First, calculate the location of the enemy, then clean up your house, and in extreme cases, take on sprays, dusts and traps (fortunately, there is a choice on the market). The main thing – after that, do not forget about preventive measures against these nasty insects. And then they won’t bother you anymore.

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