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Обзор лучших ловушек для комаров: от электрических до пропановых уничтожителей комаров

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying enemies of humanity. No wonder there are so many insecticides available in stores. Manufacturers compete in ingenuity and come up with more and more new types of mosquito traps. Today we will talk about them.

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We have thoroughly studied all types of traps that are on the market today and will help you choose the most effective ones. Let’s talk about the most famous manufacturers and their best products, and most importantly, find out what experienced users think about all this.

Among the proven manufacturers of electric traps that you can trust, I will highlight: Tefal Mosquito Protect, Flowtron, Mosquito Magnet® and electric insect traps from EcoSniper. 


As a rule, all mosquito killers operate on the same principle. The device lures the mosquito into a trap space from which it can no longer escape – and inside the insect dies from poison or dehydration. Mosquitoes love human smell, heat, and water. It is on this that the principle of operation of all traps is built. In different traps, one or several “mosquito weaknesses” may turn out to be the bait. All this is associated in the mosquito with food and reproduction – and he flies in the direction of the trap without looking back.

Well, then the differences begin. By type, electric traps are divided into CO2- (carbon dioxide that a person releases when breathing),  and propane traps . In some models, heat and even light can be found as bait.

Electric CO 2 traps mimic human breathing. Insects feel the gas released into the atmosphere for tens of meters and perceive it as a trace of human life.

Propane mosquito killers  work on a similar principle , like Mosquito Magnet® – the most powerful, expensive and effective mosquito traps. True, they can only be used on the street! We devoted a whole section to this type of traps at the very end of the material. The trick to propane is that when oxidized, this gas forms moisture and CO2. Both attract mosquitoes! And at the same time – and some other winged insects.

Separately, we highlight indoor traps , because most of us still live in apartments and we need safe and non-toxic traps. Electric traps are equally effective outdoors and at home: after all, in this case, carbon dioxide acts as both a bait and a destructive environment. They are bought much more often than propane counterparts. In many ways, due to a more affordable price and good performance.

With heat and light, everything is clear: light attracts and hypnotizes almost all winged insects at night, and, again, they perceive heat as a factor in reproduction and food.

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What are mosquito traps?

But the differences between specific types of traps do not end there. Designers and inventors came up with a lot of tricks that made their product unique. We have selected 6 of the most common types of mosquito traps for this review. These are heat and water traps, CO2 and UV traps, homemade traps and propane traps – there are a lot of options! But what are their fundamental differences?

  1. Heat traps (as the name implies, they attract insects with heat). As a rule, these are massive units that can be used on the street or in a large house.
  2. Water traps – quite effective on the street and at home. The main trend in this direction is the combination of the possibilities of “water hunting” and CO2. All such traps are equipped with a special tray for water and make it easy to dispose of the destroyed mosquitoes. They cost an order of magnitude cheaper than heat traps.
  3. CO2 traps . But carbon dioxide is not used in these traps alone. As a bonus, it is also installed on their developments by manufacturers of other “anti-mosquito devices”. The simplest carbon dioxide traps are inexpensive. The most stressful thing about working with them is buying gas cylinders! But the method of photocatalysis avoids these problems (we will discuss this in more detail below).
  4. UV traps for the home – these traps will protect your family from unpleasant gases and odors. They destroy insects with light. And the “light traps” cost quite a bit. Make sure that replacement bulbs are available in the shops of your city or immediately buy a few lamps in reserve – these components will definitely come in handy for you.
  5. Propane traps, such as the Mosquito Magnet® mosquito killer . This is definitely not a cheap solution for the street. It is time-tested and enjoys constant popularity with the consumer.
  6. Natural and homemade traps . Homemade traps are extremely affordable, but not as effective as we would like. However, if you are a fan of ecology and budget solutions, then why not try it?


The best electric CO2 mosquito traps

We have already written that such traps imitate human breathing by releasing carbon dioxide. Well, and then they suck the flying insects either into the net or into the receiving container. But where does the gas come from in these devices? There are two options. The most common involves the supply of CO2 from a special cylinder. As a rule, these are exclusively traps for the street. When choosing a trap with a balloon, remember that the gas should automatically close when the power is turned off.

