What is a red wasp?


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Avery12  •  Tuesday, 31 July 2018 08:45

The red wasp is actually one of the most peculiar type of paper wasps. The red wasp builds its own papery, umbrella-esque nests that are made of cells that share a striking resemblance to honeycomb. Inside each of these nests, you should find a single queen wasp whose major responsibility is to lay eggs and ensure the continuity of life of the entire colony. There are also a few other colony members in the nest with the queen as well. Male wasps are born later in the season, and their job is basically to mate. Although a vast majority of these wasps will die off on a seasonal basis, the queen will ideally remain inside the nest over the winter in order to begin a new colony as soon as spring rolls by.

Nest location

You will usually find the nest of the red wasp in places that can provide adequate protection and cover from the elements of the weather. This is why you’ll find that places with red wasp infestations have wasps in the overhangs, eaves, and inside other nooks. All of these provide a means for the colony to survive, and getting rid of the nest can take a lot of searching in the first place.

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What do red wasps eat?

Just like every other wasp, the red wasps feast on other insects as well.

What do red wasps look like?

Length: About an inch long.

Color: Just as its name suggests, it is red all over its body. However, there are some dark, purplish-back wings as well.

Location: The red wasp can be found all over the central and Eastern portions of the United States.

Behavior: They are known to be extremely social, and a single nest can house as much as 800 of them.

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