It is common knowledge that human odor attracts mosquitoes just like body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide. They make us so easy to find. However, mosquitoes dislike certain natural and artificial substances’ smells. They are usually used as active ingredients of various repellents.

Many people aim at finding the most natural personal product based on eucalyptus, lemon or citronella oil as they don’t trust chemical repellents. This is understandable as long as it is a child or a person with sensitive skin that is in question. Powerful products can cause skin irritation in their case. In all other cases, adults can apply DEET, permethrin, picaridin, IR3535, pmd-based repellents as the scientists approve of them and they will not do any harm if used properly.

Often people prefer applying concentrated essential oils on their skin to ready-to-use items as they believe they are safe. This is not the case. If you abuse this homemade method, you might have dermatitis or allergies. As for citronella oil, its pure substance can never be applied on the skin as it can provoke not only skin irritation, but also an increased heartbeat.

Never experiment with your health. Read our review of the best mosquito repellents that are approved by scientists. Also, do not forget about your kids’ protection - they need special baby mosquito repellents.