But the second option is more suitable for usphotocatalytic reaction .

It occurs when UV light comes into contact with certain metals. During the chemical process, a small amount of gas is released, which cannot harm a person, even when used indoors. And insects and this amount of CO2 will feel perfectly. Photocatalytic traps are inexpensive, safe and easy to use.

Electric mosquito trap EcoSniper GF-4WB

This model is loved by users who care about the price-quality ratio. Indeed, it is quite inexpensive for a “carbon dioxide” trap.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors. CO2 is released as a result of contact between ultraviolet light and titanium dioxide, which is coated in the trap. Obviously, the level of CO2 that this suspension device emits cannot seriously harm a person. But that’s enough for mosquitoes! In addition, the device destroys wasps, hornets, bedbugs, flies and moths. The device works from the mains, a 2-meter cord is included with the product.

The effectiveness of the gas bait is enhanced by UV illumination. There is also a fan here: moreover, the idea with a “mosquito collector” is implemented very well. When the electricity is turned off, the trap instantly closes, and the insects cannot get out to take revenge on you for all the insults!

The claimed “coverage area” is of particular respect: according to the manufacturer, it can cope with mosquitoes on an entire acre of land. In terms of the metric system, this will be about 4000 m2.

Users have something to scold the developers for. They noted in the instructions that the appliance could be used indoors “only in large living rooms.” Someone pointed out the lack of instructions for installing the device in the instructions.

But the level of sales of this model suggests that people still “vote” for it. Perhaps they do this because of the availability of the device against the background of other CO2 traps.

Price: ~ 7 000 rubles.

Which manufacturer’s traps compete with EcoSniper in this category?

Best outdoor mosquito traps

Propane traps are considered the most effective. Propane entering the catalytic burner releases carbon dioxide and moisture. Everything is formed naturally, literally before your eyes. It remains to add bait – and mosquitoes will not fly past. It is recommended to install such traps between the house and the place where insects live permanently. The distance from the house must be at least 4 meters.

How do outdoor propane mosquito traps work?

First, let’s figure out how we attract the attention of mosquitoes:

  1. CO2 : A person inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide, which is the strongest natural attractant for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes smell it at a distance of 20 m and rush to their source. As a result, we have bites, itching and ruined weekends.
  2. The warmth and smell of the human body. It is known that thermoregulation of the body is a constant process that leads to sweating and removal of heat from the surface of the skin. Sweat is excreted by the sweat glands located throughout the body. We may not notice it, but mosquitoes feel everything and fly to the smell.

Thus, the main task of propane traps is to divert the attention of mosquitoes from humans and attract them to the trap. How is this possible? By emitting CO2 and using special baits to trap. Mosquitoes die quickly without water, so they won’t live long in a trap!

It is recommended to install the unit between the house and places such as a lake, a pond, a swamp, etc. Remember the distance to the house is at least 4 m! Provided the device is properly positioned, it will serve as a barrier between insects and humans.

Remember! The most important thing is to start the propane trap at the right time! Turn them on at the very beginning of the mosquito season and you will have a better chance of interrupting the reproductive cycle of mosquitoes and reducing their numbers in your area.

Advantages of propane traps:

  • In addition to mosquitoes, they catch midges and other biting insects.
  • Many models perform a number of tasks: emit CO2, radiate heat, i.e. imitate the life processes of the human body and thus attract more mosquitoes.
  • You can choose wired or wireless model.
  • The propane trap is easy to set up and use.

Cons of propane traps:

  • Propane is a rather expensive consumable (one cylinder is enough for only 3-4 weeks).
  • Propane is not included and must be purchased separately.

When choosing a propane trap, be guided by its power / coverage area, price and method of feeding. However, you don’t have to worry too much about searching. We studied traps from different manufacturers, market reviews and sales statistics and selected the best ones for you.

Mosquito Magnet® Pioneer mosquito killer

propane mosquito trap: photo
Executive is the most powerful and expensive (about 53 thousand rubles) model in the Magnet family. Other models – Independence, Patriot, Defender and LIberty are much cheaper.

