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How to get rid of skink smell from your clothing from your skin

Как избавиться от запаха скунса: лучшие средства для выведения этого запаха в доме и с домашних животных

It happens that avoiding a skunk attack does not come out of its own negligence. Also, skunks can spray part of the house or pets, which will then emit an unpleasant odor. Do not be afraid – this is not a disaster and you can get rid of the smell. We will talk about what the “skunk secret” is, why the skunk emits it, whether it is dangerous, how to get rid of the nasty smell with improvised home remedies and ready-made remedies.

Top questions about “skunk spray”

What is “skunk spray”?

So, skunk spray is what everyone who is faced with the problem of being close to these animals is afraid of. The substance is far from being a “superweapon”, on the contrary, it is a special secret that is produced by the protective glands of the skunk and which is very valuable for the animal. Otherwise, it is called “musk”. It takes a lot of energy to produce it and subsequently it takes up to 10 days to fully replenish the “reserves” of musk. One “charge” of such a liquid is enough for 5-6 protective shots (with a range of up to 6 meters).

How dangerous is this spray for people and animals?

The good news is that the protective secretion that skunks secrete is not poison, and it does not contain toxins that can cause irritation if it comes into contact with human or animal skin.

The bad news is that this does not apply to mucous membranes, so beware of getting musk in your eyes. Otherwise, this oily liquid will certainly cause a burning sensation and, possibly, even a temporary loss of vision for 10-15 minutes. So soiled clothes and stinking dog hair are not the worst case. Just in case, we warn you: if you notice that the skunk has begun to raise its tail and wave it warningly, leave slowly and carefully.

Is it possible to get rid of the smell of a skunk with improvised means?

This smell is very persistent: it can be masked for a short time (for example, with vinegar or kerosene), but soon the pungent smell will return again. It is quite difficult to remove this stench completely if you do not know how to do it correctly. Especially when it comes to removing odor from pet hair – without the right products, this process can take months! There are a lot of rumors about folk remedies-liquidators of this smell, but we do not believe the rumors and prefer to find out the opinions of scientists.

How to get rid of the smell of a skunk: photo

So, veterinarians from the States debunk the myth about the effectiveness of such a popular odor destroyer as tomato juice . Although many believe that this method can be effective, it is not true. Tomato juice is very acidic, not very effective, and besides, it can stain the light coat of animals.

According to experts, only hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice and dishwashing detergent can be attributed to the best folk methods . But for sure, it will take a lot of applications to completely remove the smell. Moreover, scientists agree that while commercial products are more expensive than home remedies, they are often more successful at removing odor on the first try. Therefore, we will dwell in more detail on finished products.

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How to get rid of the smell of a skunk yourself?

Those who have ever encountered the problem of an unpleasant smell left by a skunk know that no scented candles or aerosols can definitely kill it. For this, there are special compounds that instantly remove it. And here there are 2 options. In order to get rid of the annoying smell in the house or garden, you can either call a special service that will rid your site of the smell with chemicals that are not commercially available, or use a special spray available on the market. Neutroleum-alpha is one of the first hard-to-find chemicals, but this commercial product is really not so easy to find and it is usually used by professionals. In addition, it cannot be used on animals and humans, it is toxic.

We’ve selected the best ready-made garden and home cleaners, a specialty pet shampoo, and found one UC scientists-friendly formula you can mix in your own kitchen. All of them are safe for you, your home and pets, and they clean, not temporarily mask the smell of a skunk.

How to get skunk smell out of a dog: the best shampoo for this purpose

As practice shows, usually one unpleasant encounter with a skunk is enough for a dog to understand that it is better not to bully him and stay away. But there are exceptions: many dog ​​owners complain that, even after being splashed more than once, their pets continue to briskly drive skunks around the yard. And, of course, they again receive a powerful jet in response! Especially for those who want their dogs to smell like dogs and not like skunks, this is the next shampoo.

WARNING: When your dog is splashed by a skunk, first rinse with water before shampooing! After all, starting to shake off, your pet will splash everything that is around with musk!

Iv San Bernard Traditional Line KS Antismell

Shampoo for animals from the smell of a skunk: photo

A special shampoo is the best way to rid your pet of the smell of a skunk. The advantages are obvious: you do not have to wash the animal with a regular shampoo after the chemical composition and the smell goes away as quickly as from chemicals. The effect is achieved thanks to the patented mixture of essential oils, which is part of the mild shampoo. Using the shampoo is very simple – thoroughly lather the pet and rinse. After that, dry and completely forget about the smell. The only caveat is that the manufacturer recommends using the shampoo on animals older than 8 weeks. If a kitten or puppy has been hit, it’s best to see a veterinarian or use the following home method that scientists recommend.

Price: 4436 rubles.

How to get rid of the skunk smell in the house: the best odor eliminator

If a skunk has left its stink marks in your house, on your porch, splattered on your clothes, etc., it’s best to act upon the fact by applying an odor neutralizer. Despite the fact that such products work better “on fresh tracks”, judging by the comments of users, they do a good job with not quite fresh musk. Therefore, even if some time has passed since the “attack”, do not despair: the tool we are talking about below should help.

Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover

Skunk smell remedy: photo

Its active ingredients include safe liquid enzymes, so it will not cause any harm to animals and will not leave marks on carpet, clothes or any household surfaces. The bottle is designed for almost 1 liter – and this despite the fact that you do not have to pour the product abundantly – it is enough to distribute the contents in small doses, measuring with a lid. Follow instructions! After some time after applying the product, it must be washed off the treated surfaces! It can also be used to get rid of the smell of animal hair, but for them we recommend using a special shampoo.

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Removing the smell of a skunk “in California” (scientists advise)

At the beginning, we mentioned that scientists recognize the effectiveness of using hydrogen peroxide to neutralize the smell of a skunk. So, experts from the University of California even offer a recipe for a homemade odor eliminator, which is suitable, for example, in a critical case, if there are no ready-made products at hand, or if we are talking about small pets that cannot yet be treated with “adult” products.

So, you will need:

  • 300 ml 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup soda
  • 1 teaspoon liquid soap

With the resulting mixture, you can gently treat the desired area (or animal) and rinse. Here is how scientists themselves explain the usefulness of this recipe: “After hydrogen peroxide is mixed with soda, the mixture becomes unstable and releases oxygen. Apparently, the oxidation changes the chemical composition of the skunk’s scent so that it doesn’t smell so bad. When this fresh mixture of peroxide, baking soda, and soap is applied to musk-laden objects, the odor is quickly reduced. Any remaining mixture should be diluted several times with water and poured down the drain. This mixture can be used safely on pets and people, as well as clothing and furniture. However, care should be taken to keep it away from the eyes. If the hair of the animal was treated, wash it thoroughly after the procedure.

As you can see, removing the unpleasant smell of musk is real, and quite budgetary. The key is to use proven products rather than wasting time bathing your dog in tomato juice hoping to eliminate the skunk smell! It is also important to know how to scare off skunks – this will save you from encountering this pest again, and you will no longer have to puzzle over how to remove the smelly smell of its secret.

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