Как вывести клопов из квартиры и избавиться от них самостоятельно?

How to remove bedbugs in an apartment or house on your own is a rather difficult task. The fact is that at the slightest mistake during the process of deliverance, they quickly recover and multiply.

By what means to get bedbugs out of the apartment if they quickly get used to poisons and any chemicals directed against them? There is no universal remedy for this scourge, but you can carry out complex work and get rid of insects by trial and error. It depends on how much the room is infested with these insects. Today, there are many chemicals that will help get bedbugs out with your own hands.

Before dealing with the destruction of bedbugs in the apartment, it is necessary to carefully process it. Before processing, pack all foodstuffs, as well as the utensils that you use, so that the drug does not enter the body of the household.

Also, children and animals must be removed from the premises so that chemicals do not get on them. As for children, it is necessary to isolate their toys as well as their personal belongings, since children often put their things in their mouths, and this contact must be avoided. When sealing things, make sure they are free of bed bugs or larvae (eggs).

Protect yourself first: buy rubber gloves and a protective mask. Self-destruction of bedbugs is not always financially profitable, because in the desire to save money, you can spend even more, due to ignorance of effective means. In addition, destroying bedbugs with your own hands is quite dangerous, because you have to breathe the fumes of chemicals.

Removing bedbugs in the apartment: chemicals

It is worth switching to chemicals if the destruction of insects by folk methods turned out to be ineffective:

 Liquid remedies for bedbugs Bed bug spray  Bed bug powders  Other means 
 Lacterin raptor Riapan Actellik
 Ecodust Raid Neopin Pyrethrum
Insecta Dibro-fin Carbosol  Ecokiller Chlorpyrimarc
foresight Persof-P Effective ultra

Liquid remedies for bedbugs


All liquid remedies for bedbugs are good because they can even treat hard-to-reach places. The method of application for each drug from the list is the same: the liquid is poured into the habitats of bloodsuckers. Lacterin has a nerve-paralytic effect. Forsyte is practically non-toxic to humans, but effectively kills both adult insects and their eggs. Insecta Dibro-Fin and Foxid also show excellent results.

Bed bug sprays

raptor ot klopov1

Bedbug sprays like Raptor, Raid, Karbozol, Persof-P are suitable for treating upholstered furniture, carpets and any soft surfaces. They are notable for the fact that they leave no traces. You already know how to use them, but how effective are these tools? As practice shows, sprays perfectly fight bloodsuckers, but only if the latter are a little divorced. If there are a large number of bedbugs in the apartment, it is recommended to use more radical methods.

Bed bug powders


In powders (Riapan, Neopin) the price is attractive. They are cheaper than other types of funds. Powders are scattered in places where parasites crawl. Subsequently, they fall on the paws of bloodsuckers, and then into the gastrointestinal tract, poisoning the insect. The effectiveness is the same as that of sprays.

Comparative table of funds for the destruction of bedbugs

Product Impact type Price



Ask for a price



raptor ot klopov1


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 Powder from all types of domestic bugs Ecokiller



Ask for a price

These bed bugs can be purchased at any specialized store. Be careful: the most tangible effect is given by those chemicals that contain karbofos. Therefore, do not forget to read the instructions before buying.

A good effect against bedbugs is shown by the insect spray “Delicia“. It acts quickly on first contact with insects. The treatment should be carried out not by spraying into the air, but by strictly treating the places where insects stay.

One of the popular means to combat bedbugs (and at the same time with cockroaches, wasps, ants) is a GET suspension. Its advantage is that GET can be used on its own. This remedy is traditionally diluted 1:5 with water and the room is treated with the resulting liquid.

Once you have treated the room, it is recommended to ventilate it for 2-4 hours. This remedy, which has helped many families figure out how to get rid of bedbugs on their own, has a unique formula. The active substance is inside the capsule, so the insect catches one capsule and then brings it to the breeding site, thereby killing other insects. This product is safe for animals and has no smell, moreover, it is resistant to temperature changes.

Folk remedies

How to remove bedbugs with folk remedies: photoIf, before you start fighting bedbugs with chemicals, you decide to try  folk remedies for bedbugs , then you will need:

  • Boiling water;
  • Turpentine;
  • Kerosene;
  • transformer oil;
  • Sagebrush.

