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Ловушка для крыс: особенности охоты на грызунов

There should be no rats in the places where we live and work. Rodents spoil food, clothes, damage property in the apartment and carry more than 70 different diseases, among which there are those dangerous to humans. There are many ways to catch and kill pests, and if you don’t want to use poisons, you can make your own rat traps. However, just making a rat trap is not enough, because rodents are very smart animals, which require a special approach to catching.

Here are some actionable tips on how to catch a rat at home with a homemade trap:

  1. For the trap to work, you need to prepare the bait. For this, cheeses, cottage cheese, bread, sausages, boiled rice and so on are suitable. The food should be as fresh as possible and have a delicious smell, otherwise the rodent will not dare to approach the rat trap.
  2. It is advisable to place a rat trap where there are the most rodents. Ideally, if you can place it in a hole. First, determine whether pests live in it or not. To do this, crumple up a piece of paper and place it at the entrance. If in the morning you find that the paper is scattered, then the mink is residential.
  3. The rat trap must be set against the movement of pests. Often they move along the walls in places where the light does not reach.
  4. Rodents are very clean, so they will always walk along a clean path if the opportunity presents itself.
  5. The trap must be kept clean at all times. Wash it regularly with a solution of ash lye or ordinary soda. Be sure to ventilate it after washing. Do not neglect this recommendation, otherwise the rat trap will start to emit an unpleasant odor and will repel rats.

How to catch a rat: 6 ways to make a trap

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A rat trap can be made from improvised means that are in every home. Here is the main desire and a few minutes of free time. We bring to your attention 6 ways to make a trap yourself at home:

From a bucket

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The method is primitive, but working. Take a bucket and pour concentrated salt solution (brine) into it. Mask the water with a thick layer of sawdust, sunflower husks, or corn leaves. The swollen layer should be kept on top. Take an appetizing bait with a pronounced aroma and place it in the center. Next, build an approach to the upper edge of the bucket: for this, you can put a plank. As soon as the rodent smells the bait, it will immediately run to its smell, fall on a layer of sawdust and fall under its own weight into salt water, from which it will not be able to get out.

Here is what our readers write about the effectiveness of this type of traps:


At first she tried to catch rats in the basement in an empty bucket. those. there is a bait in the bucket, and on top of it is covered with a sheet of paper with cuts. Nothing happened – the rats fell into the bucket, but turned it over and got out. But the bucket of water worked great. Caught 4 rats. While they are no more, tk. found and zaderat all their moves. But just in case, I don’t clean the bucket.


The method is cheap and very simple. Really works. Its drawback is that you cannot put a bucket in a chicken coop or a pigsty – other living creatures can get there. But in the basement or in the barn – it works great.

DIY rat traps from plastic bottles

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Everyone has plastic bottles, so any reader of this article can make a trap in this way. It is advisable to take a container of 10 or 20 liters. Cut off its upper part with a sharp knife, turn it over and insert this part into the resulting cavity (you should get something like a funnel). Before the above procedures, put the bait on the bottom. It is desirable that it be heavy and be able to hold the bottle. Put the crafted rat trap on a shelf or step and strengthen it in such a way that the rat climbs into the container through the neck. She will not be able to get out of such a trap for rats.

It didn’t help at all. They laid out such cans throughout the basement, but no one climbed there. Maybe mice will help, but rats live the way they live … Apparently, they understand that this is a trap

Rat trap for big rats

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If your barn or other area has large rats, find an iron barrel of 500 or more liters and place it on the floor. Put a bait with a strong smell on the bottom. When the pest learns the aroma, he will want to feast. To this end, he will climb the walls into the barrel, but he will not be able to get out of it. Subsequently, you can kill the rat with boiling water or other means.

You can put such a barrel in a barn or on the street, but it may not enter the cellar … I liked the method with a bucket of water more – and it simply takes up very little space.

Anna writes.