Users note a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes. For people with allergies, this trap may be the only possible way to eliminate mosquitoes. It is also important that this wireless device is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Other than that, it’s a typical high-end trap. What are the downsides of users? First, it requires a lot of maintenance (like any other trap): changing propane tanks, cleaning the tank, weatherproofing the device, etc. Also, according to many customers, the material of the device leaves much to be desired: they expected something more than plastic.

Price: 30 000 rub.

Electric trap Flowtron Mosquito PowerTrap MT

Flowtron is also a very famous American trap manufacturer. Users compare this model with traps from other manufacturers and noticed that Flowtron is safe, reliable and performs better than other devices. In addition, this model uses all sorts of baits to attract mosquitoes: CO2, chemicals, sticky strips, heat generation, flashing lights, suction –> more chances of a big catch!

We found only one minus. Some users are annoyed by the flashing lights of the trap.

Price: 26 500 rub.

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The best mosquito traps for the home

Formally, a variety of types of squeaker traps are suitable for home use. Even some chemical devices can be installed in apartments and rooms. But buyers have already formed a logical connection between the concept of “home trap” and light / heat traps for mosquitoes.

These traps need to be connected to the mains at all times, but they won’t add much to your electricity bill. They use UV light , but they will not interfere with the sleep of even the most capricious children. The advantages of such devices are their high environmental friendliness and compactness. And also – in the ability to kill a variety of flying reptiles. The disadvantages include the relatively high level of noise from the fan and the constant dependence on electricity. When the electricity is turned off from some models, insects can easily fly out …

Mosquito trap at home Tefal Mosquito Protect

This gadget is very environmentally friendly. To kill mosquitoes, its developers used a small UV lamp that emits white light. The product card states that the light bulb can be easily replaced with a new one as soon as its life expires. The retractable “mosquito trap” from which you will shake out dehydrated mosquitoes is easy to clean and makes it easy to renew the trap. It’s nice that in the case of him you do not need to pour out nasty liquids and touch poisonous surfaces – and all this at a price that is pleasant for such gadgets.

Experienced users of the device specify that it needs to be cleaned once a month. The only trouble is that at this point some mosquitoes can still move in mosquito agony. However, the device has other disadvantages. People complain about the loud fan sound and the lack of a timer in the model. Reports on its effectiveness also vary. Someone writes about hundreds of caught creatures, but someone was not lucky – only a few from the mosquito family fell into the trap.

Price: ~ 4000 rubles.

You can also use the EcoSniper GF-4 compact trap for home use .


Large powerful outdoor mosquito exterminators

Flowtron Mosquito PowerTrap MT-275

propane mosquito trap: photo

The most effective and versatile trap! This trap does not need an outlet: it runs on propane and a small AA battery.

“The SkeeterVac SV5100 has definitely helped reduce mosquito populations, but it doesn’t eliminate them all. I have found it to be an effective mosquito management tool, especially when used in conjunction with other methods. For example, in addition to SkeeterVac 24/7, I have eliminated all sources of standing water in the yard – since the beginning of April, just in case , ” = say users.

True, there are some disadvantages. This trap does not come with a scale showing the amount of propane inside the tank, and there is no bait either. So you have to keep in mind that a propane tank lasts about 3 weeks and a lure lasts a month.

Price: 32 300 rubles.

Tips from users:

  1. Clean out your trap regularly. The more careful you are with the device, the longer the device lasts (on average from 3 to 5 years).
  2. Never set up a SkeeterVac trap close to where you are, otherwise you will only attract insects to you. The best place to trap is near a source of running water.
  3. When you open the mosquito box to check how many insects have been caught, cover it with a transparent lid, otherwise live insects will fly out.
  4. Just because a trap doesn’t work doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Maybe it’s the type of mosquitoes – change the bait.

The best water traps for mosquitoes

Most users note the superiority of such devices over light traps. H20 traps are distinguished by the obligatory presence of an open tray with water. Recall that mosquitoes lay their eggs in the aquatic environment, but very quickly drown in any liquid. So the H20 can be both a lure and a killer at the same time. Although most often such traps combine light / water technologies.

