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ТОП-7 лучших средств от комаров для ребенка

The question of choosing a repellent for your child is a responsible matter. Mosquitoes can bother your baby just as much as you, but he will not be able to get rid of them on his own or tell you about new bites. Older children are already more independent, but still not protected from the harmful effects of chemical mosquito repellents. Therefore, the entire responsibility for the choice of children’s means of protection in the event of an insect attack falls on you.

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You need to know that there are a lot of types of personal protective equipment against mosquitoes . These include sprays, bracelets, lotions and other products. They can be roughly divided into 2 groups:

  • Chemical mosquito repellants – containing Deth, picardine, etc. These chemicals usually contain natural substances like aloe, other essential oils and vitamins.
  • All natural mosquito repellents – based on essential oils of plants such as lemon, mint, citronella, cedar, geranium, etc.

Which of these is suitable for a child?

In order to choose a mosquito repellent for a child, you need to consider:

  • the age of the child;
  • the absence / presence of an allergy to any components of repellents.

You should also understand that you will have to take additional measures to neutralize the possible negative consequences from the use of various repellents.

We have saved you from searches and possible mistakes in choosing products and have compiled our TOP of the best repellents for children of different ages.

The best mosquito repellants for babies up to a year

It is contraindicated for such young children to have contact with chemicals, so you need to choose the safest products to repel mosquitoes. You should start with the use of mosquito nets for the stroller.

mosquito for baby stroller: photo

Let’s move on to “active” mosquito repellents – sprays and repellent bracelets.

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Spray from mosquitoes Levrana

komar 800x800Here is the most popular repellent spray for young children. It’s completely natural. Despite the effectiveness and high user rating, the manufacturer does not recommend using it on children under 6 months of age without the permission of a doctor, since even essential oils in the form of a spray can harm such young children. Judging by the reviews, you can safely use this for children from 6-7 months old, as well as as a protection for older children. Many users like the size of the bottle, which is convenient to take with them when traveling, and the pleasant smell of the product.

 Price:  ~ 300 rubles

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Cream OFF KIDSAnother organic one. A suitable product for those who care about the skin of their child, because natural oils are not only biological repellents, but also enrich the skin with nutrients – a double benefit!

The manufacturer writes that the cream is suitable for babies, older children, expectant mothers, the elderly – that is, any people who avoid chemical products. And unlike the previous spray, it does not make age restrictions for use. He only warns that you need to apply the product on children’s skin yourself, without applying the cream on the child’s palms (after all, children often rub their eyes with their hands afterwards).

Price:  150 rubles

Anti-mosquito bracer

mosquito repellant bracelets: photoThese repellant bracelets can be safely worn even by small children, since the soft hypoallergenic material of the bracelet and the impregnation of lemon and citronella extracts are absolutely safe for such crumbs. The actions of Simba Repellent Bracelet after opening the package will last for up to 7 days, and since there are as many as 3 bracelets in different colors in the package, you will be provided with reliable protection for up to 3 weeks.

Even if your little one is a big fidget, he will not be able to throw off the bracelet or lose it thanks to the secure adjustable latch. You can also hang it on a crib, stroller and just put it next to the place where he plays – the bracelet protects the territory of 1 cubic meter around him – mosquitoes will not be happy about this at all.

As an alternative, the same manufacturer offers Simba Natural Mosquito Repellent Sticker (16 per pack), which are convenient to stick next to a baby’s mattress, on a headdress, or in any other convenient place. The action of one such sticker is enough for 48 hours, and the composition is the same – lemon and citronella.

mosquito stickers for kids: photo

Price:  find out on the market

The Best Mosquito Repellents for Older Kids

If the children have already grown up a little, then you can buy stronger repellents, but do not forget that children’s skin is sensitive at any age and strong chemicals are not for it. Be sure to keep the sprays away from children, treat the surface of their skin yourself – children can harm themselves!

Spray picnic for kids

Aerosol Picnic HypoallergenicThis popular spray contains 7% of Deth, which is extremely low compared to many other chemical sprays. The chemistry in the composition is compensated by the content of aloe and vitamin B, so the spray can also be used to protect children. The spray should pleasantly lie on the skin, but if there is a slight burning sensation, then the skin is overly sensitive – you should choose a milder remedy from the “for babies” category.

Price:  ~ 300 rubles

Mosquito spring bracelet

mosquito bracelets for a child: photoWho says mosquito repellent bracelets are just for babies? These colorful springs are loved by both children and adults, and can be used from 3 years old (with adult supervision). The active ingredients of the Superband Repellent Bracelet are already familiar to you: geranium, lemongrass and citronella oils – the manufacturer promises that mosquitoes will not approach the bracelet (and therefore the child) earlier than after 250 hours. And that’s without chemicals. This “invisible shield” is not afraid of water and can be worn both on the arm and on the leg. When the effect of the bracelet runs out, give the child another one, because there are as many as 10 in a pack.

Leather mosquito bracelet

the best natural repellents for children: photos

Another natural repellant bracelet for fashionistas and older fashionistas. Now it is no longer just some bright spring, but a stylish accessory made of artificial leather. And no one will know that this accessory also repels mosquitoes. One such braided bracelet will protect the baby for up to 2 weeks, and nothing prevents you from wearing it beyond the service life, just by adding a couple of fresh repellent bracelets from the pack. But we do not recommend swimming with them – the water will simply wash the repellent substances from the leather base, and the appearance of the accessory will suffer.

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Comparison table of children’s mosquito repellents

Product Peculiarities Price

komar 800x800

Spray can ~ 300 rub


Cream ~ 150 rub
Anti-mosquito bracer

mosquito repellant bracelets: photo

Bracelet find out on the market
Spray Picnic

Aerosol Picnic Hypoallergenic

Aerosol, insects are repelled by an unpleasant odor ~ 300 rubles

We have presented you the safest products for babies and older children, but the possibility of an allergy to even the most natural ingredients can never be ruled out. If allergic reactions occur, discontinue use of any product, and opt for mosquito nets and insect killers as an alternative to any baby repellent.

Pay special attention if the manufacturer recommends not using the repellent for children under 6 months on the packaging or in the instructions, this is important! If you have any doubts about the use of the product, please contact your pediatrician.

Even if there is no allergy to repellent components, scientists also recommend not to forget about protective measures when a child uses repellent:

  • dress him, if possible, in long-sleeved clothes and trousers;
  • it is better to take the child into the house after dark, because mosquitoes are especially active at night.

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