How to find a yellow jacket nest?


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Victoria  •  Monday, 25 June 2018 18:38

If you’re looking to control a colony of Yellowjackets, then it is best that you find the nest and get rid of it completely.

The only problem here is that a nest could easily be hidden in a bush, or even buried deep into the ground. In fact, it is possible for you to be dealing with a Yellowjacket issue while the insects themselves are some hundreds of feet away from you.

A lot of people find these nests when someone get stung. However, Yellowjackets are more prone to going into open areas in order to forage for food.

Learn how to get rid of a Yellow jacket nest.

When you learn how to track a Yellowjacket, then you won’t have any difficulty with following it to its nest. Yellowjackets leave and enter their nests in a straight line, as opposed to single curved patterns. If you see one of them fly by, just follow it, and it will be able to lead you to its nest eventually. You’ll also be able to see others like it coming in and going out.

However, if you can’t find any Yellowjackets flying around, then you can lure them with bait. Place the bait where you can monitor it, and it definitely won’t take long for the Yellowjacket to find it.

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