Their plus is that for such models you do not need to buy additional “components”: gas cylinders, attractants, poisons … Well, they are cheaper than propane counterparts! True, you still need to take care of water traps: for example, add and replace water. And also – to remove the victims caught during the shift. And this “mosquito soup” can scare some with its unpleasant appearance …

Dynatrap Insect Trap, 1/2 Acre Pole Mount With Water Tray

best water trap for mosquitoes: photo

Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of such traps using the example of the bestseller – Dynatrap Insect Trap, 1/2 Acre Pole Mount With Water Tray. But the leader is already worth 25 thousand rubles! In addition, this is not the smallest sample – it weighs about 8 kg. But Dynatrap looks quite stylish – the design of the device resembles some kind of futuristic lamp. According to the developers, one such “flashlight” can protect an area of ​​half an acre from insects. It should work in all weather and not be broken by collisions with pets or strong winds. It is important that this trap works “quietly”: it does not buzz or creak, unlike the samples from the previous section.

Dyntrap Insect trap uses 4 levels of protection at once. The trap attracts mosquitoes to the warm UV light from the fluorescent lamp and emits CO2. Water attracts females thinking about breeding, and a fan draws insects into a cage we already know. You need to change its contents somewhere every 5-6 weeks.

Users call it a nice detail that with the help of the original stand, the trap can be placed almost anywhere.

What exactly are the downsides? Besides a decent price and size, of course? The device also depends on electricity, but consumes very little. He is criticized for not the most convenient “mosquito collector” and the rapid evaporation of water at hot temperatures (if it rains, the problem goes away). Nature lovers are also annoyed by the fact that the trap can catch beneficial insects: butterflies, bees and beetles.

But, as it seemed to us, many negative reviews were written by people who came to a picnic and decided to free their site from mosquitoes in half an hour. And it’s still a contraption for permanent work. And in a week or two, it really can give a result.

Price:  find out on the market



The best heat traps for mosquitoes

Heat traps are very complex and expensive. They imitate a variety of signs of human life. The main bait in this case is the pulsating heat emanating from the device. The infrared “heat gun” hits at a distance of 20 to 50 meters. Hence the record coverage of the area (up to 1.5-2 acres in ideal weather conditions). Many manufacturers add “wandering” LED lights to the heat gun, which also lure insects, and products that mimic the smell of the human body. All this allows them to raise the price tags on heat traps up to 1000 bucks. Although, of course, you can find cheaper options.

Mega Catch Mosquito Trap

thermal mosquito trap: photoFor example, the Mega-Catch™ Pro 900 PREMIER Mosquito Trap combination heat trap. This is the simplest trap in the Mega Catch series. Its price is about 22 thousand rubles, and the working area is 3/4 acre (3000 m2). The Premier shoots heat up to 30m and is equipped with a dynamic UV light source. It comes with both a mosquito net and a container of liquid. You can choose how you want to kill mosquitoes. The reliability of the set is evidenced by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. As a bonus to the device, you can use aromatic strips that attract most winged bloodsuckers.

From the photographs it may seem that the Mega-Catch™ Pro 900 PREMIER is huge and unbearable, but it is not. Real users claim that in life it looks much more compact. True, they also complain about some difficulties in working with the device: its multifunctionality sometimes confuses people … Commentators complain about the difficulties with placing and creating lures during “liquid hunting”, as well as confusing timer settings.

However, dozens of users positively assessed the working qualities of the device and called it a bargain.

Price:  find out on the market

Mega-Catch ULTRA Mosquito Trap (MCU-900)

mosquito trap: photoHere is a more pumped and even more difficult version of the mosquito killer from Mega-Catch.

