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Как уничтожить канализационных мух: 6 лучших средств

A wide variety of flies and flies can fly around the house, including sewer flies and fruit flies. But it is quite difficult to correctly distinguish between them. To do this, you need to know the characteristics of the habitat of each type of fly. Fruit flies fly near food, juices, sweets, and fermented, spoiled fruit. At the same time, sewer (drain) flies love garbage, pipes and wet places. They live near kitchen sinks, in bathrooms, sewers, in damp soil. These flies can accidentally enter the human body along with the inhaled air and cause harm. You definitely need to get rid of them!

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And we are ready to arm you! Believe me, if you learn more about the behavior of these insects and choose the right methods for the prevention and destruction of flies, then they will leave your house very soon!


What do sewer flies look like?

They are small (<2 mm) black flies with short, hairy bodies and wings, which makes them look “fluffy” like moths. Adults have long antennae and leaf-shaped wings. Drain flies can be recognized not so much by color and size, but by their behavior. These flies are active in the evening, and in the daytime they are not active and sit somewhere on the walls.

These flies do not fly well, so they are mostly indoors, crawling and only occasionally flying. And they live a little – about 2 weeks. The life cycle of plum flies contains several stages. The larvae of these flies and the pupal stage live in thin films in drainpipes and septic tanks. The larvae feed on microscopic plants and decaying organic matter. The duration of the larval stage is about 9 to 15 days, while the pupal stage lasts for 20-40 hours. Adult flies that emerge from pupae are considered fully mature and begin to multiply rapidly, laying 30 to 100 eggs at a time.

Why are sewer flies dangerous?

  1. They infect you through your food. Sewer flies are very fond of sitting on your sandwiches and jam, especially if the kitchen table is next to the sink. On their paws at this time there is a lot of infection picked up in the decomposition zone. From bits of dirt to very dangerous bacteria.
  2. Sewer flies in the bathroom are dangerous for a child. It is impossible to bathe the baby near the hotbed of drain flies. They can fly into his eye, mouth … and in general, this is a dangerous neighborhood.
  3. They bring their friends to you. Sewer flies and their babies are also a breeding ground. But for larger insects. Following them, spiders, larger flies and other creatures may appear in your house.
  4. Allergy. These, of course, are not bees or wasps, but medicine knows cases of an acute allergic reaction to sewer flies.

How to protect your home from fly infestation?

where do sewer midges come from: photoTo understand where sewer flies come from, you need to know what attracts them. This list includes: trash cans, clogged, dirty drains in sinks and bathrooms, stagnant water anywhere, and potted flowers indoors—flies love damp soil.

In general, the method of prevention is quite simple: you need to regularly clean all the sinks and drains in your home. Inspect all drains in the home and any areas inside or outside the home that have standing water. The optimal mode of preventive cleaning of sewer pipes is once a month, especially if your home and sewerage have served for many years.

How to Get Rid of Sewer Flies: A Review of the Best Traps and Chemicals

And so, what to do with midges in the apartment , and where is it better to install fly traps?

Most often they should be placed at the site of infection. At the dump, a low-lying drain, somewhere in the neighborhood of the sink. It is clear that it is not necessary to place it in the sink itself – the flies will fly into the trap for food anyway.

Adhesive tape Raptor from flies and flower midges

Adhesive tape Raptor from flies and flower midges

This trap is designed for fruit flies, but according to user reviews, it is also great for their sewer “sisters”. Manufacturers claim that one such kit will protect your home for 180 days – that is, one trap should be enough for exactly a month.

Inside the small plastic containers is a mixture that is non-toxic to humans – something like apple cider vinegar. The device is designed in such a way that the bait will not leak out of it even if it falls and splits. The description says that BEAPCO catches 2 times more flies than the competition.

Users note the ease of installation, the high efficiency of the trap and the fact that it even catches bugs and mosquitoes. One man even swore in the comments that his BEAPCO caught a couple of hundred midges overnight! True, some buyers complain about the quality of plastic: they say that it breaks if you step on it or drop it on the floor, which, however, is logical: this is not a mixture of titanium and platinum …

Price: ~ 170 rubles

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411 big

The most popular option among all analogues. We recommend purchasing 4L immediately. funds of this volume will be enough for a protracted war with sewer flies.

This remedy should be used in one way: pour it into the sewer (4-5 ounces will be enough for one use, although it is better to read the official instructions). It does not contain aggressive and dangerous chemicals, but we still recommend avoiding unnecessary contact with the skin and human body, so it is better to use protective gloves. The basis of the liquid is citrus oil (yes, the smell of the product is very pleasant) and some “natural microbes” that destroy everything in their path: organic matter, scale, excess odors …

The result is that the flies are left without a nutrient mixture for their larvae. Most users notice a “killer” effect after the first use. True, re-filling the sink is still mandatory: they are recommended by the manufacturer himself. One way or another, on average, after the complete destruction of insects, most commentators had an almost full bottle of the product. It’s economical.

Among the hundreds of positive reviews, we also found a couple of entries about the complete inefficiency of the product. It seems that their authors simply confused sewer flies with fruit flies. And looking for a lair of fruit flies in a shell is very short-sighted …

Price: ~ 3,000  rubles

We exterminate flies in the bathroom with sprays and poisons

In cases of special activity of drainage flies, the following tools will also come in handy. They perfectly complement traditional wrestling methods and professional chemistry. Such insect inhibitors, aerosols and poisons are perfectly combined with other existing developments. What else do insecticide manufacturers offer us?