How to remove home bugs using the above folk remedies? Let’s figure it out in order. How to use boiling water should be clear: you are looking for habitats for bloodsuckers and water them with scalding water. Every insect you touch will die. The effectiveness of this tool is high, but the downside is that you can not physically destroy every parasite.

If we talk about kerosene, turpentine, transformer oil and vinegar, then all these funds repel bedbugs. The first even affects their respiratory tract, but only if used in large quantities. All of them will help get rid of pests for a while, but over time they will return.

As for tansy and wormwood, it is necessary to collect the bushes of these plants and dry them. After they are laid out in the habitats of bloodsuckers and next to the bed. Both plants emit a pungent odor that is unbearable to parasites. Again, the products repel bedbugs, but do not kill them. Moreover, if the pests are hungry, they will be able to overcome their own dislike and will definitely bite you.

On the advice of friends, he poured vinegar in places where bedbugs were found. The wife could not stand the smell, and if she was in the room for a long time, her head began to hurt. The tool showed a fairly good, but too short effect. After a while, the parasites returned.

Folk recipes for the destruction of bedbugs

  • 10 ml of turpentine + 30 g of green soap solution, 100 ml of water + 15 ml of kerosene;
  • 100 ml of kerosene + 20 g of naphthalene + 100 ml of turpentine;
  • 20 g of phenol + 40 ml of turpentine + 3 g of salicylic acid;
  • 100 ml of ethyl alcohol + 100 ml of turpentine + 5 g of camphor;
  • 150 ml denatured + 5 g naphthalene.

One of the most effective classic means is wormwood – you need to lay it out behind the plinth, wherever possible. Insects do not tolerate this smell and leave the premises as quickly as possible, regardless of whether it is a house or a small apartment. Since the fight against bedbugs is a complex process, let’s talk about other, more effective ways.

How to remove bedbugs: mechanical effect on pests

If there are not too many bloodsuckers in the apartment, you can try to destroy them mechanically, that is, physically. To do this, you need to get the bedbugs to come out. Make as much noise as possible to wake up pests. Tap on furniture, start moving objects, and so on. After that, you will see how the parasites leave their habitats. How to remove bedbugs physically should be clear: you can trample on bloodsuckers with your feet, but it’s better to use a vacuum cleaner so that there are no traces. This method has significant disadvantages:

  • you cannot force every insect to come out;
  • for sure you will lose sight of a couple of pests;
  • bedbug eggs will remain hidden, and after a while, bloodsuckers will begin to bother you.

How to get bedbugs out of the apartment: the impact of temperatures

It is known that bedbugs do not tolerate exposure to too high or low temperatures. Often, special services resort to heat treatment of the premises, because:

  1. It is absolutely safe and does not involve the use of chemicals.
  2. Thus, you can get rid of not only insects, but also their eggs.

Removal of parasites by low temperatures

For bedbugs, temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius are dangerous. With its prolonged exposure, insects begin to die within a few hours. To influence bloodsuckers, you can open all windows in winter weather to let frost into the room. At this time, you can walk anywhere for several hours, and upon return, the parasites should die.

If insects have started on your sofa or bed, take the piece of furniture outside in the cold. Leave it there for a few hours and bring it back. Bedbugs and their eggs will certainly die.

After I took my sofa out into the cold, I forgot about bed bugs for a long time. Before that, I used various sprays and even wormwood leaves, but this gave a short-term result.

Removal of parasites by high temperatures

High temperatures for the destruction of bedbugs: photo

Bloodsuckers cannot tolerate temperatures above +45C. Their eggs are more resistant: they can live at +50C for more than a day. If you do not live on a hot tropical island, then you can create conditions for such temperatures in the house only with additional equipment. Often, special services use steam generators to treat surfaces infected with bedbugs. If the parasites are in your clothes or carpet, you can use a regular iron. The downside is that processing with it will be too long and tedious.

How to get bed bugs out of a mattress

So how do you get rid of bed bugs ? Bed bugs are a real problem, because you don’t want to sleep on such a bed at all. However, in this case, it makes sense to contact the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, since we are talking about your sleeping place, and here it is better to trust the professionals. The fact is that specialists will use only those drugs that have already been tested, which means that they are as harmless as possible to people. How to get bed bugs out of a mattress on your own, without outside help?

