How to avoid bed bugs?


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Tuesday, 20 October 2015 12:41

You can find bed bugs not only at home, but also in hotels and motels as well as other places. To protect yourself from them and to avoid being bitten, mind the following.

When travelling: If you go traveling and stay at the hotel, carefully inspect the room before unpacking the suitcase, Most importantly - it may be infected with bed bugs. Check the mattress and the carcass of the bed you’re about to sleep on. Ask the staff for the suitcase stand so as not to keep it on the floor. When you return home, check your baggage, you can easily bring bugs with it in your house.

In laundry rooms or when dry cleaning: Beware when using public laundries and dry cleaners as the bed bugs can easily infect your sheets if someone has washed their dirty linen. At home check your clean sheets for bed bugs carefully.

When buying used furnitureBe careful when you buy used furniture, especially beds with mattresses because bed bugs also can live there. We recommend you not to do this.

At home: The good prevention of bed bugs bites is using bed bugs proof mattress encasements, as well as special detector traps. 

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