Aerosol Raid

aerosol raid max

This insect activity regulator, like products like it, is a versatile chemical. They can be used against ants, beetles, midges … if these creatures settle in some secluded places. The main feature of aerosol restrictors like the Gentrol Aerosol Insect Growth Regulator is their ability to penetrate the most cunning insect lairs! A familiar picture: hundreds of ants crawl out from a small crack on the wall … Or small bugs start crawling out from under the floorboard at night! Just spray this “entrance” and it’s done. The complex chemical formula literally “sterilizes insects”. Adults will not die, but they will spread the “poison” throughout their nest and significantly slow down reproduction. A similar principle applies to drainage flies.

It dissipates in the form of a light foam that fills the space in the manner of a building sealant. However, then it will be easy to wash it off and use the drain for your pleasure.

User Joe thanks the tool for the complete elimination of flies and the long duration of action. And Kristine calls it the best “seasonal remedy” for insects. And all the existing complaints relate to the fight against other insects: for example, water beetles, which many people confuse with cockroaches. It turns out that the spray fights effectively with our wards.

Price: ~ 300 rubles

Aerosol Raptor

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Before us is a mix between an aerosol and a drain gel. This liquid also uses natural microorganisms that destroy signs of decomposition, harmful bacteria, odors and insect larvae. True, it is used more often for “external use”. After all, the main function of this mixture is the destruction of harmful odors. Yes, yes, the developers have managed to combine cosmetic effect, pest control and prevention.

The spray can be sprayed on walls, floors, carpets and wall voids, basements and waste containers. And also garbage cans, bathrooms, compost heaps and technical drains. Popshikali, the mixture covered the “territory of war” with an even layer and began to do its job. Users claim that if the instructions are followed correctly, it can kill flies. Yes, the destruction efficiency is not as high as that of concentrated gels, but what a versatility!

In general, this substance cannot be advised as the main tool in the fight against “winged girlfriends”. But to maintain healthy home hygiene, especially when living outside the city, this contraption will definitely come in handy.

Price: ~ 300 rubles

Comparison table of remedies for sewer flies


Name Purpose Price
Adhesive Tape Raptor

Adhesive tape Raptor from flies and flower midges


~ 185 rub

411 big

Sewer liquid

~ 3 000 rub
Aerosol Raid

aerosol raid max


~ 300 rubles
Aerosol Raptor

411444 1


~ 300 rubles

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Get Rid of Drain Flies: Cleaning Pipes

The first and most, perhaps, the main stage in the process of getting rid of flies is pipe cleaning. This is a preparatory stage, but an essential one. Because if you don’t do it, then even when using special tools, you won’t get the flies out forever.

  1. Determine the enemy and the source of reproduction. Lay pieces of duct tape around the sink, preferably close to the drain. You can even partially glue it. If in the morning you see dead flies on them, then you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Carry out a mechanical cleaning of the pipes with a brush or wire. Make sure there is no hair, rotting food, or other organic matter left inside. To do this, you can use, for example, a universal flexible brush for cleaning pipes.
  3. Slowly pour boiling water over the drain: one pot of hot water is enough. It will destroy a significant part of the larvae and eggs.
  4. Pour in the chem. pipe cleaner. But, you should always read the instructions for use and comply with its conditions. You may need to fill in the chemical gel several times a week.
  5. Finish off the survivors with the fly swatter!

And, only after you have cleaned the pipes – use special professional tools. We will tell you about the best traps, gels, growth regulators and other useful fly control products.

5 Helpful Tips for Destroying Sewer Flies

1. Fortunately, flies do not fly far from the place they have chosen as their home, so the infestation spreads to all areas of the house in extremely rare cases. This is especially true if you deal with the problem as early as possible.

2. Use a wire brush when cleaning pipes. Clean the pipe with a brush as deep as possible. Do not rely on chemistry alone: ​​mechanical action is also indispensable here. Move the brush up and down to remove dirt from the pipe walls. It is desirable to add a metal cable to the brush.

3. By cleaning the pipes, you will only destroy the place for laying eggs, but you will still have to fight adults for about 20 days. Do not be afraid of their appearance, this is normal! Just systematically finish off singles.
4. Always store food around the house in airtight containers to keep sewer flies away. They only live in shells, and they can fly to different places for food. In the battle for food in the kitchen, fruit flies and sewer flies are sure to compete!

5. When using even the weakest chemicals in the fight against sewer flies, wear goggles and a mask to protect your health.

Sewer Flies Questions and Answers

What factors increase the likelihood of these flies in my home?

Sewer midges are very fond of heat. Scientists say that they breed especially well in summer at high room temperatures. Easy access to food sources also stimulates their reproduction.

Do plum flies bite?

No, they don’t need blood to reproduce. Yes, and they do not eat living flesh, they have neither chewed nor sting.

Can these flies be dealt with with traps and poisons alone?

Theoretically, if you constantly “wet” adults, then they can stop breeding in winter. But, only if it is cold in your apartment, as it is outside. So, this option cannot be relied upon. You still need to destroy the “nest” of midges.

I filled my sink with everything I could, except perhaps with burning kerosene. But the flies are still there. How so?

If cleaning the sink did not help, then you have fruit flies in front of you. You need to fight them in other ways, because they live outside the sink, but most likely in your kitchen, eating sweets and fruits. But they can circle anywhere in search of food.


In the fight against sewer flies, traps and chemicals are not enough. Here you need a man’s work – high-quality cleaning of the sink or other drains. If you are not confident in your abilities, then contact a specialist. Any employee of the city service will be able to cope with this task. On the other hand, once you defeat sewer flies, you will gain a skill that can be used for a lifetime. We hope that thanks to our material you were able to decide which remedy is right for you to get rid of these flies.

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