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Best Lice Shampoos: The scientists' say about pediculicides
Head lice are consistently considered to be one of the most disgusting parasites which are difficult to notice and hard enough to treat fast. It is tricky but possible if you are cognizant of the most effective and safest treatment methods. Some wisely trust in medicine, others believe in the power of natural remedies. Who is right and what is...
The Complete Guide on How to Get Rid Of Lice and Their Eggs
The Complete Guide on How to Get Rid Of Lice and Their Eggs
Head lice are one of the least pleasant insect pests. Other blood-sucking parasites, such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, and fleas disappear after biting you, while the head lice permanently settle in your hair and live there and harass you until you get rid of them: lice eggs will settle at your hair roots and adult lice will actively crawl through...
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Tea Tree Oil for Lice: Does it Repel Lice? The Scientists’ Opinions
Let’s first figure out whether is it true that tea tree oil kills lice ? The scientific community does not agree on the effectiveness of the tea tree oil as a means of eliminating lice. We have gathered all of the opinions and studies for you to make your own judgment. Does tea tree oil kill lice? According to the Therapeutic Research Center,...
The Best Lice Treatment: The 5-Step Guide
The Best Lice Treatment: The 5-Step Guide
Head lice, these blood-sucking insects, are any parent’s nightmare. This is no wonder since most often it is the kids from 3 to 12 years who suffer from them the most. Adults shouldn’t relax either, though as these insects can crawl on their heads too and there they can breed and start such a mess that you’ll have to spend several weeks on...