How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies


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Tuesday, 17 April 2018 19:43

Cleanness will be your trump card against fruit flies. The main thing is to find the source of their emergence and destroy it. However, if flies are permanent residents at your place, you’ll have to resort to systematical destruction which combines both preventive measures and actual fighting methods. 

  • Find the source of the flies’ breeding and destroy it. Do not feel sorry for the produce: a single rotten apple can ruin your entire vegetable store, so the spoilt item must be completely disposed of. Do not simply wash it or throw it in the trash, take out of the house immediately instead. It is advisable to ventilate and humidify the territory occupied by the flies afterward.
  • Destroy the nutritious environment, which can become a "new home" for the gnats. We are talking about food debris, raw meat, slightly rotten or simply overripe fruit. Do not store food in warm open spaces; cover it with a plate or thick paper. Also, remember to remove any organic matter residue from the sink.
  • Any sweetish, sour or alcohol-containing liquid left in an open container or a bowl is the best attractant for the moths. Wash the glasses after drinking juice, the plates with some remnants of honey and cork wine bottles tightly.
  • Wash the cloths for the dishes and clean fruits regularly. Make sure you clean any crumbs, sticky spots, and other dirt off the kitchen table. If you own a gas stove, remember that you have to scrub its surface with a special product at least once a week. Don’t forget to take out the trash from the house regularly!!! Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the danger zone after two or three days of not doing this, especially in summer.
  • Create both natural and artificial barriers against gnats in the house. Do not leave the windows open for a long time or at least hang a thick mosquito net. Put a fan across the kitchen table, or another place where you store fruit as it will keep blowing and thus will destroy the insects. Even a weak "breeze" won’t let them land on a fruit.

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