Are Fruit Flies Dangerous? 


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Stan  •  Wednesday, 25 July 2018 11:04

First, let’s answer the most topical question regarding any moths. No, fruit flies do NOT bite. They simply don’t have any means for that. Yet they still manage to irritate people greatly. What’s so dangerous about them for humans?

  1. Certainly, they are enemies of food production industry and fast food. Flies appear quickly right where there is much food, especially ripe fruit. As a result, the produce is spoiled and sometimes becomes completely unfit for consumption. This leads to serious losses for transcontinental expeditors. Consequently suffer the small businesses as the owners of the restaurants and organic shops have to put up with getting rid of the unattractive insects’ nests.
  2. Not only do they harm huge stores, but they also spoil produce in small cellars. Farmers and those who stock some products for the winter find these moths in the bags of flour and sugar, in potato storage and in the tomatoes and oranges kept on the veranda. Nothing good will come out of having some fruit flies’ larvae there.
  3. Moths are simply annoying. They fly into your mouth, nose, eyes, they stain the wallpaper and snow-white curtains, and they scare off your guests and children. All in all, they are some unpleasant neighbours.
  4. As for the outdoor plants, the gardeners and those who own some sort of garden area in their backyard know that flies can consume your plants outdoors too. Fruit flies lay their eggs on your apple trees, tomatoes, eggplants, apricots, and peaches. Perhaps a human eye or stomach won’t be able to detect the damage caused by them, but who would want to have some fruit stuffed with the insects’ larvae?

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