Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t simple, but if you make the effort, there will be a happy ending for you and not the bugs. First of all you are to take off and wash in hot water all of the bed linen, sheets and anything that can be infected. You should also vacuum clean the floor, carpet, all corners and cracks as bed bugs are great at hiding. Don’t forget to check behind your wall paintings!

As a rule, the mattress is the main habitat of bed bugs, so you should pack it into a special bed bug mattress protector ASAP in order to deprive the bed bugs inside of it of opportunity to feed, breed so that they die eventually. Leave the protector on for at least 6 months or even a year. Don’t chill even after that as you’ll have to use insecticides to kill the remaining bugs and install special detector traps to monitor the number of remaining pests in the room. If necessary, repeat the procedure in all rooms infected. Are you serious about getting rid of bed bugs? Read the detailed manual in our Complete Guide to How to Kill Bed Bugs.