It costs as much as 62 thousand rubles. and resembles a killer robot. One and a half acres of coverage, multiple programmable modes and an adaptive timer, 5 fan speeds and even self-diagnostic capability…there’s more! The developers even managed to integrate a CO2 cylinder into the “Ultra” (allegedly this increased the efficiency of the device by 300-400%). True, it is supplied empty in the kit – the cylinder must be filled already in your city, because the transportation of such gas is very, very dangerous. The instructions say that the settings for thermal and light radiation are so fine that the device can be “set” on literally any kind of mosquitoes. There is also a funny function “start with one button” – as if we have a sports car or a supercomputer in front of us!

Did the guys from “Mega-Catch” manage to create the perfect trap for such a high price? Almost! We met only a few negative reviews. And those in the style of “works well, but too often you have to buy parts” . True, there are not so many good reviews: so far, not so many people have decided on such an expensive purchase!

Price:  find out on the market



The best homemade and natural mosquito traps

Of course, you can rely on your own strength and try to make a trap for nosed insects yourself. You don’t need to buy expensive chemicals or motion sensors to do this. Really manage … at least a  2-liter bottle .

How to make a mosquito trap? Here is a popular recipe from our grandmothers.  Cut the bottle in half and insert the top into the bottom, neck to the bottom. Then prepare a simple bait. Boil water and add brown sugar to it. Pour the resulting mixture into the edge of the bottle and throw the yeast there. It is they who will begin to emit carbon dioxide, luring mosquitoes. As an upgrade, you can wrap the container with a black cloth that attracts insects. That’s all! The trap is ready. Place it in a corner near a door or window and change the contents of the bottle once a week.

However, the effectiveness of this development is questionable. We managed to find a lot of negative reviews about it from various handmakers. Like, the device stinks throughout the apartment, and it catches insects badly.

Maybe the next version of “homemade” will be cooler? For it, you  will need a lamp, gauze, a mini fan and a mount . Everyone knows that insects are attracted to light. In this case, a gauze bag and a small cooler (for example, taken out of a computer) are attached to the lamp in a compact case in a special way.

The light source can be quite tiny, and an empty juice box will fit into the case. It turns out that the fan will “suck” the mosquitoes that come into the light into the bag. The main thing is to place the gauze from below, and provide air draft in this direction. The distributors of the technique recommend hanging the resulting device by a window or balcony door. So, like, you will provide the house with light, and you will exterminate the insects.

True, this construction seems to us too complicated. And we could not find any special evidence of its effectiveness on the Internet!

Another version of the handmade trap may be useful to residents of the southern regions. We spied him in Africa, where malarial mosquitoes fly in huge hordes and spread a terrible infection. There, insects often enter houses through ventilation. So the Africans came up with the idea  of ​​\u200b\u200bpulling gauze smeared with adhesives and insecticides over ventilation shafts . The main thing in this situation is not to poison yourself with the resulting mixture … After all, you breathe the same air with mosquitoes!

Among the recipes for natural mosquito traps, you will not find any mention of insecticides. For them, you will not need to cut plastic bottles and take out old computer coolers from the pantry. But you will have to feel like an alchemist and remember about the skill of potions.

It is about creating a  natural homemade adhesive tape for flies and mosquitoes . It can be made by soaking paper or cardboard with a mixture of rosin, linseed oil and a few drops of honey. Someone, however, replaces them with pine resin, sugar syrup and wax. Here are two popular chemical-free mosquito trap recipes:

  • 300 g of rosin, 200 g of linseed oil, 60 g of honey;
  • 300 g of pine resin, 150 g of linseed oil, 10 g of wax, 50 g of honey or sugar syrup.

And try not to fall for homemade bait yourself. As a rule, it stains clothes very well and is difficult to wash off by hand! Another “minus” of such Velcro is its fragility: natural ingredients do not serve as well as good old chemistry.

Tips from users:

  1. This recommendation applies to the use of any propane traps, turn on the appliance before you see mosquitoes. This will be your first step towards getting rid of mosquitoes. The sooner you turn it on, the less mosquitoes you will see later.
  2. Mosquito control will be more successful if you join forces with your neighbors.
  3. Don’t let the trap run dry without propane, replace your tanks on time.


In principle, the price and type of mosquito trap affects the quality of its work. One way or another, in the house and beyond it is better to trust a professional tool, and not make traps with your own hands.

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