How to get rid of the great black wasp?


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Leo34  •  Monday, 20 August 2018 22:18

You can easily find great black wasps in places that have plantations and flowers. If they make you really angry and their infestation becomes a bit unpalatable, then it might be time for you to rid your environment of them.

Great black wasps are known to breed in outdoor environments, so you might want to start your search from there.

So, here’s how to go about it.

Plan your garden. If you must have a garden, then you will need to have it properly planned. Make sure that plants you haven’t planted do not just start growing in your garden, and you might want to keep the seasonal flowering plants under control as well. All in all, ensure that you only grow the plants that you easily need.

Wasp-repellent plants. If your aim is to control the great black wasp, you will definitely find some plants handy as well. Plants like spearmint, wormwood, eucalyptus and thyme citronella are known to repel the great black wasp, so you can plant some of them in the midst of your vegetation.

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Peppermint oil. Any form of mint can deter the great black wasp, so peppermint oil will definitely be an awesome tool in helping you to repel these insects. According to a study by the Journal of Pest Management Science, using peppermint oil can produce awesome results in your aim to fight this insect. You can also put some of the oil on cotton pads and put the pads around places where you see the wasp.

Wasp traps. You can also make a trap for this insect with water and sugar. Just fill a bottle with this mixture and cut the top from the bottle. As soon as the wasp flies into this mixture, it becomes stranded and will eventually die.

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