How to Get Rid of Ground Bees?


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Marvin  •  Tuesday, 10 April 2018 06:11

You know, having ground bees around your house might not actually be that bad.

They are natural predators to some of the most harmful garden pests; they can be pollination agents for your plants, and they have underground burrows that can help aerate the soil.

However, while all that is good, there exists a problem when you see way too many ground bees in one place. Infestation is possible, and this isn’t good at all. Also, although they don’t have a predisposition to being violent towards humans, it is possible to get stung by one (and you can trust that a sting from a ground bee is not a good thing whatsoever).

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Therefore, if you’ve concluded that you need these bees out of your home, then you need to remember that getting rid of them should be done safely and effectively.

Here’s what you do:

Do some reconnaissance. You need to do your homework when you fight ground bees. Make sure to study the bees in your garden from a safe distance during the day so as to know where the nest actually is. You can see them flying close to a ground in an area of your garden, so there’s a high chance that that’s where the nest is.

Map out your plan. Make a plan to get rid of them as soon as it is night time, as this is when they become significantly less active. Also, make sure not to go with a flashlight. They are attracted to light, and they might sting you when they see yours. Rather, you can set a light far away and shine it in your direction. You can also cover your light with red cellophane. Ground bees are unable to see red light.

Gear up. Wear a bee suit or any other form of thick clothing that will completely cover your skin so as to avoid getting stung. Wear long pants and pair them with boots, a long shirt, a bee mask, and hand gloves. Make sure your clothes are free of any holes that the bees could use to get to you as well.

Insecticide’s a go. Put some registered insecticide in the soil around and inside the nest opening. You can go by the instruction on the insecticide’s label. After that, run the back of a rake over the soil opening and try to break down as many tunnels as you possibly can. You can apply more insecticide to the area so that the pests will step on the area when they come out to try to remedy the damage, and it will stick to the hair on their feet. From there, they’ll end up ingesting it and dying.

Cover the soil. You can also hide the soil with some cover. Ensure that the cover material is applied when the bees aren’t home. Also, if you plan to plant something there, wait at least two weeks after you apply the dust. Bees build their nests in open soil. Covering yours will make it unattractive to them.

Water frequently. Make sure that you water the soil on a regular basis in order to permanently get rid of them. They won’t be able to make a nest in moist soil.