How to remove a hornet’s nest


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Li25  •  Monday, 07 May 2018 21:58

Spray and remove it. Hornet nests are usually found in sheltered locations. Once you can locate a nest, you can easily spray it at dusk or dawn, when most of them would have returned and would be inactive. Just soak the nest with some pesticide and return after a few days to remove it.

Put it in a bag and dispose it. A hornet nest that grows on low-tree branches can easily be cut and bagged. However, make sure to wear protective gear to shield you from their stings. Open and put a heavy-duty bag under the nest, so that it drops into the bag when you cut it down. Fill the bag with some insecticide, tie it up, and you can either dispose or burn it completely.

Vinegar trap. All you have to do here is cut the neck off a soda bottle, turn it upside down, and put it into the base of the bottle like a funnel. Join the two halves, pierce holes in both sides of the trap, and use a thread to hang the trap. Once you fill the trap with some dish soap and apple cider vinegar, out some raw meat inside it to attract the hornets. Make sure to hang the trap in a place where you can find the hornets, and they’ll come one by one, get trapped, and die.

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