Electric homemade rat trap

To make an electric trap, you will need to make a whole house. Make its upper and lower parts from wood, doors and walls on the sides – from plexiglass, and the back sliding wall – from ordinary glass. From below, make a groove of small depth no more than 3 centimeters wide. Cover the floor with a wooden slab and run two bare wires through it. And then close the groove with the wires with a plate. The rat bait is placed inside, and as soon as the rodent gets into your house, the movable plate will move out and the wires will close. Be sure to make an electric rat trap with rubber gloves.

Many users express great doubt about this method.


Rats are very smart, they will not climb into such a trap. Well, maybe one or two. And then the rest of the individuals will understand that it is unsafe and will not come up.


So much effort to spend on making a trap with electricity! Absolutely nothing. Difficult and may not work.


metal rat trap

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How to catch a rat in the house? You can make a trap out of metal . You will need a metal box for fishing tackle. The rat trap must have a slamming door. Attach a wooden plank to this door, and fix its end with a thick wire. The opposite end with the rodent bait should hang inside the box. As soon as the pest grabs the food, the wire will slide off, causing the trap to instantly close, leaving him no chance to get out.

In principle, such a trap can be bought ready-made – it’s much easier. It costs from 500 to 1500 rubles. Only it is completely incomprehensible what to do with the caught rat. Killing her is somehow inhumane. And releasing – what then is the use of such a trap? Yes, and it is dangerous to use it. The rat is on the inside. How to touch this trap is not clear. 

Irina writes.

The cage should be placed where there are a lot of rats, and then checked very often to get the caught creatures. But this is not convenient, because. rats are found in hard-to-reach places and it is often problematic to climb there … I prefer to use poisons.

Written by  Valentina.

Rat trap Zurner

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If you have the time and desire, you can make the original Zürner rat trap. It is quite simple in design and does not require special skills to build. In fact, this is a box stuffed with galvanized iron. This box has a sloping roof and two windows on the sides, which are located opposite each other. Opposite each window there are hinged bridges that touch them on one side and remain free on the other.

These bridges are the main part of the trap. Above them you need to place an appetizing bait. As soon as the rat sneaks up on it, it will fall to the bottom, and the bridges will take their original position, preventing it from climbing back.

What bait works flawlessly

Above, a home-made method was described on how to catch a rat in a house using traps, or rather, as many as 6 of them. However, none will work if you pick up bad bait. So what do you do to catch rodents? As has been repeatedly said, you will need food with a pleasant and pronounced smell. It can be flour, beer, lard, bakery products, cheese, cereals and a number of smoked products. First, try the cheese, and if it doesn’t work, feel free to use any product from the listed list.

How to kill a rat you caught

There are countless ways to kill a rodent. It can be hit hard with a blunt object, drowned, or killed by another method. We will offer you a humane option that will kill the pest painlessly:

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  1. Place the rat in an airtight plastic container. A regular food container will do. Be as careful as possible with the rodent, as it can bite you.
  2. Take a cup and mix baking soda with vinegar in it. The chemical reaction releases carbon dioxide.
  3. Fill the container. The pest will not be able to breathe carbon dioxide, so it will soon lose consciousness and die without any pain.

If you, after reading all our advice, have changed your mind about killing rodents, then try the most humane way – scaring away.

Among the various rat repellents, electronic repellers are considered the most effective. They repel rodents with ultrasonic radiation, but at the same time they are safe and silent for humans and pets.

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Among domestic models, the most proven are models under the brand name “Tornado”. There is nothing superfluous in them – only a powerful ultrasonic wave that constantly jumps so that the rodents do not get used to the irritant. So, ” Tornado-200 ” for 1550 rubles. designed for 200 m2, and its “big brother” ” Tornado-400 ” for 2100 rubles. – already by as much as 400 m2. They do not have an expiration date, so with proper use, such devices will serve you for a very long time. As a rule, two weeks is enough for the nasty pests to leave your home. After they leave, it is sometimes recommended to turn on the repeller in the network as a preventive measure.

Price: ₽ 1 900


We hope you found our article useful and interesting. Use any of the recommended control methods and rodents will forget their way into your home!

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