Removing ants at home or in the garden is quite troublesome and not as fast as you would like it to be. However, if you have enough patience and perseverance, you will be successful. Here are the measures to get rid of the ants:

  • Always keep your place clean and don’t leave any leftover food. Clean the room and remove all the attractive factors. Quit eating in bed and leaving dirty dishes on the kitchen counter, because food leftovers are one of the main causes of ants in your house. Get rid of the puddles and dripping faucets in your bathroom and kitchen.

  • Use ant killer sprays, powders and poison baits. Some of these products can be used both indoors and outdoors, while others are only good for indoor use (such as some ant bait stations). Also, all the ant control products are classified as either natural or synthetic and as fast-acting and slow-acting ones. The latter are considered to be most effective, but getting rid of ants in this case can take up to 1-5 weeks, depending on the bait. Fast-acting bait is capable of eliminating ants within a few days without any guarantees that a new colony won’t come in their place.

It will take much time to deal with the whole spectrum of products available. We have already ranked goods containing the most effective active ingredients according to the experts. Read our review of the 17 best ant killers.