This is a squirrel species which looks like a small gopher with a squirrel tail. These rodents prefer to live in arid areas; they build burrows underground and are well adapted to life without a lot of water. They are most active in the spring and can damage your crops substantially. Of course, you can call a team of exterminators and they will help you get rid of the pests but why would you overpay if you can get rid of the pests on your own?

To defeat this enemy, it is necessary to use the same measures that you use when eliminating gophers and moles. The scientists have proven that various techniques of fighting ground squirrels are effective in different seasons, and that is something to keep in mind. For instance, in winter, when the pests hibernate, it’s difficult to find an effective method. In spring when the soil is wet, the following measures are effective:

  • Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs promise to kill the pests with toxic gas, but this method is less effective than it seems to be. Aluminum phosphide works better than other gases during certain periods in winter when the soil is quite moist.

  • Live-catch traps

This is a choice of those who want to get rid of the ground squirrels in a humane way, without killing. Be careful once a live-catch trap traps a pest! Don’t remove it from there with bare hands and cover the cage with the trapped animal with a blanket so that the squirrel doesn’t bite you when you release it in the woods

  • Electronic repellers

They will repel ground squirrels with ultrasound, which is safe both for them and for you and your pets.

  • Repellent granules

This is a yet another humane control method. Look for the products with natural active ingredients, such as castor oil that can effectively repel ground squirrels and gophers.

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