crazy ways to catch fruit flies

Tell us about crazy ways to catch fruit flies ?


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Monday, 09 April 2018 22:16

Here are some other traditional methods recommended online and the most creative users’ pieces of advice, but, frankly speaking, they are far from being the most effective ones.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner. Dozens of users go hunting for fruit flies with the help of a vacuum cleaner. This is an impressive method (you instantly feel like a hunter or a robot-assassin), but a barely effective one. You’ll still have to hunt the offspring on the following day.
  • Aerosols and humidifiers are more reliable. Moist wings truly prevent the insects from flying. You’ll have to carefully set the mode of the device, though. Moreover, after getting dried up, the insects are likely to revisit your kitchen.
  • UV and ultrasound traps. Fruit flies unwillingly fly (yet they still fly) to light zappers. As for the UV traps, so far there is no evidence of any impact of them on the insects, and personally we highly doubt the effectiveness of such products.
  • Duct tape is barely effective against flies. They will stick to Velcro only if it smells heavy like their favorite delicacies.
  • Natural repellents. Some users praise the effectiveness of such repellent smells as horseradish, mint, clove, laundry soap, vanilla etc. Some of these “traditional” repellents have made it to this list thanks to being effective against the biting moths and mosquitoes. Here we’re talking about slightly different insects.  It’s still worth trying as the said repellents are completely cut-rate.