One of the means is Karbofos – this is an effective remedy against bed bugs. It is also used by summer residents to fight various pests: aphids, cicadas, mites. Among the advantages of this drug is that it has a wide spectrum of action, as well as a long period when it protects against insects. Karbofos is compatible with fungicides and is quite inexpensive, so you can buy it for trial use.

Destruction of bedbugs in the bed: photo

In the process of getting rid of bed bugs, it is also recommended to use a mattress cover . With water-repellent and anti-allergic properties, the mattress pad will also help you protect yourself from bed bug bites while you sleep. Remember that you need to put the cover on a clean mattress: if it turns out to be infested, you need to either clean it of bugs first, or get rid of the mattress altogether.

You may also need a manual “vacuum cleaner for bedbugs“, because these insects can be eliminated from the mattress in this way. A model of such a hand tool  costs only 1500 rubles .

How to remove bedbugs at home: we remove bloodsuckers from the sofa and bed

To get rid of bloodsuckers on a sofa or bed, it is recommended to subject the piece of furniture to heat treatment. As already mentioned, you can take it outside in the cold and let it stand for several hours. If this is not possible, use any of the above sprays. We advise you to call the special service, which, with the help of special equipment, will quickly destroy the bloodsuckers. Remember that in addition to processing the sofa or bed, you should not forget about bedding.

Getting bed bugs out of carpet

To get rid of parasites in the carpet, you must:

  1. Clean up more often with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Use one of the powders listed above.
  3. Knock out the carpet on the street (preferably in the cold).

Often bed bugs are not found in carpets, as they prefer more secluded places.

Getting rid of parasites on clothes

To remove parasites from your favorite wardrobe items, you can:

  • wash your favorite things in very hot water;
  • completely iron the clothes with an iron;
  • sprinkle wardrobe items with bleach.

To maximize the effect, it is recommended to add an insecticidal agent to the powder.

Precautions and Prevention

Not so many precautions. First, work with aggressive chemicals only in respirators. Secondly, treat the room in the absence of people, especially those who suffer from allergies and are highly sensitive. As for prevention, after the destruction of bedbugs:

  • clean all rooms regularly;
  • make timely repairs (a small crack in the wall can serve as a source of penetration into your home);
  • wash bedding frequently and change them;
  • try to limit the purchase of used items.

Tips: how to get bedbugs out at home quickly

Council number 1.  Find the source of bed bug infestation in your home. Most often, bedbugs find a haven among furniture, cabinets, wallpaper, behind the plinth, among books. Therefore, you should not be too lazy when you process the room with a solution, and climb into the most inaccessible places. The more carefully you process the apartment, the more likely a positive result. Especially pay attention to upholstered furniture, pillows and toys. Bed bugs can hide very well in bed, so check your bed carefully. Mattresses and cushions are one of the places where homeowners often find these nasty insects.

Colony of bedbugs in furniture: photo

Council number 2. Deal with bed bugs as if you were in the process of general cleaning – move furniture and look for bed bug larvae . If you are cleaning in the winter, then take out all the household items to where it is coldest – preferably on an open balcony. Bedbugs at this temperature do not hold out for more than a day.

Council number 3. If it’s hot summer outside, then it’s worth doing the same steps, because the bugs can’t stand the heat, as well as the frost, and will die after a couple of hours. Do not ventilate the room immediately, if any drug has a pungent odor – let the smell “brew”, it will have a negative impact on the life of bedbugs.

Council number 4. With the successful action of the drugs, the effect does not appear immediately, but after 3-4 days. If the room is heavily infested with insects, then process several times, taking a break of two weeks. Two weeks is the average incubation period for eggs if you haven’t been able to get rid of them.

Council number 5. Therefore, if for the first time you did not manage to free your home from bedbugs, then after the incubation period, the invasion of insects can begin with renewed vigor. In order for the bedbugs not to become addicted to the drug, and not to develop immunity, try to use the most diverse means.

Council number 6. To maximize the effect of your disinfection, do not start cleaning the room immediately after bed bug treatment . Wipe only the areas that you regularly use with baking soda. After you finally get rid of insects, do a general cleaning and walk with a damp cloth on all surfaces. Soak a washcloth in baking soda first. Ideally, you should vacate the apartment for a while in order to be able to do several chemical treatments on the premises and not “breathe” the fumes from the preparations.

We hope you have found useful ways to get bed bugs out of your home. If you follow our advice, you can quickly and permanently remove bedbugs from your house / apartment with your own hands. Good luck!

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